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“All of you people who complain about how boring these conventions are, how there’s never any drama, now you got a little drama, now you got a little unexpected, and everybody’s having a cow.”

“I wonder if Ted Cruz is just kicking himself today, saying it would’ve been better if he’d just plagiarized the Michelle Obama speech instead. Maybe he’d be in less trouble if he had done that.”

“Hillary Clinton’s a clear and present danger to the Constitution.”

“The party is now unifying behind Trump. Maybe not fully, but much more than they were doing so before Ted Cruz spoke last night. You can’t deny that. You might want to try, but you can’t. And we’re gonna have blockbuster eyeballs tuned in to watch this thing tonight. Even more than would have.”

“I thought Ted Cruz might have chosen the wrong occasion and the wrong time to make a stand on principle, but he did it.”

“Cruz wants to be the guy that’s considered the number one, consistent Never Trumper. And that’s who he was playing to last night, at the expense of party loyalty. The Texas delegation was not happy.” 

“It’s always a great thing to stand on principle. Sometimes you can take it a little far, maybe choose the wrong place for it. We don’t know. We’ll find out. It’s a little too soon to say that Ted Cruz crash-landed his career last night. Well, he may have crash landed, but we don’t know yet long term what the real effect on his overall career is going to be.” 

“We may be seeing the actual first threads of unity build behind Donald Trump because of Ted Cruz’s speech, and it could well be that Trump has pulled off a masterful move letting all this happen.” 

“If there’s a third-party option and you vote for that, you’re voting for Hillary. No matter what. You may not even pull the lever for her, but if you don’t vote Trump, you are voting for Hillary. You’re helping Hillary Clinton 

“Cruz explained that freedom’s under assault, he explained it as well as anybody has, but he didn’t close the loop. He didn’t make clear the difference a Clinton and Trump presidency would make to freedom itself and to the Constitution. And I think that was a mistake.” 

“Some of the Republicans in sectors that were not all that warmed up to Trump are now joining the call to get behind the nominee. Cruz did that. Trump set the table and let it happen, knowing full well what Cruz was going to say.”

“You think Chris Christie walking into a Burger King and getting a Whopper would not be reported?”

“The fairness aspect is very important to the very few liberal callers courageous enough to call here. But I still want to assure them that they will be treated fairly — treated as innocent snowflakes, in fact.”

“There’s a grudge, a remaining anger, lingering anger over Trump’s insulting and character assault on Ted Cruz’s wife and his father.”

“Warnings, sensitivity warnings, viewer discretion advised, before showing campaign buttons?  Hillary for Prison 2008? That’s so upsetting that your average Democrat voter may not be able to process it? Just incredible what we’re up against.” 

“I’d really like to ask Ted Cruz, is it all about you and not the people he represents? And is there not a single issue that he could back Trump on, not even the border? And who are you to take such a personal stand in your job as a public servant?”

“The one thing that is universal in terms of almost a necessity to win the White House, is party unity, and they were on the way last night. In fact, I think what Cruz did last night has actually hastened the unification behind Trump, particularly among GOP Establishment people who were gonna hold out.”

“Newt Gingrich can roll out of bed, no matter what Trump or any other nominee would say, no matter how outrageous, he could roll out of bed not even thinking about it and give you 15 minutes making you think you had just heard brilliance.”

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