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“Hillary has spent a million dollars slamming Trump, and she has lost ground because of the news of the day, the FBI investigation. Plus, the overall impression of her that she’s not honest and not trustworthy.  And that perception precedes the arrival of Trump.”

“I think the first half of Obama’s speech yesterday seemed to be high-minded and unifying, but he blows it all to smithereens because I think what the first half of the speech was a setup for the political hackery that was to come.” 

“We don’t expect presidents to further and promulgate lies and misinformation for the express purpose of creating and fomenting deadly anger. Presidents try to quell these situations. They try to get a handle on ’em and ratchet down the tension.”

“The entire narrative of Ferguson, Missouri, is a lie. ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ is a lie. That is the story that came out of there, and that story fed entire narrative of Black Lives Matter and whatever they’re trying to do to create controversy and division.”

“Two weeks ago, the experts said that it was over for Trump. The polls said so! Hillary was pulling ahead. I was accused of being a ‘data denier.’ Now two weeks later, Hillary is falling, and Trump is gaining on her in swing states. What about the people that two weeks ago said this wasn’t gonna be the case ’cause of the polling data?”

“The Democrat Party has been totally now taken over by the radicals. I mean, just insane lunatic radicals are now the mainstream of the Democrat Party.”

“The purpose of grievance, the way to understand grievance in the modern-day Democrat Party? Grievance politics does not seek a solution, is the difference. Grievance is a strategy. Grievance is a method whereby to advance an agenda. It’s not something being used to seek a resolution.”

“For the sake of national unity, for the sake of understanding, for the sake of promoting and acknowledged truth, what if Obama had been on TV and acknowledged what really happened and had told everybody that what they think happened in Ferguson didn’t happen? What do you think the aftermath might have been?” 

“Bernie supporters never did understand that he was never gonna be the nominee. Bernie Sanders supporters either didn’t believe it when they were told or they didn’t consider it, but they were never, ever aware that Bernie Sanders was never gonna be allowed to be the nominee of the Democrat Party.”

“If Black Lives Matter was not a Democrat front group, then George Soros would not be funding them. They are a Democrat front group just like Occupy Wall Street.” 

“The American people are not used to seeing a president that facilitates and assists in movements to tear down the fabric, the traditions, the institutions of a great country. They don’t know what to make of it.” 

“There were never anti-Bill Clinton Democrats. You couldn’t find enough anti-Obama Democrats to put in a phone booth when there were phone booths. But there’s more anti-Hillary Democrats than there are anti-Trump Republicans.”

“Why are we still polling? Because the people that are in the know — I mean, all the experts — were telling us that presidential elections are decided in June. You remember that? So why are we still even polling? Hillary won the election in June, right?”

“I’m mayor of Realville. I’m hip deep in all this.  But as long as I have a chance to come here and do this every day, I’m optimistic. I feel like we have a chance, and I’ll keep plugging away at it.”  

“Black Lives Matter is a Democrat front group. It really is no more than that. They strive to make themselves look like they’re independent and not attached to any particular political party, and that is to provide the Democrat Party cover.”

“Black Lives Matter says that it draws its inspiration from a cop killer named Assata Shakur, not to be confused with the late Onepac Shakur.”

“Democrats are dealing with a different kind of animal this time in the Trump campaign. You can’t categorize it, predict it, analyze it the way you analyze somebody that’s in politics all their life and has the business aspects of politics down pat, that follows the rules and the precepts and all that. There’s no way you can predict, analyze, with somebody that you don’t know what he’s gonna do the next and the day after that.” 

“The reason Hillary Clinton is plummeting is dropping approval ratings on honesty and moral standards. In other words, she’s losing ground strictly on her own. It’s not the result of any Trump effort.”    

“If Wolf Blitzer has to move in to defend Black Lives Matter, if a standard, run-of-the-mill Drive-By anchor or journalist feels compelled to defend the movement, then, by definition, it’s a Democrat Party front group. That’s all the evidence that you need.” 

“Of all the people in the world that you would think might have this proclivity, Roger Ailes would be at the bottom of any list. I’ve never seen him do anything other than interact with great friendliness and respect for women.”

“America has always provided a way up from poverty anyway. That’s what’s missing today. The Democrat Party doesn’t believe in that. The Democrat Party believes in redistribution. They believe in taking from achievers, punishing achievers, and then redistributing the money to the poor, which keeps them poor ’cause there isn’t enough to give away to make everybody wealthy.” 

“Have you noticed that no Democrat issue ever gets resolved? Talk to African-Americans. They’ve been voting Democrat for 50 years. They’re still as angry as they were 50 years ago, aren’t they? There’s still as much discrimination. Listen to them, and there’s still as much racism.” 

“It is annual member-guest golf tournament time, so I’m gonna out for a couple of vacation days. Mark Belling will guest host on Thursday and Buck Sexton, late of the CIA, will be in here on Friday.”

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