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“No precedent has been set here with Hillary that will protect any of you.  Meaning, if you mess up just a little bit, far less egregiously than Hillary Clinton, you’re going to get nailed.” – Buck Sexton

October Cyber Surprise?

“It doesn’t matter what’s found in those emails with regard to corruption in the Clinton Foundation. It doesn’t matter. There will be some explanation. They’ll come up with something. They’re all so invested at this point and there’s nothing we can find that will stop Hillary Clinton from being the Democrat nominee.” – Buck Sexton

John Schindler: Moles in the CIA

“I am confident there is more than just Snowden.  The real spy is a mole or moles still inside the NSA. I can state with confidence they are out there uncaught.” – John Schindler

Media Narrative: You’re a Bad Person If You Vote for Trump

“The media wants to create a widespread perception, and unfortunately they’re doing a pretty good job of it. That, if you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, there’s something wrong with you.” – Buck Sexton

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