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“Is there a movement out there that existed before Trump got into the race that he just happened to capitalize on because everything he happened to believe matched up with what these people in the movement were already feeling, or did Trump create the movement? This is the key question, and the reason it’s a key question is because it has to do with the longevity, the survivability, and the strength of the movement.”

“The Republican Party’s not ideologically extreme. They agree with the Democrats on amnesty. They have not done serious things to roll back Obamacare. They have given Obama every dime he has asked for spending-wise! They even got rid of some of the sequester dollars, some of the real (albeit small) budget cuts. Those have been allowed to fritter away.”

“Let the Democrats have a convention where they rip into the US military and rip into American law enforcement. Let them have their convention where they rip into America’s health care. Let them have a convention where they try to tear down every institution and tradition, and let them do it in public.”

“The Journal of the American Medical Association published an article that was rooted in the science of Obamacare and the way the satellite exchanges work and the website and all, and you know who wrote it? Barack Obama — who is not a scientist. He’s a politician.”

“The standard operating procedure of the Drive-By Media is to focus on anything that they think they can use to blow up the Republicans, the conservatives, their convention, and bring nothing but negative attention to it. And the primary objective is to chop down anything that appears to have been a home run, anything that appears to have been successful.” 

“Can you imagine a Nobel Peace Prize was given to Obama on the come? You think they’d like to take that back? If they had any self-respect, they would have taken it back long ago. There have been more wars involving this country under Obama’s administration than Bush’s.”

“When this radio program started in 1988, the Drive-Bys tried to say that I had created an army of mind-numbed robots who are waiting for me to tell ’em what to think every day, when the truth of the matter was that there are gazillions of conservatives out there who didn’t ever hear what they believed reflected in the national media.”

“The most amazing thing as we look at the political spectrum is to see how radicalized the entire Democrat Party has become. They are all left-wing, extreme radicals. There isn’t a John F. Kennedy Democrat among them anymore.” 

“Everything the Democrat Party touches ends up being corrupted. When they run it, they politicize it, and their politics is corruption.”    

“We’re never gonna reach compromise with Democrats because there is no common understanding, because there is no common sense on any of these positions that they hold because they politicized everything. So all that’s left is to defeat them.”  

“To the Drive-By Media and many in the conservative media, that’s all that matters tonight. And if Cruz doesn’t endorse, we got problems. We got big problems. And I just wonder what you think of it.” 

“Michelle Obama’s words, while poignant, were by no means unique. Every parent in the world at one time or another has used them with their own kids.”

“All of the conventional wisdom has been turned upside down.  All the things the leftists and the Drive-Bys have been able to rely on to predict the future, to give them a relative confidence about things, is blown to smithereens.”

“If you tell somebody that they can save the planet by eating organic cow pellets or whatever, they’ll do it.”

“Karl Marx was a blithering idiot, and yet is revered as one of the greatest philosophers and thinkers of all time.”

“Every parent, I don’t care where you are, wants a better life for your kids than you had for yourself.” 

“Karl Marx is one of the original agents of corruption of goodness and decency. And Karl Marx believed that the family was the core element of capitalism and virtuous values. And capitalism and virtuous values were the enemy of Marx’s philosophies.” 

“The real problem with people who believe in global warming is not that they believe in global warming. The real danger in things like climate change is that people are willing, time and time again, to turn over more and more of their lives to an ever-growing central authority to run everything.” 

“The bigger the government, the less liberty.” 

“There’s nothing the media can report about Trump that will make his constituents abandon him, because they need him. They need him as the figurehead leader of the movement.” 

“I just wonder what you think of it. I think it’s an example of something. But I’m not gonna tell you yet because when I say things, it pretty much sums everything up, there’s nothing left to be said.”

“The Drive-Bys think that Trump’s like any other candidate; you can take him out using the standard practices of journalism when you want to destroy somebody. And they haven’t been able to do so in almost a year.”




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