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RUSH:  Here’s Bill in Southampton, New York.  Bill, I’m glad you waited.  It’s great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you very much, Rush.  It’s an honor.  To your earlier point, I just wanted to say that once again, you’re right.  No surprise there.

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  We and this movement have existed for at least 20 years.  I mean, it’s been going on for a long time, and we’re just happy that Donald Trump has been along.  ‘Cause we basically need him, and for him to somehow do something with the agenda that we feel is important, because we love our great country, and we want it back. And you were right: It existed before DT came along.

RUSH:  Right.  I don’t want anybody to misunderstand this.  Bill, I appreciate the call.  This was a discussion in the early hours of the program today on the Drive-Bys’ efforts to destroy Trump and my claim that they can’t.  They didn’t… A, they didn’t make Trump, so they can’t destroy him.  Trump is not who he is because the media has given him accolades and built him up and created this great brand and image.  He’s done all that himself.  There’s another reason they can’t, and that is that this political movement, whatever it is (I don’t even describe it), existed and has been effervescing out there.

Meaning it’s been bubbling up and growing long before this presidential campaign.  Trump happened to tap into it whether he knew what he was doing or not, and therefore it now has a leader.  And that is why this group is not going to allow Trump to be destroyed, because the movement doesn’t depend on it.  It’s bigger than he is.  They’re not gonna let Trump being taken out destroy the movement, so therefore they’re not gonna let Trump be taken out.

There’s nothing the media can report about Trump that will make them abandon him, because they need him.  They need him as the figurehead leader of the movement. This is not to diminish Trump.  I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. But as so often, the media misunderstands things that are happening right in front of their faces, such as this program and its success. It’s the same thing.  There were all kinds of conservatives all over this country.

But there was nobody in the media saying what they agreed with.  I came along, and I was somebody who validated what they already thought.  I didn’t create any of this.  And it’s what is it similar with Trump. So they came… That’s another thing that I don’t think these conventional wisdom insiders get.  They think that Trump’s like any other candidate; you can take him out using the standard practices of journalism when you want to destroy somebody. And they haven’t been able to do so in almost a year.


RUSH:  Dan Senor, Republican establishment, husband of Campbell Brown (former NBC News infobabe). Dan Senor was one of the information people for Paul Bremer at the Green Zone in Iraq after we had we had successfully ousted Sad’m Hussein. (interruption)

What’s this?  “Cruz’s speech this afternoon was interrupted briefly by Trump’s plane arriving. CNN found…” I know. I noticed that.  Cruz is out there giving speech and so forth revving up the crowd, and all of a sudden they switch to Trump’s plane arriving and landing and then taxiing in, and they didn’t ever go back to the Cruz speech, did they? (interruption) Oh, Cruz could see the plane coming in as CNN cut away. (interruption)  All right.  Okay.  And they never went back to the Cruz speech.

So, well, somebody… You know, it was known what time Trump’s gonna arrive, right?  Somebody should have said, “You know, you need to wrap this up before Trump enters Cleveland airspace, because once that happens, the cameras are gonna go skyward trying to find Trumpist One.”  Well, anyway, Dan Senor was on CBS This Morning speaking to Norah O’Donnell.  And he says (summarized), “The party is dissolving! The Republican Party? It’s over! This is a disaster! It’s horrible! Oh, no!”

SENOR:  I was on the floor right there during the roll call vote.  I’ve been to many conventions during the roll call vote.  The energy and intensity during that moment is palpable.


SENOR: People are off, you know, swinging from the ceiling because they’re so excited about their nominee.  You could hear a pin drop!


SENOR: It was muted in here. I just think this is a party that is sort of resigned to this nominee but not excited about him.

RUSH:  All right, there you have it.  So here’s the guy inside the convention. He’s watching a roll call vote, and there isn’t any noise! There’s no rah-rah.  “Mr. Chairman, my state, the Palmetto State, the state with more toilet paper than any state in the nation, the state with the greatest smell in the country! It’s right here in our state.  We cast our votes…”  No noise whatsoever.  Senor said that there’s no excitement.  I mean, he said this… I know what he’s talking about.  He said (paraphrased), “This convention is filled with people who really can’t believe they did what they’ve done.”

That’s his point.  They got people inside the hall here, and it’s just now hit ’em (chuckles) that Donald Trump’s the nominee, and they’re going, “Oh, no, what did we do?”  So there’s no excitement.  He says, “The mood inside the hall — you can just feel it — is one of, ‘Oh … my … God.'”  Now, that’s what these guys want to think.  So Norah O’Donnell said to Dan Senor, “Well, it’s being reported that former President George W. Bush was speaking with some former aides, and he said that he thinks he might be the last Republican president, that the party’s changing.  What do you think of that, Dan?”

SENOR:  I hear a lot of people wondering, “Is the party dissolving?” Keep in mind, it is true that the Bushes and the Romneys and other traditional party leaders are not here, and people in the hall say, “Well, it’s a movement and they’re not part of the movement.”  The problem is, Romney only got 61 million votes last time; he still lost.  You need at least 61 million voters, more than that to be competitive, which means you need the people that resonate with the Romneys and the Bushes!

RUSH:  It’s bad news out there, and inside the hall there’s no excitement, and they can’t believe that they’ve really done what they’ve done.  That sounds like wishful thinking, but I know what he’s talking about.

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