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When Venezuela returned to socialism, liberals here were thrilled. Celebrities, college professors, the media, and Democrat politicians couldn’t wait to genuflect before the thug-dictator Hugo Chavez. Especially when he smeared America and Bush 43.

Now, almost 20 years later, Venezuela has gone down the tubes. There’s shortages of everything, including power, even though it’s an oil-rich country. There are thousands upon thousands of failed businesses. The economy is in absolute shambles.

But this past weekend was the clearest demonstration yet of how bad things are. Over 100,000 people, on foot, crossed a new border checkpoint from Venezuela into Colombia in search of food. They were trying to buy rice, flour, milk, and other basic commodities they can’t get back home.

Well, they can get it on Venezuela’s flourishing black market if they can afford to pay the ten-thousand percent markup for food. In some cities, people are scavenging dumpsters, even taking spoiled vegetables and bones to have something to feed their families.

None of this misery is an accident. It’s a direct result of the socialist polices Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro inflicted on their country. But now that Venezuela’s economy is in collapse, and unrest is spreading, our liberal elites are nowhere to be found.

You could say Venezuela’s chickens have come home to roost. But if a chicken shows up there these days, it’ll be snatched up for dinner! It’s in a pot before it even knows what to squawk about. 

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