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RUSH:  Bernie Sanders supporters all over Philadelphia are chanting, “Lock her up!”  Anti-Hillary protests all over the Democrat Party.  Now, keep in mind we were supposed to get all of that at the Republican convention, too.  There were supposed to be more anti-Trump protests, anti-Republican protests there. You were gonna have Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party, Media Matters. Anybody George Soros could buy, they were gonna flood Cleveland! “They’re gonna swarm Cleveland, gonna shut it down! They’re gonna shut down the convention.”

It didn’t happen.

People are wondering why.

Was it the strong show of police that kept people at bay?  Nah.  I don’t think that’s it.  I think what happened is, for some reason, whoever pays for that decided to withhold funding.  George Soros is a primary funding source for all of this radical, militant protest, human debris out there, and they were told for whatever reason to stay away.  Don’t know why.  Maybe the money was withheld.  Because it’s not because the protestors weren’t geared up.  I mean, they’re ready to go any day of the week, particularly after you pay ’em, which all these Democrat protestors are.

But they were able to be kept at bay by somebody.  Now, some people have speculated, “No, no, Rush. It was that huge contingent of police, uniformed police.  It was a massive intimidating thing that the protestors just didn’t want any part of.”  Maybe.  I mean, I would love for that to be one of the reasons, but I think there were strategic tactical reasons why they were withheld, and maybe we’ll find out in due course.  But the Democrat protests are happening.

And in fact, in one protest near City Hall in Philadelphia… You know, I’ve made this point constantly.  Here’s a Democrat carrying a sign, a bunch of Bernie supporters: “America Was NEVER Great.  We Need to OVERTHROW This System.”  That says it all: “America was never great.”  That’s exactly who these leftists are. It’s exactly who many in the Democrat Party are: “America was never great.  There is no American exceptionalism.  We don’t like this country from the days of the founding in any way.”  That’s who they are, folks.

That’s what you must always remember.

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