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Obama’s Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, is rumored to be on Hillary Clinton’s short list for Vice President. And he’s been auditioning.

On Fox News Sunday, Perez tried to wash away Hillary’s email problems. He said Hillary just “made a mistake” there was never any criminal wrongdoing. He said Hillary acknowledges she “has to earn the trust back of many people.”

Perez said it’s not the first time Hillary had to work hard to earn trust. It happened when she ran for Senate in New York, because a lot of people were skeptics. But Perez claimed Hillary did win them over, because “she’s a workhorse, not a show horse.” Sure. 

Mr. Perez, what a load of horse whatever! But if you want to call Hillary a horse, be my guest.

Truth is, Hillary Clinton can’t “earn back” trust, because she never had it. After three decades in the public eye, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most dishonest name in American politics. She’s the most cheated on woman in America. 

In 1996, the late William Safire described Hillary in The New York Times as a “congenital liar.” That was long before she funneled huge sums of loot through the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Or the multiple lies that defined her State Department tenure, from Benghazi to her basement email servers, and the mishandling of classified information.

Mr. Perez, the reason Americans don’t trust Hillary Clinton isn’t because they don’t know her. It’s because they do.

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