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RUSH: Here’s Ileana from Miami.  Great to have you with us.  How are you?

CALLER:  Oh, nice for you to have me on your show.

RUSH:  I love the name.  It’s one of my all-time top-ten female names, Ileana.

CALLER:  I love listening to you because you tell the truth.  I’m a transplant American.  I came here with my parents at the age of 8 from Cuba.  I like to say of myself I’m Cuban born and American raised.  I’m very proud of the United States.  I’m very proud of America, the greatest country that’s ever, ever lived and ever was, and I am really afraid for our country.  We came here and our parents worked hard. We were educated. We reached middle class status, and some of us in my family higher than middle class.

And when I hear representatives of this Black Lives Matter, which is just a hate group, it is a hate group of white people.  They’re racists and their only concern, their only idea is the destruction of this country, the replacement of our system for what system?  For a Marxist system.  And we see it.  It’s going on in this country.  Americans don’t realize it.  Americans think that their 200-plus years of a Democracy can withstand anything and everything —

RUSH:  You know what?  I think you have a point about that.  I don’t think people understand what BLM is really all about.  Not just them.  All of these leftist groups.  I don’t think people who don’t listen to this program every day like you do, I don’t think they really, Ileana, understand what the objective of these groups is.  You’re so right.  And I have to tell you, I have met more people from Cuba who have come to America.  You’re great people.


RUSH:  Our last caller, Ileana from Miami, by way of Cuba, she’s exactly right about Black Lives Matter.  Folks, the way to understand Black Lives Matter, it’s a Democrat front group.  It really is no more than that.  They struggle — not struggle.  They’re not struggling much.  They strive to make themselves look like they’re independent and not attached to any particular political party, and that is to provide the Democrat Party cover.

But just like Occupy Wall Street, they’re a Democrat front group.  And everybody thinks that Black Lives Matter organically materialized after the George Zimmerman acquittal in the murder, the killing, accidental death, whatever it was, of Trayvon Martin, who President Obama said if he had a son, would look like Trayvon Martin.  My question, since Obama speculates on his son, would an Obama son be a member of Black Lives Matter or the New Black Panthers?  Yeah.  Which of those groups would Obama’s speculative son be a member of?  Just wondering.

Black Lives Matters, BLM, if you want to know the truth about these people, was basically inspired by a cop killer, who happens to now be living in Cuba.  Black Lives Matter says that it draws its inspiration from a cop killer named Assata Shakur, not to be confused with the late Onepac Shakur.

Assata Shakur is a former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army leader convicted of first-degree murder of a policeman, sentenced to life in 1973.  However, Assata Shakur escaped in 1979, was granted political asylum in Cuba and still is there to the best of my knowledge.  Well, I mean if Black Lives Matter was not a Democrat front group, then George Soros would not be funding them.

They are a Democrat front group just like Occupy Wall Street.  Occupy Wall Street did not organically appear.  It didn’t just effervesce out of a protest movement, the Democrat Party.  They were created after the Tea Party did organically materialize.  The Democrats, “Oh, my God, this is serious, Tea Party, this is big. We need a counter.”

So they created Occupy Wall Street and funded them, paid for them. Never, ever acknowledging any ties between Occupy Wall Street and the Democrat Party, except the Democrat Party loved them and promoted them and so forth.  (interruption) What, Obama’s son would be a cop?  (laughing)  Don’t make me laugh.  No, Soros has given Black Lives Matter $33 million, which is what he gives to the groups that are doing work for the Democrat Party.  Soros spreads it around.

Okay, back to the phones.  Albert in Augusta, Maine.  Great to have you on the program today, Albert.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  I wanted to touch on what you talked about in the first hour with the NAACP leader, I think it was in North Carolina, that said that there was essentially a lynching using that device to kill the suspect.  I wonder how upset he was when President Obama sent the drone into, I believe Yemen, to assassinate one of our own citizens that was accused of being a terrorist. No habeas corpus, no trial by a jury or anything, just assassinated.  Where was he at that time?

RUSH:  Oh, I don’t think he said anything.  It’s a good point.  I know you’re asking a rhetorical question.  But in case you’re just tuning in, the field marshal of the NAALCP North Carolina chapter has indeed written and he’s out there saying that the cops using their robot bomb to blow up the guy named X whatever, what’s his name?  I’m having a mental block on his name, Marcus X. Johnson?  Whatever it was. Micah X.  That was a lynching, it was a lynching.  There were no charges, there was no trial.

The guy is conducting a military-style assassination with an AK-47.  What are the cops supposed to do?  Wave the white flag, call a halt and conduct a trial on the battlefield, essentially?  See, that’s the kind of thing, you go out, that’s a loaded term.  You start calling this a lynching and you have just awakened whatever stories have been told young blacks by their parents. No, I’m not denying it happened, but it doesn’t happen today.  That’s the point.  That is the whole point.

No acknowledgment of any progress, no acknowledgment of any effort to progress. No acknowledgment, no willingly agreeing with the notion that serious efforts have been made to advance.  But again, believe me, folks, all of this comes under the umbrella of the grievance industry and what sets this grievance industry apart is that there is no desire for a solution.  That’s the key to understanding this.  Whatever the grievance is, if every grievance item was granted, they would move the goalposts and come up with new demands.

It’s not about solving anything.  It’s about tearing down the very fabric of the country as founded and replacing capitalism with communism.  But even if that were granted, which never would happen, but even if that were granted just to buy peace, even if some group of politicians, “Okay, okay, if you’ll stop, we’ll immediately convert to communism,” they wouldn’t stop because the money is in continuing.

The fame, the notoriety, the energy is in the ongoing struggle.  There is nothing gained by solving this because solving it requires an admission that the grievances have been addressed.  And that’s never going to happen, which is why I’ve always said these people have to be defeated politically, not allowed to win politically.  There is no way that any of these grievances can be granted or solved politically.  It won’t be permitted.  That would drain the lifeblood out of these movements, and they know it.

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