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RUSH: You remember one of the themes from last week. We had the Trump acceptance speech.  That night and the next day there was total unison throughout the media.

Is it not fascinating, is it not illustrative how every Drive-By Media outlet — print, internet, broadcast, radio and television — every one of them used the same exact terms to describe Trump’s speech:  dark, foreboding, scary.  Every day they illustrate how they are not news.  But, more importantly, they are the ones, the left owns dark.  The left owns scary.

Those are techniques.  The left has frightened young people to death.  One of the most successful campaigns to scare young people and to keep ’em in line has been this whole global warming thing.  It is uncanny how many young people — and they’ve been watching Captain Planet since they were 5 years old, kindergarten, grade school, junior high, middle school, high school. They have been taught that humanity is destroying the planet, their parents and their grandparents.  And they believed it.  And they believe there’s not gonna be a habitable planet by the time they are 60, 65 years old, maybe even before.  They really believe this.

And if you take time to understand how they have just been smothered with this stuff, you would understand why the Democrats have made it possible.  And this is how using fear, using darkness, using a never-ending crisis rooted in chaos, they keep these people loyal to Big Government command-and-control Democrat-run institutions, all to save the planet.  And it’s how they incorporate them.  It’s how they recruit them.  “You can help us save the planet.  Your parents and previous generations have been in the process of destroying our great climate, ruining the chance for you to have a productive, enjoyable life,” blah, blah.

But you can fix it.  And of course how do you fix it?  A, you have to agree with everything, and, B, you sign on, you vote Democrat all the time. You make sure that Democrats win and you believe in Big Government and you punish Republicans, and that’s how it works.  And all of this is rooted in what?  Fear.  And that’s why Millennials can’t handle anything on college campus.  It’s why they need their safe spaces.  It’s why we joke and call them young little snowflakes.

They really cannot handle any opposition.  They’re scared to death.  They have really, really been conditioned to believe that they are going to die because of capitalism and fossil fuels.  It is irrational. It’s not true.  They have been lied to through and through.  But with the stakes so high, they have to believe it.  And the reason for that long set up is to share with you the next story.  This is how they do it.

“Computers Will Use More Electricity than the Entire World Can Generate by 2040, Tech Experts Claim.” Now, this is bogus in terms of the math, in terms of the science.  It’s bogus.  Computers do not use that much power.  Recharging your phones, keeping your computers charged, your iPad, minuscule amount of power.

But take note of the age: 2040, if you happen to be 18 today, 2040?  Why, that means it’s gonna start getting worse even before that, 2030, 2035, right in the middle of your peak years. We’re gonna run out of power. We’re gonna run out of electricity. We’re not gonna be able to play Pokemon Go. We’re not gonna be able to watch YouTube. We’re not gonna be able to stream Netflix.

They’re in sheer panic.  And of course what else do they believe?  They believe that fossil fuel use, which is the only salvation, the only hope we’ve got of increasing our energy supply is fossil fuels, they believe that fossil fuels destroying the planet are gonna kill them.  So they want more wind, more solar things that do not work, but now you add to it, and where’s this story run?  It’s the UK Sun.  It’ll spread.  It’ll be all over my tech blogs by this afternoon, I guarantee you 100% agreement.

And then this story will morph into we have to defeat Trump, Trump’s irresponsible, the Republicans are irresponsible, conservatives don’t care, they’re destroying the planet for profit before we all die, blah, blah, that’s how it’ll manifest itself.

The story itself says: “Modern humans depend on their computers to do everything from ordering food to finding a romantic partner. But the current digital big bang could end with a disappointing whimper because humanity may be unable to produce enough power to keep computers running, experts have warned. A leading technical organised called the Semiconductor Industry Association has produced a study,” probably just as flawed as every one of these global warming models is flawed, “which said that computer-crazy society will be running short of electricity by 2040.

“It wrote: ‘Computing will not be sustainable by 2040, when the energy required for computing will exceed the estimated world’s energy production.’ … This means tech firms will have to think of new ways to make computers powerful enough to keep up with demands.”

What?  Wait.  We need more powerful — wait.  Have you ever wondered why they love Elon Musk so much?  They love Elon Musk because they think Elon Musk is a genius at coming up with alternatives to oil and gasoline, fossil fuels, his electric car.  What do you think is used to charge the giant batteries in these cars?  It is power plants, electricity fired by coal.  You can’t charge an electric car with wind, and you can’t do it with the sun.

All of this stuff is so patently absurd.  But they believe it.  And now you tell them that they aren’t gonna be able to use their computers, that we’re not gonna have enough electricity.  If this were true, and it isn’t, but if it is, you know what the answer would be?  More fracking.  Guess what?  They hate fracking.  They’ve been conditioned to believe that fracking causes earthquakes, poisons the groundwater and basically kills people while enriching Big Oil.  You want to talk about dark. You want to talk about scary. You want to talk about foreboding, the Democrat Party owns it, and you’re gonna see it on display at this convention.

You’re gonna see every hand-wringing whine and moan there is about poverty, about injustice, about discrimination.  Everything they’ve got a grievance on, you’re gonna see it portrayed.  Hillary Clinton’s out there telling the VFW she doesn’t like hearing people down talk this country.  Well, guess what, Hillary?  That’s what your party has made their bones on.  The Democrat Party does nothing but rip this country to shreds and tell us we all must now participate in the new normal, which is a decline, a decline in standards of living, a decline in economic output, a decline in progressive technology, advancement.  We just have to realize that we can’t be the superpower that we once were.

But you watch, if you watch this convention, you’re gonna hear a never-ending parade of every wacko minority group you have ever heard of and then some, whining and moaning about how unfair and unjust, despite the fact they’re winning everything.  They are succeeding in corrupting so much of our culture, and yet they’re not happy.  This is a party that ought to be happy this week.  They had two terms of Barack Hussein Obama. They got pretty much everything Obama wanted.  They got national, universal health care.  They got the dissolution of the US military while deploying it in more places where it’s not winning.  I mean, they love that.  The left loves a military unsuccessful, because an unsuccessful military argues for doing away with it.

They’ve gotten everything they want.  Well, they lost the House and the Senate to evil Republicans. But policy-wise they’ve gotten all this spending. They got Santa Claus from the federal government. You got 94 million Americans not working, but they’re eating, and yet they’re not happy.  And they’re, by the way, constitutionally incapable of happiness.  As progressives, as liberals, they can’t be.  They don’t smile.  They don’t know how to be happy.  They’re uncomfortable being happy because they feel guilty.  How can we be happy when there’s so much suffering in the world, when there’s so much misery out there, largely caused by the United States to boot.  They’re never happy.

So you’re gonna see dark, you’re gonna see pessimism, and you just keep in mind as you watch this convention, everything complained about — and they’ll try their uplifting stuff. They’ll try to be positive about Obama and his accomplishments and achievements, but they’re gonna be ultimately exhibiting who they really are. The negative and the pessimism will triumph at this convention, and you will see how dark and foreboding they are and what all that really is.  And you will hear them try to scare their younger voters.  Who knows what we’re gonna hear on climate change and all this other stuff.

By the way, I should add, not only are computers gonna use more electricity than the entire world can generate by 2040, did you hear about John Kerry, who served in Vietnam?  Here’s another one.  “Air Conditioners Are as Big a Threat as ISIS.”  Air-conditioning is as big a threat as ISIS.  That’s deranged.  That is delusional.  It’s dangerously delusional, because young people believe this crap.  They believe this garbage.  If it has to do with climate change, if it has to do with the world ending, if it has to do with lifestyles evaporating, they’ll believe it. That’s how they’ve been raised. That’s what they’ve been pummeled with from the earliest points in their life where they’re able to comprehend anything.

So you think John Kerry is an idiot.  No, he’s not an idiot.  He’s advancing the agenda.  “Air Conditioners Are as Big a Threat as ISIS.”  They’re pushing this climate change biz because that’s the single greatest power grab next up.  They got all the power they wanted from Obamacare.  The next big power grab is climate change.  That’s globalist power.  That’s massive tax increases on carbon.  That is massive alteration of lifestyle.  That’s anti-progress.  That’s making everybody poorer.  But, more importantly, it’s putting these people in charge of the world under the guise that only they can save it, because we, the citizens of the world, are too stupid to conserve, we are too stupid to live responsibly.  We are responsible for the waste. We are responsible for the destruction, and the world’s leaders need to come together and save the planet from us.

And young Democrats are checking off every box.  Yep, agree with that, agree with that.  That’s why I harp on climate change so much, because it’s propaganda for something that the supporters have no idea they’re really being conditioned to support.  And this air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS and not enough power to run your computers by 2040 so no Netflix, no Pokemon Go, no whatever by 2040, oh, my God, you talk about panic, dark, negative, scaremongering and fearing.  And we haven’t even gotten to the official gaveling of this convention yet.


RUSH: There’s one more observation I want to make on this story: “Computers Will Use More Electricity than the Entire World Can Generate by 2040, Tech Experts Claim.”  That makes it gospel. People that read that, it’s gospel.  What does this story assume for it to come true?  It assumes that we, the American people, are just gonna sit here like bumps on a log. We are just dumb idiots and we’re just gonna sit here and this is just gonna happen.

There isn’t gonna be any more tech evolution. There isn’t gonna be any more advancement. There isn’t gonna be any more improvement. There isn’t gonna be anything that you can name.  We’re just bumps on a log.  We’re just sitting here. This is the static analysis.  The story doesn’t factor the continuing innovation that’s happening. The innovation that’s happening in the tech world is happening so fast, people can’t keep up with it.

Manufacturers can’t push out new tech fast enough to satisfy the craving of a tech-savvy public, and yet all of a sudden in 2040, we’re gonna run out of electricity to use our computers?  That’s like saying General Motors is gonna sit around and continue to make cars while we run out of oil.  It’s just idiocy.  But the thing is, it’s a seductive headline, and young skulls full of mush who think they’re brilliant, who think they know everything, are gonna eat it up, ’cause they love crisis! They love pessimism.

They love this kind of gloom. It gets ’em energized.  And I’m just sick of the lies.  I’m so sick of this kind of distortion, this lying to people — this purposeful, constant effort to drum pessimism and negativism into people for the advancement of a political party’s agenda.  And that’s why we’re up against every day, and it’s a new thing every day. We wake up every day and it’s some new assault — and if we’re serious and care, we have to mount a defense to it.

Let me grab a call before time runs out.  It’s John in Detroit.  Great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, it’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  Let me run by you what I do.  I teach college chemistry at a university in Ohio.  And I have been against global warming for 15 years.  Once I saw it in the textbooks that I was forced to teach it. I said no.  So I spend about 20 minutes in a semester on the anti-global warming.  And my angle is, ’cause you don’t have the raw data.  I tell my students: “Until you have the raw data, you can’t believe anything.”

RUSH:  And there isn’t any.  It’s all computer models.

CALLER:  Exactly.  Exactly.  Exactly.  So what I do is I took every barrel of oil harvested since 1900… I’m a chemistry professor, okay?  If every barrel of oil was converted to octane and that octane was burned to CO2 and water, how much CO2 maximum could you have in the atmosphere? The change in it, .12%.  So I said, “That’s the maximum you can have.”  But I said, “What you don’t realize is, the plants absorb it.” I teach chemistry, and I teach biochemistry, and I will tell them that.  So I said, “It can’t go any higher than this, and it’s gonna be absorbed by the plants anyway.”

RUSH:  Here’s the problem, though, that you’re encountering — and I’ve had to tell a number of conservative climate scientists this.  You got truth on your side, and you’re responding with the science.  But the science is not what is making people believe this crap.  Politics is.  Global warming is a political agenda.  Climate change is a political agenda.  It isn’t science.  There isn’t any science.  It’s masked.  It’s camouflaged as science.

“Consensus of scientists.”  But it isn’t science.  It’s politics, and so they believe a political thing, these young people do, and you’re teaching them the science and chemistry — and while they may even believe you, you haven’t addressed the politics, the way it’s been sold to them.  And until science finds a way — conservative science finds a way — to do that, they’re gonna continue to succeed with this stuff.


RUSH:  No, no, that’s right.  Air-conditioning.  Well, John Kerry says it here. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we — you — are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself.” Air-conditioning is killing people! Do you know that?  Air-conditioning is killing people, folks.  And the sad thing is that there are young people that buy it.

RUSH:  I want to grab Steve in Rockford, Illinois.  Steve, I’ve got one minute.  Can you squeeze it?


RUSH:  Go.

CALLER:  I just kind of wondered what you thought we’re gonna do with all these wonderful electric cars if we can’t even plug in our computers.

RUSH:  I think that’s good a good point.  We had a story earlier in the program, typical, typical left-wing scare tactic aimed at young Millennials, and the story is that we’re gonna run out of electricity to run your computers by 2040.  By the year 2040, no more electricity.  You will not be able to stream Netflix or Snapchat or play Pokemon Go or whatever you’re doing.

It’s silly.  It’s absurd.  And his point is, maybe if you stop driving your electric car and using so much coal powered electricity — ha-ha-ha — you could save some for 2040 and still use your computer.  It’s a great snide comment.  I love snide comments like that.

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