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“Donald Trump continues to surprise even when you think he can’t surprise you anymore.”

“There was no hate last night, and when the Democrats start throwing that allegation around, you know that they’re close to bankrupt and have nothing else to say.”

“People arrived at the Donald Trump convention speech last night already enveloped in darkness, already enveloped in depression and paranoia and fear. The difference is, some of us want out of it.”  

“I am 65 years old. Most of my life, the Democrat Party has been pummeling me and anybody else who listens — and their voters do — with just how rotten this country is. They wouldn’t know how to be optimistic if they tried.” 

“Somebody explain to me how in the world the Democrat Party escapes this characterization of dark, and filled with doom, and doom and gloom. They defined how to do it! They define the execution. They did it every day. That’s how they stay in power. They scare the heck out of people. They tell people there is no future unless they vote Democrat.”

“Do you ever see happy, smiling liberals, other than when they are at happy hour or in Hollywood? When do you see it? They’re not happy. They don’t laugh. And they’re getting everything they want! They’ve had eight years of Obama.”

“Sorry, Hillary, you own dark. You own every agent of darkness. You own every agent of depression. You own every agent of division. The Democrat Party exclusive rights to all of the so-called darkness and dankness and depression. Just look at their voters, just look at their constituents, just look at the country. You don’t find happiness.”

“What Democrats think is dark is confidence. What the Democrats think is dark is aggressive. What the Democrats think is dark is honesty.” 

“Democrats are so pessimistic, they’re so down in the dumps, they’re so apocalyptic that pessimism is such the order of the day, that anything optimistic is deemed to be phony and a bunch of lies and impossible and untrue.”

“In this country, wholesomeness, achievement, accomplishment, speaking properly — all of these things that used to be norms — are now attacked, ridiculed, and mocked.” 

“The Democrat Party punishes achievers. From schools to athletics to extracurricular activity, who is it that slaps all these performance penalties on people? Who is it that’s been passing out trophies to people that haven’t accomplished anything? All you gotta do is show up!”  

“The CNN people were just convinced that the majority of people in this country were gonna see Trump’s speech the way they did — that it was horrible, that it was mean, that it was braggadocious, that it was unrealistic — and they were shocked and stunned when they learned a majority of their viewers gave it a thumbs up.”

“Liberalism has been made seductive, it’s been made attractive because it’s been portrayed as Santa Claus. But it is such an offense, an assault on human nature. It’s impossible for people to be happy in the midst of liberalism, socialism, communism, or what have you.”

“The cops are once again going to be portrayed as the enemy next week on the stage at the Democrat National Convention. Law enforcement is going to be held up as the enemy for the express purposes of rallying the votes of a bunch of people as a result of having told lie after lie to them, such as ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ such as the mess that was Baltimore. And there’s not gonna be one condemnation you’ll see anywhere in the Drive-By Media.”

“The Democrat Party doesn’t promote upward. They demonize successful people, they demonize genius, they demonize rarity — and they do it because those numbers are few. They have created class envy. They have created hatred. They have created anger.”

“Hate is not the foundation for Donald Trump’s support group. There might be supreme fear, anger, and dislike of Hillary Clinton, but not at Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s not inspiring hate, Donald Trump’s not living off it, he’s not promoting it. Donald Trump loves the people of this country and loves the country and wants it to work.”

“Trump made it plain he loves everybody except Ted Cruz.” 

“Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama think this country was built by and for rich white people who happen to be Christians at the rejection and expense of everybody else. They think it’s time to even that score, and that’s exactly what they are doing.”    

“Obama has used the government and has pretended the Constitution isn’t there in order to enact his agenda, and his supporters have eaten it up and they’ve loved it and they haven’t cared. They haven’t cared the Constitution gets stepped on. They haven’t cared the guy disrespects it.” 

“Obama does not have the power to ignore the immigration law and the courts have said this. He does not have the power to implement executive orders allowing uncontrolled immigration from illegals across the border. He doesn’t have the power to do it. Yet he’s doing it because nobody’s stopping him, other than one judge.”    

“Trump finds out where you’re vulnerable and comes right back at you with the sharp knife.  This is alpha male, gang. This isn’t beanbag. This is not for sensitive leftists.” 

“I have never seen anybody in the Republican Party — in an official setting with 65 million people maybe watching — go after Hillary Clinton the way Donald Trump did last night, with the truth.” 

“When we were under fire, when we were threatened in the past, we are used to presidents taking them seriously and dealing with them.  We have not become accustomed to a president that doesn’t care!  We haven’t become accustomed to a president who seems to side with the perpetrators.” 

“Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in the process of trying to tear down every tradition, every institution that has defined this country’s greatness. They want the chaos that has ensued. They feed off of it. They live off of this unrest. The unrest and the chaos and the economic disorder naturally cause people to turn to governor to fix this, and who’s running the government? They are.”

“I want you to think you matter, because you do. You affect who knows however many lives you don’t even know about. You matter. Doing the right thing matters, even if nobody else in your view is.”

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