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Report: Megyn Kelly Accuses Roger Ailes of Harassment Ten Years Ago

RUSH:  Well, Megyn Kelly has spoken up and claims that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her ten years ago.  She was a budding young reporter at Fox News.  Just hit. 

Woman Has Two-Inch Hairball Removed

RUSH: Now, I checked email during the break.  “Rush, why do you want to give Hillary Clinton a cat?  The caller didn’t seem interested to know why you –” The caller in the last hour suggested that — give Hillary dynamite, is that what he said?  Dinovite?  Oh, there’s a pet medicine called Dinovite?  Well, I’ve got pets.  I never heard of it.  Oh, oh, that.  Okay, okay, okay. I was thinking Jimmy the comedian.  Dynomite! 

Well, I suggested giving her a cat instead, and he wasn’t interested, and I got people saying, “Why do you want to send her a cat?”  Well, because of this. Right here, folks, in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  It’s from Daily Mail, a credible news source, as credible as anything you’re gonna find out there in the world.

Headline: “Woman With Stomach Ache is Horrified When Doctors Remove a Two-Inch Ball of CAT HAIR From Her Vagina ‘Caused by Pets Moulting in Her Bed’ — Many a cat lover lets their feline friend sleep on their bed. But one woman got a rather unexpected – not to mention disgusting – added extra after several nights of snuggling up. Michelle Barrow is mother to Cricket and Donut, who, while cute, shed a torrrent of hair all over the bed. And while unsightly, she never dreamt what would happen next. Some time later, during a routine appointment with her gynaecologist, she mentioned the ‘dull ache’ she’d felt in her abdomen for the last month.  The cause? A two-inch ball of cat hair inside her vagina.”

So that’s why I thought it would be fun to send Hillary a cat.  

What If One of the Trump Kids Said This Tonight?

RUSH:  I got a question for you.  I can imagine what your answer is gonna be.  The Trump children, two Trump children are gonna speak. Is it Ivanka and Donald Jr. that are speaking tonight? (interruption)  Tiffany and Don Jr.?  What happens if one of them would come out…? Say Don Jr. comes out and opens his speech, “Four score and seven years ago,” just to put all this to bed, just to make a joke of it?  What do you think…? (interruption) Do you think people would see it as funny or is it a bad idea?  (interruption) Bad idea?  Eh, it’s probably a bad idea.  But, anyway…  

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