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RUSH:  Okay.  We have Colson on the phone from Ann Arbor, Michigan, an admitted Millennial.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  It’s good to be here, Rush.  I’m not sure if you know where Ann Arbor is, but it’s nicknamed the Berkeley of the Midwest.  It’s probably the seat of liberalism in America.

RUSH:  Oh, I very much am aware of Ann Arbor.  Yes, indeed.

CALLER:  I’m used to being a minority up here.  Twenty-eight years old.  I’m a conservative.  I’ve been since my mom introduced me to conservatism when I was very young.  And I think you’re a little bit wrong.  And I know you’re 98.7 or not sure exactly what the number is, but I want to take a quarter of a point off.  I don’t want to say that you particularly give Millennials a bad name, but I’m in that group. I’m young and ambitious. I have a bright future in front of me, and I want to say that we’re actually the key to this election.

You might be scratching your head saying, “No, you guys are all liberal.”  But we are looking at a future under Hillary Clinton that’s been destroyed and distraught by the last eight years of Obama.  And you ask yourself, what is my useless degree gonna do, where is the jobs future, you know?  You hear so many people complain about gay and lesbian rights and Black Lives Matter and all these other rights, Muslims and everything else in the world, and I talk to my friends on a daily basis, and I’ve been able to convert some of them, not as many as I want, but to the conservative ideal. One of the ways I’ve been able to do that is James Carville. Back in my boyhood, the ’92 election, he said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  And that really is the key.  Donald Trump is the candidate that we have to be get behind.  He’s a man that has insight. He’s brought New York up from where it was in the 1980s to where it is now —

RUSH:  Let me interrupt you quickly here.  Why are you and your other Millennials who like Trump, can you tell me what it is about Trump that makes you want to support him.

CALLER:  Well, it’s the passion and fire he has.  If you listen to Hillary Clinton and the liar and the cheater she is, so many of my friends, even the ones who are pronounced leftists, just the most radical ones, they’re really behind Bernie. He’s the one they wanted, and they won’t vote for her, which is awesome, and I get as many of them as I can get to convert, I do, but as many of them I can’t, I say, “Don’t vote.”  You had an individual on there earlier that said that she lived in California and that her state didn’t matter.  Well, Michigan, we’re a very blue state, we’re a very blue-collar state.  Why are we blue?  We’re blue because we’ve had liberal policies in Detroit that have failed for generations, and we’re now reaping the repercussions that have destroyed my state.

RUSH:  Colson, let me share with you some of my thoughts on what you’re saying.  I don’t doubt that there are conservative Millennials out there and I hope that all Millennials end up shifting to the ground that you occupy.  I just happen to know they don’t.  I’ve studied it.  I have defended Millennials here.  I’ve appealed to them.  I really resent the way Millennials are approached.  I think one of the greatest illustrations that I could give you of how the Democrat Party poisons and scares and frightens, particularly young people, is global warming, slash, climate change.

I know that a majority of Millennials believe it.  And they’re scared to death.  They don’t think there’s gonna be an inhabitable planet when they’re 65.  I read their books.  I read the movies and videos they produce.  I read the blogs they post.  They believe this!  You know, for the Democrat Party to come out and accuse Trump of creating this dark, dire — what the hell has the Democrat Party done with climate change and global warming?  They have literally paralyzed a percentage of the Millennial generation into thinking there isn’t a future, unless.

You ought to read the books that they’re writing; you ought to read the movies that they’re producing.  It’s all based on dank survival.  There is no enjoyment in life.  It’s all you can do to survive.  They have created this and I don’t care where you go, in journalism, when you read Millennials, that’s gospel, that’s the issue that counts.  They have been lied to. They have been misled.  Their futures, in their own minds, don’t exist because the Democrat Party has shoveled that excrement into their heads for as long as they’ve been able to hear and read.  It’s near criminal, what they’ve done.


RUSH:  These days kids have grown up watching Captain Planet. They have been subjected to this propaganda, and the danger, they believe it.  The left oversells this stuff to try to get to be believed by as many people as possible, and these young people believe this to the hilt.  And they are convinced that the planet’s gonna be uninhabitable before they die.  They really are.  Many of them are, folks.  Don’t doubt me on this.


RUSH: Let me say on this global warming business thing for a little while, but not the way you’re used to hearing me talking about it, ’cause I know you know everything I’ve said about that.  I’ve talked about the enough that you remember that, but it’s different here in the context of Millennials.

Let’s now expand this to this phenomenon on college campus that, frankly, you and I, when we look at it, we’re perplexed and we just want to laugh at this need, this concept of safe spaces where kids need protection from words that make ’em uncomfortable. “I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to hear it!” and they cover their ears and demand the university construct or denote safe spaces where they don’t have to hear anything that makes ’em uncomfortable.

We’re looking at that, “What the hell is this, and why are we accommodating it?”  We’ve even got a name for this kind of student.  It’s called innocent snowflake or some such snowflake, and they’re all over the place.  And they appear to be dominating and running college campuses.  From the Ivy League all the way west of the Mississippi, what in the world is going on.  You’ll find the answer if you have the patience to dig deep into how the left has sold global warming.

And, again, I’m bouncing off Hillary Clinton’s complaint that Trump’s speech last night was dark and foreboding and filled with nothing but anger and hate and fear.  And, my friends, I’m here to tell you that we cannot even compete with the Democrats when it comes to scaring people.  It is their stock-in-trade.  It is in their how to manual to acquire power.  They frighten their own voters and as many people in this country as often as they can, and they ratchet it down, they double down and they triple down on it, irrationally so.

If you have a Millennial child, you probably are familiar with their almost paranoid concern with the concept of sustainability.  And their need, their paranoia of sustainability derives from what they’ve been told about global warming.  And remember, now they’ve been told this from the most impressionable years of their lives, age three, four, five, pre-K, kindergarten, they haven’t escaped it.

It’s in every class that’s taught.  It’s in every movie they’ve watched.  It’s in every song they listen to.  It’s in every book or whatever they read.  They can’t escape that their parents and grandparents and even great-great grandparents destroyed the planet or set up the process of destroying the planet, and that’s the use of fossil fuels.

Why are these electric vehicle gurus so heralded?  Why are they such heroes?  These guys that haven’t really done anything but put a battery in a car are considered the future, they’re brilliant, these guys are their heroes.  And they can’t even do it on their own.  They have to use government grants or contributions or donations to build their businesses because the market for this stuff is still so tiny.  But yet these are their heroes, ’cause they have been told, and they believe it, that there isn’t going to be an inhabitable planet before they die.

They believe all of this.  Every lie that has been told about climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, temperature increases that are not possible for humanity to deal with, they have bought it.  They couldn’t help but buy it, particularly if they don’t have parents at home who can refute it, because they’re pummeled with it.  And it has made them scared to death.

You talk about using fear, why, we can’t even hold a candle to the Democrat Party and their leftist interest groups on this.  And the whole thing, this is the kicker, is a hoax.  The world is not even warming, and it hasn’t for the last 18 years.  But the fear is so deeply ingrained, they can’t afford not to believe it. So even if it isn’t warming, they believe cockamamie lies constructed to explain it, such as, “Well, the ocean’s really swallowed a lot more of the heat than our models predicted.”

“Oh, that’s why, but it’s still there?”

“Yes, it’s still there.”

“It’s still gonna kill us?”

“Yes, it’s still gonna kill you.”

It’s a hoax, it’s a total hoax and when they hear me say it, they think I’m a lunatic. They think that I am the biggest closed-minded whatever because in their world, I’m talking about the young people and Millennials that believe it, and not all of them do, but the ones who do are like every other leftist, they run media, they run blogs, they’re entertainment, they have the ability to use mass media to expand on their beliefs.  And that’s why there’s such fear on college campus.

Their whole lives they’ve been raised with the idea that countless forces arrayed against them are destroying the very infrastructure needed to save and produce life.  They’re not liberal. They’re not conservative. They’re just pessimistic.  But anybody that comes along that doesn’t want to deal with climate change is not gonna get their support.  Anybody that comes along and doesn’t acknowledge the threat, doesn’t acknowledge the danger.

And look how successful the use of fear by the Democrat Party and the left has been on this.  It’s gone way beyond global warming and climate change now.  Now it’s gotten to the point where on college campus, these little flowers, these little wallflower, what’s the name I used a minute ago, they need protection from words that make them nervous.  Snowflakes.  They’re running around literally afraid to breathe ’cause there’s CO2 and that’s a destroyer.  CO2, that’s a climate change gas, that’s a greenhouse gas, gotta be careful how we even breathe.

There’s a lot to explain this.  So they’re gonna watch a guy like Trump last night, and they’re gonna go one of two ways.  They’re gonna, “Oh, my God.  This guy doesn’t get it.  He’s gonna destroy us.  This guy is just gonna start slashing and burning forests.  He’s gonna slash-and-burn whatever.”  That’s how they’re gonna see it.  And others are gonna see him as a fix and it will go both ways.

In fact, grab audio sound bite number two.  I got so caught up in what was happening to Millennials, and figured a lot of this out just by watching the TV shows they think are great.  You couldn’t handle 10 minutes of ’em.  You’d say, “What in the world am I wasting my time here?”  These shows are devoted to characters that are under assault from everything, and the whole point of life is just to survive.  That’s all it is.  And the better you are at suffering and the better you are at dealing with your own misery determines what kind of human being you are.

“The idea of accomplishing anything?  Who’s got time for that?  We don’t have time to accomplish.  We’ve gotta get through the day.”  And they live in the greatest, the most prosperous, and the freest country on earth, and they haven’t been told about it at all.  They haven’t been taught about it. They haven’t taught about opportunity. They haven’t been taught about accessing it.  And we can all of this right at the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and you take your pick, any name you want to mention.

This is from December 1st of 2015.  Wow, it’s that long ago?  I thought it was… Yeah, it would be.  So it’s almost a year ago.  December 1st, 2015. Again, I want to use this to bounce of the Drive-Bys calling Trump’s speech dark and dystopian.  But Trump is trying to connect to Millennials, and I hope he can and talk them out of things like this.


RUSH ARCHIVE: I watched a bunch of television shows that through the process of reading my tech blogs and I’m focusing more and more on reading things written by Millennials, TV critics, sportswriters and this kind of stuff.  I’m really trying to get a handle on that generation.  I have picked up on something that is, to me, upsetting and disturbing, and it’s very simple.  Once I point this out to you, I think if you pay attention as you go forward you’ll notice it, too.

It ties in with everything going on at college campuses today, student protests and so forth.  They don’t want to be upset. They want these safe areas. They don’t want anybody disagreeing with all these childish little, immature demands that they’re making.  What I have noticed is, the more trauma in a TV show — the more personal trauma, the more suffering — the better.

These young Millennials, they love television shows and movies depicting stress, posttraumatic stress disorder, trauma. The worse the better, the suffering. And the purpose of television these days, for them, is to demonstrate how to cope with all of this.  And the reason that they enjoy this, I have concluded, is ’cause that’s what their lives are today. I’m not saying all Millennials.  I’m talking about these media-oriented critics, TV movie critics.

I don’t know how representative of the entire generation it is, but it’s gotta be pretty sizable.  The more trauma, the more suffering, the greater they think the TV show or the movie is, because that’s what their lives are now: Trauma and suffering and how to cope.  And a great TV show to them is one that demonstrates how to cope with all this trauma and suffering.


RUSH:  And then I found — I ran across — a book called Ready Player One, written by a Millennial.  It’s four years old now.  It’s dystopian and it’s rooted in life in 2040, I believe, where major cities are gone.  They’re just… They’re there, but they’re garbage.  Buildings are half torn down.  It looks like a Mad Max movie.  And everybody lives in “stacks,” trailers and RVs stacked on top of each other to take up less space.

And it’s so bad that a video game made up of augmented and virtual reality is how everybody survives.  They can’t deal with the real world; it’s gone.  It’s been destroyed by climate change.  It’s been destroyed by people who believe in God.  (There is no God.  That was a giant con game.)  There is nothing.  There’s nothing when you’re alive; there’s nothing when you’re dead.  You’re just nothing. Ever.

So the most popular guy on the planet in this book has created a video game that everybody plays where they can actually go to a beach, or they can do this or that, visit places they could never ever go in their lives real lives that don’t exist anymore ’cause of climate change.  And it’s all about how… Well, the concept is winning a prize by finding some hidden treasure that the author of the game has hidden somewhere.  But here’s how I described it, and this was just back in June.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  So I was told about this book on Saturday and that Spielberg is producing the movie adaptation/production starting in the fall.  Now, normally people would be saying, “Come on, Rush, you gotta be…”  They all liked the Beatles at one point; then they grow out of it and so forth.  I don’t look at that.  I think it’s important. This stuff’s important.  You want to figure out why they vote, why they think what they think.  More importantly, you want to know what they think.  So when I was reading this book, I had no idea what it was.  When it was told to me, it was, “Rush, I can’t explain it.  You’ve just gotta read it. But you’ll be dazzled by the writing and so forth.”  Okay.  So Ready Player One is from 2011.  It’s science fiction.  It’s dystopian.

RUSH:  It’s so popular, Spielberg has optioned it for a movie.  And media is different today than when you and I were growing up.  It’s much more impactful, ’cause it’s everywhere and it’s all the time.  And everybody can be in the media now in one way or another.  So this is not a phase you grow out of.  This is actually formative stuff that determines what you’re gonna believe the rest of your life, and it’s poison.  And Trump is making an appeal to reach to ’em, and that’s what his daughter was doing with her speech last night.

I know for a fact that was an outreach to Millennials.

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