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Esther Levy of Warwick, New York recently went to the Cancun Inn, a popular restaurant there that serves Mexican food. She and a friend, a retired judge, were seated, and ordered two sangrias.

I should mention Ms. Levy was wearing her “Make America Great Again” hat and a Donald Trump button. Here’s what they say happened, according to The New York Post:

The server, who had cheerfully taken their order, returned to the table minus the sangrias. She had a message. Ms. Levy and the judge had to leave. The waitress had been given orders not to serve them.

On the way out of the Cancun Inn, in Orange County, New York, the co-owner confronted them. He angrily told them Hillary is going to win, the restaurant doesn’t serve Trump supporters, they should get out and never return.

The restaurant later claimed on social media, that Levy and the judge were being rowdy and rude to the staff. An allegation Ms. Levy says is nonsense; it was made clear they were ejected for supporting Trump.

Oh. And this. The police were called,  but said they couldn’t do anything, because the restaurant is a private business and can deny service to whoever they want.

That’s true. Unless of course you’re a small-town bakery and you don’t want to make a same-sex wedding cake, due to religious convictions. Then you get sued and almost run out of business. In today’s America. Amigo. Learn it, love it and live it. 

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