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“Great to bring a sense of calm and normalcy back to the country, what with my presence here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. I know it’s disconcerting and chaotic when I’m not here. Hell, even when I am here it’s all that, but we are able to mollify it a bit. So happy to be back, folks.”

“When the president stands up and rips into cops, when he says these protesters have legitimate grievances, when he invites Black Lives Matter to the White House and praises what they’re doing, it sends serious signals to people. It sends serious messages to people. And he sits up there and warns everybody against all the dangerous rhetoric?” 

“I don’t speak to you from the political handbook. My job here is not to promote the various aspects of the Republican convention and whatever they’re doing there.”

“Here at home, Obama always sides with the most radical leftists. Black Lives Matter over the cops. Occupy Wall Street over the Tea Party. Illegal immigrants over citizens. Refugees over citizens. Planned Parenthood’s baby butchers over the rule of law. Bureaucrats over doctors. Teachers unions over students. We’re dealing here with a guy who is a radical leftist, divisive by choice. It’s how he advances his vision of transformation.”

“When there is unrest in the Middle East, who does Obama back? He backs the Islamic faction.”

“The president of the United States, I don’t care what you think of him, there’s something that you have to realize about all of them. It’s about the office, actually. They are the single greatest source authority perceived by the public in the world. When the president says something, it is almost universally accepted.”  

“It took a consistent, day-in-and-day-out, 24/7 effort by the media and the Democrat Party to destroy the image and the presidency of George W. Bush. And it was made to order that Bush sought not to respond to any of it. So all of the allegations went unchallenged.” 

“How can some group call itself Black Lives Matter and not be concerned about black lives lost when killed by black perpetrators?” 

“Race relations are worse today than they have been at any time in our lives, folks! There’s a reason for that. And it is not that American culture has become more polluted in racist ways. It isn’t that at all.” 

“President Obama bears direct responsibility for the lethal spread of the narrative, that cops are targeting innocent black males. I think it’s important. I think what Obama did in rubberstamp approving the whole ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ lie… I really do.” 

“History has taught us that when any Democrat protest group plans ‘nonviolent civil disobedience,’ you better plan on violence. You’d better plan on head knocking. You’d better plan on fires and overturned police cars. You better plan on riots.” 

“The Democrats in the deep, dark crevices of the bowels of their movement, they are petrified.  Because these people come from the standard world of establishment politics. And in that world, Donald Trump ought not be getting 20% support from anybody.” 

“Trump’s not gonna care that these lifelong politicians of either party advance to get promoted by virtue of the traditional ways of kissing butt in the establishment. Trump doesn’t care about any of that and he’s gonna root out deadweight. He’s gonna pull strings and get rid of all the criminal and near-criminal activity. He’s gonna repopulate government with decent people, and this scares the heck out of used car salesmen.” 

“These protests in Cleveland are scripted. They are organized. They are bought and paid for, and I’ll tell you something else, another little secret, the media outnumber protesters. But the media are doing their best to hide that fact. They want you to think that Cleveland is teeming with angry, seething people. And that’s not happening.” 

“As a powerful, influential member of the media, I know a lot of people. I am so powerful and influential, I don’t have to go there. I’m too famous to show up at this convention. I just couldn’t go.” 

“The media are doing their best to make it look like Cleveland is teeming with seething, legitimately angry people, and they are hyping possible violence. They don’t report on any violence that isn’t happening. They hype it. They warn of it. They speculate. They get their roundtable discussers, and the roundtable discussers discuss the what-ifs.” 

“If there is violence, if there are dangerous protests at the Republican convention, the one thing we can be sure of it will all be happening outside, not inside, as opposed to Democrat convention, where all kinds of hell will break loose inside the convention hall in Philadelphia. It will be happening not only inside, but on the stage. It’s gonna be such a great thing to contrast.”  

“The problematic thing for me is that pessimism happens to be the order of the day. Pessimism happens to be selling. And the Democrats are prepared to feed it. They are prepared to shovel it out in quantities we haven’t seen before.”










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