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RUSH: Jim Jordan, the congressman from Ohio, just ripped into Loretta Lynch today.  She went up there to testify to explain why there were no charges against Hillary and so forth, and this is what he said to her…

JORDAN:  I think your actions made it worse.  I really do.  I think a lot of people already think that there are two systems, as many have talked about: one for “We, the people;” a different one — entirely different one — for the politically connected.  You’re a former secretary of state, you’re a former senator, you’re a former first lady, you’re a nominee for president. Your husband meets with you five days before a decision is announced. Different standard for those facts, and you proved it!

RUSH:  I mean, Jim — and he had a great day when Comey was up there — launching both barrels at Loretta Lynch, who basically didn’t want to say anything today.  She didn’t even want to acknowledge that existing crimes are existing crimes.  She didn’t want to get close to it because she didn’t want then the next question to be about Hillary where she would have to acknowledge, “Oh, yeah. Based on what I just said, yes. That would be crime.”  She didn’t want to get there, so she wouldn’t even acknowledge a crime is crime.  “I’m not going there today, Congressman! That is not why I’m here.  I’m here because you called me up here and I’m here because I’m required to come, but that’s about it.”


RUSH: One of the things that Jim Jordan was repeatedly doing was asking Loretta Lynch if she made the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.  He kept pounding, wanting to know, “Was it you? Did you make the decision?”  She refused to say.  She wouldn’t answer anything substantively because she knew if she did the next question would attach Hillary Clinton to it.  So she didn’t go there.

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