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RUSH: Hillary Clinton this afternoon, Springfield, Illinois.  She’s going in there, and she’s trying to act like Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.  She’s trying to get away with the idea that she’s a great unifier, like Lincoln was. She’s trying to fool everybody.  You know, Lincoln was a Republican.  There she is trying to present herself as the incarnation of Lincoln.  So here’s a portion of her remarks at the beginning.

HILLARY:  There is too much violence and hate in our country. Too little trust and common ground.

RUSH:  Where’s the screeching?

HILLARY:  It can feel impossible to have the conversations we need to have to fix what’s broken.

RUSH:  See, that’s the key.

HILLARY:  And despite being the richest country on earth, we have too much economic inequality, and that also undermines the foundation of our democracy.

RUSH:   It does not.  This is a myth.  Heather Mac Donald, I asked her specifically about this when I interviewed her last week.  That is a myth.  They use the same excuse to explain terrorism.  “Well, poor countries, these young men got nothing to do.  They can’t make a living.”  It’s BS, folks.  We have had poverty in this country since the beginning. We’ve had poverty since the first days of the Garden of Eden.  It has never been the reason why, the primary reason why there is crime.  A falling moral code, a destruction of values.

America has always provided a way up from poverty anyway.  That’s what’s missing today.  The Democrat Party doesn’t believe in that.  The Democrat Party believes in redistribution.  They believe in taking from achievers, punishing achievers, and then redistributing the money to the poor, which keeps them poor ’cause there isn’t enough to give away to make everybody wealthy.  We don’t have any money anyway.  National debt, $20 trillion.  This is all a joke.

Economic inequality does not lead to crime.  Economic inequality is not why we have Black Lives Matter.  Economic inequality is not why we had Occupy Wall Street.  Economic inequality is not the reason for any of these horrible acts of violence, maybe an isolated case, but it’s not the overall sociological reason.

“It can feel impossible to have the conversations we need to have to have to fix what’s broken.”  They don’t want to fix it.  That’s the point of the grievance industry.  They don’t want to solve this.  There’s no money in that.  There’s no future in it.  The power is the grievance.  The power is the unhappiness.  The power is being discriminated against.  The power is being the victim.  You can’t fix that.  You have no cause if you do that.  They don’t want to fix it.  That’s the problem.  That’s the dirty little secret.  And the Democrats don’t want it fixed, either.  The more chaos, the more poverty, the more dependent people to vote for them.  Here’s the next bite that we can rip to shreds.

HILLARY:  Yes, we do need to listen to those who say black lives matter.  Too many black Americans, especially young men, feel like their lives are disposable and they worry every single day about what might happen.  They have every reason to feel that way, and it’s absolutely unacceptable.  Everyone in America, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.  Surely that is something we can all unite behind.

RUSH:  So many people are trying to do that, and it doesn’t matter.  Because that’s not what this is about, either.  Have you noticed…? If you’re doubting me, have you noticed that no Democrat issue ever gets resolved?  Talk to African-Americans.  They’ve been voting Democrat for 50 years.  They’re still as angry as they were 50 years ago, aren’t they?  There’s still as much discrimination.  Listen to them, and there’s still as much racism.  I mean, the guy North Carolina NAALCP says there are still lynchings, for crying out loud!

They haven’t solved a thing.

There’s still poverty.  There’s still no jobs.

Democrats been promising for 50 years to fix this stuff, and it never gets fixed, does it?  The Feminazis? They’re never happy, either, ’cause somebody’s always perceived of trying to take abortion away from the ’em. So it’s never fixed, is it?  Take whatever leftist issue you want.  We never… We haven’t even gotten close to resolving them, and yet the Democrats are promising they’re the only ones that can do it. They’re the only ones that will do it. They’re the only ones looking out for people.

They don’t fix a damn thing!

Every Democrat voter who’s got a grievance is as ticked off and enraged today if not more so than the day they became Democrats and realized why.  They don’t fix anything.  They don’t make anybody happier.  They don’t add to anybody’s contentment.  They never create the jobs they promise.  They don’t fix the roads they promise. They don’t rebuild the schools they promise.  They don’t do anything!  And when they didn’t even do anything, guess who gets blamed for not doing anything?  These evil rascally Republicans and talk radio are always blamed for why things never get fixed.

They don’t want them fixed.

They don’t want the solution.

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