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RUSH: They are in Cleveland, and even as we speak, ladies and gentlemen, paid professional protesters, quote, unquote, are starting up at the convention outside the Quicken Loans Arena.  They’re being called anti-Trump protesters, by the way, by the Drive-By Media.

Most of these, they’re being called grassroots, they’re being portrayed as organic, they’re not unified, they’re just a bunch of protesters. They’re so outraged, don’t you know, they’re so outraged at the Republicans, they’re outraged at Trump that they’ve just shown up independently of each other.  This is what the Drive-Bys want you to know, but it’s a paid mob, most likely George Soros money is used to provide whatever’s necessary for these people to get there and sustain themselves while they are there.

They are carrying professionally printed signs, as usual, or banners that are so professionally made that they look homey.  But don’t doubt me, when you see ’em, they are professionally made.  These protests are scripted. They are organized. They are bought and paid for, and I’ll tell you something else, another little secret, the media outnumber protesters. But the media are doing their best to hide that fact.

They want you to think that Cleveland is teeming with angry, seething people.  They want you to think that Cleveland is swelling beyond its ability to handle it all, with people, legitimate Americans with legitimate grievances that are so fed up with the Republican Party they want to burn the town down.  And that is not happening.

You know, as a powerful, influential member of the media, I know a lot of people.  I am so powerful and influential, I don’t have to go there.  I’m too famous to show up at this convention.  I just couldn’t go.  But I know people who are there, and they have told me that it is actually — ’cause everybody was subjected to the frightful predictions and the negative expectations and the probabilities of unrest and anger at the possibility that the Republican Party is seen as a giant police force with angry protesters wanting to take ’em all out.

So people arrived in Cleveland a little trepidatious, as it were.  And my spies are telling me that it’s not at all feeling dangerous. They are not at all uncomfortable. They are in fact having a good time and, for what it’s worth, I don’t know what this means other than what it sounds like, but they are saying it has a feel that is different from other conventions.  I don’t know what it means ’cause it’s only been going on for an hour, but maybe they’re just talking about the whole atmosphere in town surrounding the convention.

At any rate, the media are doing their best to make it look like the town is teeming with seething, legitimately angry people, and they are hyping possible violence.  This is another thing the media does.  They don’t report on any violence that isn’t happening.  They hype it.  They warn of it.  They speculate.  They get their roundtable discussers, and the roundtable discussers discuss the what-ifs. What if the protests get unwieldy?  What if the protests get violent?  What if there is police violence?  What happens if weapons are found?

They start talking about all this, while none of it is happening.  They start speculating.  And let me tell you what they’re saying.  Some in the Drive-Bys are saying that possible violence, the media’s hyping of possible violence could end up helping the ratings at the convention.  So what does that mean?  Well, that means that it could well be that the Republicans themselves will be behind the protests in order to create chaos, in order to create catastrophe, which will create more eyeballs tuning in and watching.

And so the Republicans are being accused here of being grand manipulators.  Again, none of this is happening.  None of this has happened.  But this is all couched as, “Well, it could happen,” or “it’s likely” or “if it does, here’s what it will mean” kinds of destruction. At least at the Republican convention all the violence against America will be happening outside the convention center.  That’s something we know.  If there is violence, if there are dangerous protests at the Republican convention, the one thing we can be sure of it will all be happening outside, not inside, as opposed to Democrat convention, where all kinds of hell will break loose inside the convention hall in Philadelphia.  It will be happening not only inside, but on the stage.  It’s gonna be such a great thing to contrast.

The theme of the first night is keep America safe, make America safe or whatever.  It’s gonna be a direct response to all of this wanton violence against the police and law enforcement all over the country.  And I guarantee you, folks, it’s gonna be a contrast that you will not be able to miss.  You’re gonna be able to contrast the wholesome, uplifting, positive, can-do, we all want a rosy future tenor of the Republican convention with the pessimism and apocalyptic nature of the Democrat convention and the pessimism, the apocalyptic nature will derive from the dire consequences, of course, if the Republicans win.  But you’ll be able to notice it.

The problematic thing for me is that pessimism happens to be the order of the day.  Pessimism happens to be selling.  And the Democrats are prepared to feed it.  They are prepared to shovel it out in quantities we haven’t seen before.  In fact, here’s a little blurb entitled, “Chaos at the RNC” from The Politico’s insiders.  “GOP Insiders Dreading Trump’s Convention.”

That’s a major theme that the real Republicans, the Republicans we know and love, the Republicans happy to lose, the Republicans happy to not oppose Obama, they are dreading Trump’s convention.

“GOP insiders are dreading the Republican convention in Cleveland this week. That’s according to The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of activists, strategists and operatives in 11 key battleground states. ‘I’m an Ohioan. I was excited for our state to welcome the RNC. Now it has turned into a potentially violent spectacle that the leaders of our party are avoiding,’ said one Ohio Republican … ‘I’m dreading it, and I’m dreading the [news] stories.'”

This is an Ohio Republican.  He’s a standard-issue establishment Republican type, and he’s very, very concerned that this thing is gonna turn into a spectacle of violence.  This is a Republican saying this, ostensibly, to The Politico.  So this is what they’re setting up.  They’re setting up a week of chaos, a week of spectacle, a week of violence, a week of incompetence.  They are setting up a week where the real Republicans don’t even want to show up.  The real Republicans we know and love, the Republican losers, the Republican compromisers, the Republicans who want to cross the aisle and shake hands with us, they’re not gonna be here, drat!  Damn it.  Only these newfangled Trumpists are gonna be here.

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