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“I find it fascinating. Here’s the smartest woman in the world one day, yet today Hillary’s a neophyte. Today she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Today she’s innocently wandering aimlessly through her job as secretary of state being unfortunately caught up in all these conflicting statutes and laws. Poor Mrs. Clinton, she’s trying her best but she just doesn’t know what she’s doing. It’s a crock.” 

“Comey has been pretzeling himself every which way here to avoid uttering a sound bite negative to Hillary.”

“I think Hillary is more vulnerable than a Clinton has ever been in the past 25 years. She may not be facing any sanction from the legal system, but I’m not so sure that she’s skating in the court of public opinion.”

“Everybody under the sun knows that Hillary Clinton was trafficking in classified information and violating the law doing it. Everybody knows it. It’s just that some people think she should get away with it. They are Democrats.” 

“I saw a story last night that they are up to 900 delegates for Trump now. They think that they can get the rule changed, the rule that requires pledged delegates to vote on the first ballot for the guy who won the state. That gives Trump well over 1,237. But, if they can get the rules changed, right now Trump’s only got 900 delegates and wouldn’t even win the nomination. The rules-change effort is well underway.”

“There isn’t anyone in government, there isn’t anyone on Capitol Hill, there isn’t anybody in the Drive-By Media who wants to be the person who will be recorded in history and thus always known in history and forever attacked in the media. No one wants to be the one who denied the first African-American president his agenda or his choices.”

“Remember, Hillary Clinton is automatically qualified. That has been decided. Anybody coming along and says she isn’t, well, it can’t be because she’s not qualified, because she is. So it has to be something else.  And what do they conclude? It’s always gonna be racism, sexism, bigotry, or homophobia. I mean, those are the things that the Republicans are routinely accused of, that conservatives are routinely accused of, and have been accused of for decades.” 

“Have you noticed also that when we talk about Hillary Clinton and the FBI, she grants an interview. She’s never, like other people, are interrogated. Other people are subpoenaed. Other people are called in to face questioning. With Mrs. Clinton, ‘Yeah, I granted an interview with the FBI Saturday for three and a half hours.'” 

“This divide, I’ve never seen it bigger. However you want to define the divide, haves and have-nots, rich versus poor, elites versus plebes, political class versus ruling class, the divide is bigger than it has ever been. And the establishment knows it.” 

“Hillary is not doing a victory lap. That’s a big deal in the sense that she knows it isn’t over. She’s not commenting on it. Bill Clinton, every time he escaped the surly bonds of one of these investigations, he went out there and rubbed everybody’s nose in it. But Hillary hasn’t done that, nor has Obama.” 

“After almost seven and a half years, nobody lifts a finger to stop Barack Obama. Nobody lifts a finger to deny Barack Obama. Nobody lifts a finger to oppose Obama on the serious agenda items that are transforming this nation and are resulting in the implementation of his real agenda.”    

“I am serving humanity just simply by showing up by being here. That’s all it takes — and, of course, utilizing talent on loan from God-d. And I can’t believe we’re coming up on 28 years on August 1st!”

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