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RUSH:  Okay, some campaign news: Hillary Clinton desperately trying to change the subject is out attacking Donald Trump and his business practices in Atlantic City, claiming — by the way, get the word she’s using — Trump “rigged” his Atlantic City business so he got paid no matter what.

Anybody in the Trump campaign out there, please, do not spend much time on this.  Do not let go of the message.  Hillary lying, emails, unqualified, contemptible.  Don’t get sucked into this business of defending your business practices.  Stay on message.  It’s all I can do, folks.  It’s all I can do.


RUSH: Look, this is important.  Hillary went to Atlantic City today, and she’s out there attacking Trump and his business practices, particularly the days which he owned casinos there, and she’s using the word “rigged” to describe the way Trump set up his businesses. She’s claiming that he rigged things so that no matter what happened he got paid.  If the thing went belly up, there was bankruptcy, no matter what it was, Trump rigged it so that he got paid.

Hillary is desperate to change the subject.  She is desperate to get everybody off of this email story.  You know, even the AP, I mean, to show you how bad this is, the AP did a fact check, and the AP concluded that what Comey said is devastating.  The AP concluded that Comey illustrated how much and how deeply she lied about things.  And the AP, they still, even in their fact check, they attack Trump.  They end up doing that trying to mitigate the damage.

But you can’t hide this.  I mean, you can do your best to ignore it, but if you’re gonna tackle it, if you’re a fact checker, if you have any desire not to be a laughingstock, you’ve gotta address this for what it is, and she is fully exposed, and she knows it.  So she’s out there — you know, she and Obama went to North Carolina.  She didn’t talk about this at all yesterday.  Obama didn’t talk about this at all yesterday.

Obama started talking about Trump and started stuttering like crazy again.  He was going off on Trump. I’m guaranteeing you, Trump is living rent free in Obama’s sizable head because he became a stuttering mess.  But the point is they didn’t mention this.  They’re all on Trump.  The word on Trump is that he’s got a thin skin. And the opposition research on Trump is that his thin skin means that if you attack him, he is guaranteed to attack you back no matter what else is going on.  So what that means is that Hillary and her camp feel confident they can take Trump off message any time they want simply by leveling some charge, whether it’s based in fact or not.

Now, I was watching Fox during the top-of-the-hour break, and they’re promoting a Trump appearance tonight.  And the banner headline says: “Trump to respond to Hillary attacks on business practices tonight on the Fox News Channel.”  Mr. Trump, if you do it, fly to Benghazi to do it, or fly to Arkansas, Whitewater.  Don’t change the subject on this.  Her lack of qualification — she’s trying to say, Mr. Trump, she’s trying to say that you’re temperamentally unsuitable, you’re temperamentally unfit.  You’re not qualified.  You have no business being president, running for president.

She’s the one who is unfit.  She’s the one who can’t pass a credibility test or an integrity test.  She is the one who is the standout liar.  She is the one who exposes the nation to great danger.  Don’t get off that message.  Your voters don’t care about your business practices in the casino.  That’s not why you have your legion of supporters.  I know he’s gonna defend himself; that’s just his nature.  But don’t make it the focal point of what you’re doing here.  Don’t let her take you off message so easily.

This is my fervent wish.  This is the only way I know how to do it.  And if you’re gonna do it, go to Benghazi.  You got a plane; fly to Benghazi and do the report when you talk about Hillary Clinton.  She’s attacking you on you don’t know how to run a business; she didn’t know how to run a State Department.  Go to Benghazi.  Go to Whitewater in Arkansas.  Point that Boeing 757 of yours someplace where she’s been and screwed it up and do your answer from there.

I know he’s in Ohio today.  In fact, one of the things supposedly happening today is that Newt is gonna be auditioning for the VP slot today.  By virtue of how he does speaking on behalf of Trump.  I know it’s in Ohio.  I forget exactly where.


RUSH: Trump is out now thinking about responding to her attacks on his way of running a business, a penchant, she says for filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the way he rigged his casino operations to get paid no matter who else lost money.  And I know that he’s gonna respond to it; he can’t help it.  That’s who he is.  But I hope that he doesn’t get taken off message.  I hope he doesn’t let this whole business of her and this server stuff, this email stuff, skate, ’cause she’s desperately trying to change the narrative on this.  She’s trying to change the message, if you will.  She hasn’t even commented on this yet.  Neither did Obama yesterday.  She hasn’t said a word about this, at least not that I’m aware of.  All she’s done is ignore it and turn everything back around on Trump.

Now, Trump has done one thing that I find very encouraging.  I’ll tell you a little story.  I saw a New York Times story on Sunday.  Folks, I was appalled at this, too.


RUSH: There was a New York Times story in which Mrs. Clinton said that she is thinking of holding Loretta Lynch on as attorney general if she’s elected president.  That is bribery!  That was in the New York Times on Sunday.  That is before Comey comes out on Tuesday and his press conference.  This is before anybody knows what’s going on.  This is a result of the meeting that Bill Clinton has with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix.

So there’s a little quote and it’s at the very end of the story.  Most people probably didn’t see it.  It was a long story.  Most people don’t read to the end of news stories, particularly if they’re reading the hard copy of the paper and have to change pages.  What a pain in the butt.  If you are used to getting your news on a five-inch screen and all of a sudden you’re reading a newspaper and it’s continue to page 8B, to hell with that.  You just don’t even go there.  So you read what’s on the front page.  And even people reading it on computers and other digital media may not read all the way to the end of it.

Can I give you a little hint?  If you want to know how to read a news story, let me tell you what to do.  Read the first two paragraphs and the last.  Particularly if you’re reading a column.  If you’re reading a column, read the first paragraph and the last.  Those are the nut, money paragraphs.  In a news story, pretty much same thing.  I have learned this over the course of many years of study.  So I read the end of stories and it was the end of a story in which Hillary Clinton is quoted as saying that she is inclined, she’s thinking seriously about retaining Loretta Lynch as attorney general.

Folks, that’s bribery.  That is bribery.  And I sent that quote, I cut and pasted that quote into another email and I sent that out to some friends and to some people, and I said, “Look at this!  This is flat-out bribery.”  And I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw Trump call it the same thing.  No, I didn’t send it anywhere to Trump.  Trump doesn’t do email.  But he saw that for what it is, or somebody there did, and called Hillary out on it.  And that’s the kind of stuff that is going to be necessary here.

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