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RUSH: Ringoes, New Jersey, and it’s Laurie.  Laurie, you’re first today.  Welcome to the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  This is the high point of my summer, other than having saltwater taffy at the seashore.

RUSH:  Oh, wow. I love saltwater taffy, too.

CALLER:  Hey, just a comment after what you’re reading in the first hour about the disintegration of our country through divisiveness.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER:  I think all of this — and this is gonna sound cute, but I really kind of mean it. It’s red, white, and blue lives matter, and that’s the way we should be coalescing.  And that’s really hard to do when people are looking for retribution all the time.  We have more in common if we would just realize that as Americans.  And I am not talking to the illegal immigrants in the country right now. Then we have different… And that should be the basis if we want this thing to continue instead of retribution and attacking each other, that that’s the way this has gotta work.

RUSH:  Well, see, I think you just swerved into something there, and this is what is hard to accept or believe for a lot of people.  But there are some people who do not want this thing to continue to work, and that’s what they’re doing is all about.  They don’t want to unify.  They don’t want this thing to work.  That’s the whole point of going forth with grievance after grievance after grievance and victim after victim after victim, because this inherent system… There is an all-out assault on the unity of this country.  There are people whose express purpose is to rip it apart.

CALLER:  So what do those people think is gonna work better?

RUSH:  I read a story last night of a college professor at Dartmouth.  I can’t remember if I printed this out.  I don’t think I did.  Or if I did, it didn’t print. Anyway, some… It may be Cornell, I forget which, but there’s an African-American professor at a noted Ivy League school who is saying there’s three kinds of white people, and only one of the three different kinds is worth anything, and that they’re so tiny and so small a group that you don’t need to be worried.

The first group, they’re just nothing but the white capitalists who believe in the founding of the country, and you can’t unify with them. You have nothing in common with them.  (It’s what he’s teaching the students.)  You should pay no attention.  These are the people that have been causing you problems ever since you were born.  Then there’s another group of white people who acknowledge the inherent racism of white people.

But they still like capitalism and think the solution to the problem is there, and you can’t deal with them, either.  The other group of whites — the third group — is so small, and they are the progressives. But even if you come to an agreement with all of them, you haven’t made any progress ’cause there aren’t enough of them.  So with things like this being taught to students whose parents are paying $30,000 a year to send them there, you’re not gonna have any unification around.  What do they think is gonna be better?  They obviously think socialism is better.  Some of them probably think communism is better.  And they do.

You’re sitting here, any of you, saying, “That doesn’t make any sense!”

To them, it does.

The politics of grievance is pervasive.  It’s spreading.  And when you have an economy that has been ripped to shreds like this, and when you have more and more people thinking that there’s no economic opportunity — that the game is so rigged that the standard recipes of hard work and education, stick-to-itiveness and so forth don’t pay off… If that’s all a joke now because the game is so rigged, it’s easy to recruit them into your grievance world, into your grievance industry. Because you’ve just given them an out. You’ve just given them an excuse for failing. You’ve given them a reason to be mad, justifiably so.

It’s easier route to take, and it’s been way too seductive for way too many people.


RUSH:  Okay.  Here we go.  It is from our buddies at Campus Reform, a story written by Rob Shimshock.  “Cornell Prof[fessor]: Only Whites Who Hate Capitalism Are [Black Lives Matter] Allies.  He’s a history professor, is a PhD in history from Columbia, a masters in African-American studies from Columbia.  “A Cornell University professor recently called the Fraternal Order of Police ‘a terrorist organization,’ capitalism an ‘anti-human system,’ and the majority of ‘white America’ racist. …

“According to The Ithaca Voice, Professor Russell Rickford of Cornell University made those statements and others at a Black Lives Matter protest Friday, even going so far as to charge the police with ‘genocide’ in relation to recent, well-publicized shootings. ‘There will always be a segment of white America that is overtly, irredeemably racist,’ Rickford said… ‘Forget about them. They’re not worth your time.’ ‘There’s a much larger segment, some of them are gathered right here. A segment of white America that considers itself enlightened,’ he continued.

“‘They outwardly reject the symbols of white supremacy, yet they aggressively protect their white privilege.’  Asserting that ‘deep in their heart, they despise your blackness more than anything else,’ Rickford advised the audience to ‘forget about those folks, too.’  ‘There’s a sliver, a sliver of white America that hates white supremacy and that hates capitalism,’ said the professor… ‘These are the folks that you need to organize with.”

He said this at a Black Lives Matter rally.  ‘You’ve got to organize with class-conscious workers…You’ve got to organize with the undocumented. You’ve got to organize with the radical trans people…You’ve got to build a poor people’s movement, a colonized people’s movement,’ he explained. ‘We’ve got to build a grassroots, antiracist movement to defeat capitalism altogether and it’s not going to happen at the ballot box.'”

Well, then where is it going to happen?

Well, of course.  Of course.  This is sixties redux.  It is.  It’s the same stuff being repeated.  If you weren’t alive or old enough at the time to pay attention, this is sixties redo.  This is exactly what the Huey Newtons of the day were talk, the Angela Davises of the day, the Black Panthers, Students for a “Democrat” Society.  It’s just… Weather Underground, all of them. Yeah, it’s just recycled stuff. But to people who’ve never heard it before (paraphrased exchange), “What do you mean?  I’m white and you’re telling me I’m not worth your time?”

“That’s exactly right, honky!  You are not worth our time.”

Rickford: “There’s a sliver, a sliver of white America that hates white supremacy and that hates capitalism…” (chuckling) I’m sorry.  I probably shouldn’t have said that, should I?  (chuckling)  Back to Professor Rickford, at Cornell. “‘There can be no human system under capitalism. Capitalism is an anti-human system,’ Rickford continued. … Opining that ‘most of us are losers under capitalism,’ Rickford also denounced ‘a global economy that is rigged to enrich a few while enslaving the masses.’  …

“‘To hell with the Republican party and to hell with the G[–]damn Democratic [P]arty,’ he said. ‘Hillary Clinton is a warmongering imperialist and a lapdog of the corporate elite. We don’t need a woman CEO of capitalism. Hell, you had a black CEO of capitalism — what did that get you?'” That’s Obama.  He called the Trumpster a “neo-fascist.” It was “in 2014 that Rickford, who was an assistant history professor at Dartmouth College at the time, had referred to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day ‘a tool of the far-right imperialists to appease people.'”

He’s of the belief that Martin Luther King Day and all of the different Martin Luther King Boulevards are just a sop. They’re just a way to appease blacks to make ’em think they’re being thought about, cared about, honored and so forth, when they don’t really mean it. They don’t really care! They didn’t like Dr. King in the first place.  He’s one of these guys that says, “You ever notice where Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevards are?” This guy is loaded for bear (laughing), and he’s teaching at Cornell.

Okay.  Back to the phones.  This is Bart in Tucson.  Bart, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush, for taking my call.  Mega dittos from a family of fans of Rush Revere and from a man you helped keep sane in an insane America.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  I really appreciate that.

CALLER:  What hit me this past month is that we’re living the Fast and Furious strategy.  That’s what’s going on.

RUSH:  Explain that.  What do you mean by, “We’re living the Fast and Furious…”? I mean, I know what it is, but what do you mean?  Relate it to what’s going on now.

CALLER:  They’re taking the carnage and the chaos and the bloodshed, and they’re using it to advance their agenda, to curtail our liberties and shred the Constitution.  They’re gonna… You know, especially in stuff that doesn’t make any sense. When you have an avowed Muslim terrorist mowing a bunch of people down, “Oh, it’s the gun’s fault!”  And then when you have a domestic terrorist mow down cops, “Oh, it’s the gun’s fault! We gotta restrict the guns.” This is what they wanted to do with the Fast and Furious.

RUSH:  So this is kind of the Wayne LaPierre theory; he was on This Week with David Brinkley way, way, way back when Brinkley host on the show. This is back when people watched it. It was in the nineties.  Clinton was president.  And Clinton was making, you know, the usual Democrat move on guns after some of event, and Wayne LaPierre said, “I think the president’s comfortable with a certain level of violence.”

That’s a hell of a thing to say. That’s a hell of an accusatory thing to say. He said, “I think the president’s comfortable with a certain level of violence,” ’cause it allows him to go on these anti-gun rants.  It was just… It was LaPierre’s way of saying what Rahm Emanuel said, and that is a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.  Chaos is a terrible thing to waste.  What that means — and it’s been my point all along, and I’ve been trying to it drill home — is that there’s a beneficiary in all of this.  There are people trying to benefit from this.

I don’t care if it’s five dead cops, a dead black citizen in Minnesota or in Louisiana, there are people trying to profit from it, politically profit from it.  It’s undeniable.  I think it’s cheap and I think it’s sick.  But they are there.  And you and I both know who they are.

It’s a good transition.  Let’s head to the audio sound bites here, starting at the top.  This is last night Fox Business Network, Risk and Reward.  Deirdre Bolton speaking with Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist. Does that name ring a bell?  It should.  We’ve mentioned Ford O’Connell on this program before.  Ford O’Connell is the young Republican strategist who wrote the piece that we quoted from here about how Republicans, if we are ever to return to majority status, must appeal to Democrats and minorities.

We must do what is necessary to appeal to those groups, otherwise we Republicans are never gonna amount — in other words, conservatism, no way.  No way.  Conservatism’s not the answer.  The Republican Party has to reach out, moderate and modify its views to be able to accommodate radical Democrats, minorities, and so forth.  So, anyway, he’s the guest and they’re talking about Black Lives Matter and Rudy Giuliani and people’s reaction to it, and here’s the first part of it.

BOLTON:  Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, and talk show Rush Limbaugh claim that Black Lives Matter exacerbates tensions and sows racial divides.  Are people conflating the Black Lives Matter message with being anti-police?  A lot of protesters are saying the terms are not binary.

RUSH:  What?  The terms — what?  Binary means synonymous?  That’s what she means?  Okay, “Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, talk show Rush Limbaugh claim –” don’t you love that, they “claim.”  I’m not claiming anything.  I’m saying.  Anyway.  “– that Black Lives Matter exacerbates tensions and sows racial divides.”  How can that even be debatable?  How can you even argue that?  Just like Occupy Wall Street did the same thing.  Exacerbate differences.  How’s this even debatable?  “Well, they say they’re not.”  Well, of course.  Communists lie about what they do, too.

Anyway, and then she asks her guest here, Ford O’Connell, whose sound bite is coming up, “Are people conflating the Black Lives Matter message with being anti-police?”  Meaning, are people associating incorrectly whatever Black Lives Matter’s saying to mean it’s anti-cop?  “A lot of the protesters are saying the terms are not binary.”  You know, binary — oh, well.  Here’s Ford O’Connell’s answer.

O’CONNELL:  I think they are, and the reason why this is happening is because everyone’s extremely emotional.  And I have to say that a lot of white Americans don’t know what it’s like to be black and don’t understand what it is they’re seeing. But at the same time there are no facts or very few facts when it comes to police and shootings for Black Lives Matter to make its case.  They’re upset about a lot of different things, but they’re not focusing in on solutions.  What they’re focusing in is drawing attention to something that they can’t necessarily prove.

RUSH:  I’m sorry, folks.  I don’t think we’re any nearer understanding anything after those two bites than we were before I played them.


RUSH:  Yeah, that’s right.  Ford O’Connell, the guy in the sound bite we just played, he’s the guy who said that nominating a conservative presidential candidate would just postpone the GOP nightmare. That the GOP needs to modernize now, ditch all of its outdated conservative notions and move on from them.  I mean, it’s even worse than saying the era of Reagan is over.  We gotta ditch conservatism and people that believe it, we gotta move on. Otherwise, if we don’t, we’re just delaying our nightmare, postponing the nightmare.  That’s Ford O’Connell.

Also on this binary business, folks, the reason I was confused, binary, in its primary definition, has to do with computers.  Binary operating system, a system of ones and zeros.  And there’s nothing synonymous about them.  The way to look at it, binary is an either or proposition.  There’s nothing synonymous in binary operations, which is why I was profoundly confused on both sides of that sound bite.

(interruption) What’s that?  It scares Snerdley that he understands what she meant.  It should scare you.  If you understood that, it means that — well, maybe not.  It shouldn’t scare you.  It shows your diversity.  You were able to understand nonsense.  I mean, a lot of people would like to be able to.

RUSH: Sound bite number three, Philadelphia television, Good Day Philadelphia today.  Question: “Why is it a slap in the face of the movement to say that all lives matter?”

Chad Lassiter:  It’s not a racist organization, so the foolishness that we hear Limbaugh and Ruly (sic) Giuliani, they just need to stop that.  Our morality speeches have to stop!  In our society, we know that African-Americans were perceived as 3/5ths human beings. And so, once again, it’s an oppressed people, not by buying into their victimization, but identifying themselves to say, “Listen, Black Lives Matter.”  To say that all lives matter, to me, is not just ignorance. It’s just disingenuous.  It’s like going to the AIDS benefit and simply saying, “Cancer matters also.”  You wouldn’t do that.

RUSH:  Well, but it’s not a good analogy.  I mean, you’re saying some lives matter more than others.  Look, they’re just making their own case that we’re right here, is what they’re doing.


RUSH: Hank in Brooklyn, I’m really glad you waited.  You’re next as we head back to the phones.

CALLER:  Yes, hello?

RUSH:  Hey, Hank, how are you doing?

CALLER:  How you doing.  I wanted to address the grievance comment that you made.  Why is it that whenever a black person talks honestly about their history in America is it labeled as a grievance?

RUSH:  Well, not each instance is labeled as a grievance.  A grievance is a political action.  It’s not just African-Americans.  I mean, the feminist industry, if you want to call it, is based on grievance.  It’s a tactic.  The Democrat Party has evolved and developed because one of the values of having a grievance is it’s never solved.  You’ve always got a reason to complain.  You’ve always gotta bitch. You’ve always got a mechanism whereby you can complain you’re getting the shaft.

CALLER:  I understand that, but if, like, if I’m telling my history honestly, it’s just me telling my history.  It’s not necessarily a grievance.  I’m being honest about the black history experience in America.  You know, it’s not necessarily a grievance. It’s being honest about the black history in America.

RUSH:  Well, it depends on what you want to do with it.  It depends on why you’re mentioning it, in what forum, and what you’re demanding as a result.  I mean, if you and I are sitting around having a drink and we’re talking about these things, I wouldn’t attach grievance to what you’re talking about.  But if you are a member of a group that is trying to advance a political agenda, and you’re blaming me for it —

CALLER:  I hear you —

RUSH:  Wait a minute, now.  We’re just speaking hypothetically.

CALLER:  I hear what you’re saying.

RUSH:  And you’re blaming me or other people for it, and maybe, it may be something that’s never even happened to you, then I would call it grievance —

CALLER:  I agree with you.  I totally agree with you.  When I talk about it, it’s more to explain so younger black kids know their history and know, you see the gap between whites and blacks in this country, and it explains it sometimes.  Like, you know, blacks had a late start in this country.  We didn’t have the opportunities back then, so we had a later start, so that’s why you see the gap.  But, you know what I’m saying?  So they don’t think that, oh, is this gap because I’m lesser of a human being.  You know what I’m saying?

And so young kids, black kids especially growing up, they need to know that so they don’t see that gap and think that it’s because their race is lesser.  It’s like, no, it’s just that we got a late start in this country.  And I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with being honest and saying that.  It’s not saying that you owe me anything.  No, I’m not saying that at all.  It’s just explaining, “Listen, we got a late start. So that’s why you see the gap.”

RUSH:  Okay.  Well, you’re not.  You’re not.  Let me change the subject, give you an analogy.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Are you married?


RUSH:  Okay.  I’m gonna make up an event.  We’re gonna speak hypothetically.  Let’s say that you catch your wife having an affair, but you talk about it and you solve it and you agree to go on. You agree to continue the relationship and the marriage and try to make the most of it, but you never let her forget.  Whenever any argument comes up, you remind her, “You cheated on me.”  Your relationship has no chance. You agreed to set it aside. You accepted that it happened and you accepted her explanation and you agreed to move forward, but then as you move forward, you continue to lay that off on her, and you never let her forget. Your marriage doesn’t have a chance, if you don’t let it go.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  You’re right.  Absolutely.

RUSH:  That happens to a lot of couples. I understand the black history in this country, and regret it, I wish it hadn’t happened.  See, I also know that it hasn’t happened to African-Americans alive today.  There isn’t one African-American alive today who’s treated as three-fifths of a person like it was in the past.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  You’re right.

RUSH:  We’ve made progress in our country, and it’s been the Constitution that permitted that to happen.  I hate all this stuff, Hank.  I wish this stuff weren’t happening.  What bothers me is that I don’t see the eagerness for a genuine solution to the political people on the opposite side.  They want to continue to use the grievance, to use whatever happened hundreds of years ago that did not even happen to them, as a way of expressing how this country is failing or is less than decent and good.  We’re never gonna move forward if we can’t let go of things, especially things that don’t happen to people today.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  I agree a hundred percent with you on that.  Like I said, I only use it, when I explain black history to my kids and young black kids so they know, “Listen, this is the reason why there is this disparity. You also got a late start.  It’s not because you’re less of a person because of your race.”  You understand?

RUSH:  Hank, let me ask you a serious question.  I mean, I’m asking this ’cause I genuinely want to know what your answer to this is, because I know some African-Americans, they happen to be conservative, they’re successful.  They, of course, have raised their kids, and kids can’t escape in school the history of slavery and all of the horrible things that happened in the past.  But they weren’t raised that way, and they are not raising their kids to be imprisoned by that.  They’re raising them to be the best they can be today, to take advantage of the opportunity that exists today.  And it’s working for some people.  This is the thing.  A lot of people say, “Oh, that’s phony. It’s easy for you to say, but it’s not possible for us.”  But it is, it is working for some.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  I always put in my kid’s head never to use race as an excuse.  I always put that in my kids’ heads, that racism is not an excuse for not being successful.  I agree with you on that.  I always instill that in them.

RUSH:  Well, no, but look, your kids are gonna encounter it.  We are all, every one of us are gonna encounter some unfairness and some real cruelty in our lives.  People are mean to each other.

CALLER:  Of course.

RUSH:  Now, race, that’s something you can’t do anything about.

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  So that makes it even more cruel.  But we all encounter cruelty.  It’s just one of these sad realities of life.  There are mean people out there, and they’re cruel, they’re bullies to all kinds of people.  Some are based in race; some are based in the way other people look; some of it’s politically based.  But there’s all kinds of it.  Everybody goes through life being tormented at times by something. Something as simple as just going through four years of high school can ruin somebody’s confidence, just because of things that happened there.  The key to it all is being taught how to deal with it and how to not let it mar your own opinion of yourself.

CALLER:  Yes.  I agree.

RUSH:  And the grievance industry always seeks to blame other people while never finding a solution.  That’s my problem with it, when solutions are there to be had.  But when people don’t want ’em, when they profit from the division, however, be it politically or financially, that’s when I abhor it.  And that’s when I get depressed because I don’t see any moving forward from it.  You’re doing great.

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  If you’re raising your kids the way you say, they’re gonna be good, they’re gonna be great, they’re gonna know the history, they’re gonna know what’s possible. But they’re gonna know how to not be devastated by it to the point that they hate themselves.  You don’t want that.

CALLER:  Exactly.  That’s all I’m saying.  I definitely agree with you all what you were saying, though.

RUSH:  Okay.  Well, good, good.  We found some common things here to stand up around.  That’s great.  Well, I’m glad you called, Hank.  I really am.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  You bet.

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