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RUSH:  You know what the biggest joke of the all of this is?  The biggest joke they’re trying to tell us, “Hey, nobody knew that the Democrat National Committee had rigged the game for Hillary.  Nobody knew.”  Crazy Bernie supporters didn’t know. Bernie didn’t know.  Come on, everybody knew. Maybe they didn’t.  But everybody knew this game was rigged from the get-go, on the Democrat side, before we got the email release from WikiLeaks.  Who would have ever believed that Democrats have come to be defined by secret emails that have been dumped on us, emails we were never intended to see.

Greetings, folks, and here we are, we kick off a brand-new week of broadcast excellence and the Democrat National Convention.  This is a week where I, your beloved host, really earn the money.  ‘Cause this is torture to have to watch this, to have to pay close attention to it.  You don’t have to.  You can just listen to me each day to find out what happened and get the highlights on what to think.  But I gotta watch this.  This is not something for which I can appoint surrogates.  I can’t delegate this.  I have to actually watch this stuff.

It is sheer torture.  However, it is looking like it’s gonna have a little bit more of a fun quotient to it.  I mean, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz gets canned, and wait ’til you hear what happened to her at the Florida delegation breakfast today.  This is hilarious.  She’s up there bragging about how close she is to Hillary, what a wonderful conversation that she had with her, and they’re gonna all be marching together to victory and the whole place is shouting, “Boo!” and kicking her off the stage and shouting, “Bernie! Bernie!”

And even Bernie Sanders people are running around the convention saying, “Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.”  You know, Trump got the big blame for that.  Do you know there’s an eight-foot fence around this venue?  They’ve got a wall, they built a wall. They built a fence around the venue to keep undesirables out.  So it has potential.

Here’s the telephone number if you want in on this, 800-282-2882.  The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

You know how I’m gonna get into this email stuff?  I’m gonna go back, we got some See, I Told You So’s, things that I have told you in recent months, in the past year and a half. Things I predicted. I knew these things were gonna happen. I knew the game was rigged against Crazy Bernie. I knew all this ’cause I know these people. I know the left. I know the Democrats. I know liberals. I know how they operate, and so you’ll hear in the See, I Told You So’s from weeks, months, and a little over a year-and-a-half ago how I foretold all of this that is in this WikiLeak email document.

It’s funny now that the Democrats are running around now trying to blame this on the vast right-wing Putin conspiracy.  You know, the important thing, they want us to believe, “Hey, it’s not what’s in these emails that matter.  It’s who leaked ’em.”  And that was Putin.  And supposedly we’re supposed to believe here that Putin is working with Trump, which would be a horrible, horrible thing, in order to derail the lovely and gracious Hillary.

What’s in the emails, of course, not a factor.  Remember here, the nature of the evidence counts not a whit when the Democrats are involved.  Some of this stuff is pretty vicious toward Bernie Sanders, mocking his religion, setting up phony Craigslist jobs postings and so forth, ostensibly from the Trump campaign.  Well, the dirty nature of the Democrat Party, the dirty trick nature has been fully exposed.

But here’s the thing, folks.  If you read the New York Times and Washington Post and USA Today, you really are not hearing that much about this today.  If you watch CNN, you’re hearing a little bit more than you’re getting in the New York Times, but you’re not hearing this story in its full-fledged impact.  They’re covering it up.  They’re trying to sweep it aside as nothing to see here, and of course they would, because these emails prove that news agencies are in league with the Democrat National Committee.

For example, a Politico reporter actually submitted stories to the Democrat National Committee for approval before he even sent them to the editor at the website.  They gave approval and advance knowledge of questions to Chelsea Clinton and a number of other Democrats.  It is clear — look, this we’ve always known, is the point.  This is confirmation for me, not surprise.  This is confirmation because we’ve always known that the Democrat Party and Drive-By journalism are one and the same thing.

Journalists today are Democrat operatives that have bylines.  They’re just deployed at newspapers and TV networks and websites, but they’re Democrat hacks.  They’re operatives.  That’s their objective is to advance the Democrat Party agenda and to protect Democrats.  And these emails make clear that that happens.

I mean, we’ve got people at the DNC getting hold of F. Chuck Todd at NBC and saying, “Chuck, we’re not really pleased with the angle you’re taking there.  We’d like to see you moderate that maybe a little,” and Chuck Todd dutifully conforms.  So it’s not just a question of bias.  I mean, that clearly exists, but that doesn’t explain what’s going on.  This is full-fledged compatibility, people that are on the same side.


RUSH: Now we’ve got this mess coming up: The Democrat National Convention.  We’ll have more on that as it, obviously, happens and so forth.  But I don’t know what… I’m not sure what their frame of mind is, ’cause I’m pretty sure they’re all panicked, and it’s gonna be affect their confidence level.  I think you might be able to see this week the phony confidence that these Democrats are expressing on TV when they’re on panel shows or in their speeches.  The bottom line is, they all know that there’s a whole bunch of Democrats out there that would prefer Bernie.

And they are making themselves heard.

They are protesting big time.  They’re showing up at breakfast delegations in various states. They are marching outside. They plan to have some action inside. Now, with the email release, they know what everybody else did, and that is that the Democrat National Committee and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz — working in consultation with Hillary Clinton — rigged the game against Crazy Bernie.  They are fit to be tied over it, and the details of how it happened, going after Bernie’s religion — and, of course, Hillary was asked about it on 60 Minutes.

(impression) I — I — I — I didn’t know.  I — I didn’t know.”  Just like she didn’t know anything about what’s in her own emails that were on her own server in Chappaqua, she didn’t know anything about this.


RUSH What is this? Fox News is reporting that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has emails from Hillary that will be next in relation to this DNC business.  I checked the emails, by the way. I always do this. There were some people asking, “Why aren’t you making a bigger deal out of that?” Maybe I’m making a mistake.  I’ll just be honest with you.  None of this is a surprise to me, folks.  That there’s collusion between the media and the Democrat Party?  That there is corruption in the Drive-By Media? That the media works hand in hand with the Democrat National Committee to achieve its objective?

It’s not news to me.

“Yeah, but Rush, you can finally prove it.”

The proof’s been there in the natural existence every day.  The proof for me is there every day.  Emails are just icing on the cake.  And I’ll tell you, one of the bullet points to all this or one of the exclamation points is really how little coverage in detail this is getting, outside of places like this or Fox News. CNN is doing just enough of this to say they did, but they’re not going deep. I mean, they’re not bringing in people from The Politico and all these other places and asking, “Did you really submit your stories to the DNC before your editor?”

They’re not doing anything of that.  CNN’s not calling Chuck Todd and saying, “Chuck, will you come over for an interview and explain to us how it is that if the Democrat National Committee wanted something to happen on Meet the Press, it happened? Could you come over?” They’re not doing that.  But we know it does.  People chalk it up to bias.  Yeah, there’s bias. But, look, the Democrat Party, the progressive movement, the left, has corrupted everything and politicized everything that it’s touched.

And it has had as an objective to militarize all of these institutions and incorporate them into their drive to conquer America, which is what they are trying to do.  They’re trying to conquer this country and take it over from the forces of America’s founding.  And the media is just a branch office.The media is one of the wings of the Democrat National Committee.  Let’s go to the audio sound bites.  I’ll show you what I mean here.  I’m just gonna go back and play some things that I have said.  You’ve heard some of the stuff.

Let’s review some of the things that have been discovered.  And again, Julian Assange — who I think is still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.  That’s where he’s hiding out.  He says they’ve got much more.  This is just 19,000 emails.  They’ve got more.  And the next drop will show Hillary’s involvement.  I’m sure the timing of this is purposeful ’cause Hillary just made a speech to the VFW and a 60 Minutes appearance where she said she doesn’t know anything about this. She had no idea this was going on!

As though it’s just so far beneath her. (paraphrased) “On the day-to-day basis, this kind of stuff is so insignificant! I couldn’t be expected to know all this was going on. I got too much important stuff to do.”  Well, apparently Assange heard that, and the next drop will show her intimate involvement. (interruption) Oh, it’s not DNC?  It’s emails from her server?  Okay.  Well, whatever. It still holds.  We’re not sure what Assange was talking about. (interruption) Well, when you told me Assange says he’ll drop Hillary emails, we’re talking DNC.

I thought that’s what it would be, of the DNC. (interruption) Hillary, right.  Next release is Hillary emails.  Well, I’m just telling you, I thought it would be about the DNC ’cause that’s the Hillary server stuff is old news now.  But, anyway, whatever it’s gonna be, she’s out there saying she didn’t know or she didn’t think it was wrong, whatever. But he’s got something that he’s gonna drop.  And Assange, by the way… It was maybe a month ago now.

But I remember this guy saying… It may have been shortly after the Comey press conference, but he said he’s got enough to get her indicted.  I remember him saying this. I guess maybe a promo piece.  But Julian Assange said that WikiLeaks (maybe it was before the Comey press conference) has enough to get her indicted.  So maybe that’s what’s coming.  “Bernie Supporter and Delegate Almost Wasn’t Allowed to Attend a DNC Fundraiser.” It was a DNC party with the Washington Post. It was a joint fundraiser.

“DNC Collecting Bernie Voters’ Data for Their Database.”  “Politico Reporter Agrees to Let DNC Review Article About Hillary Fundraising Before Publishing It.”  I think that happens so many times that you’d be stunned.  I think the collusion between reporters and the DNC and Democrat candidates and Democrats that run committees — I think reporter collusion — is happening all over the place.  “DNC Planned Messages About Bernie Being an Atheist to Hurt His Chances of Winning.”

Wasserman Schultz:  “It’s silly that Sanders thinks…” These are all subjects of emails.  These are emails that have been released by WikiLeaks, so there was a Debbie Wasserman Schultz email.  “It’s silly that Bernie thinks he’s gonna be president.” The email says the whole thing’s rigged, that Bernie was never gonna be president — which we all knew.  There was no way Bernie Sanders was ever gonna get the Democrat nomination, no matter what happened.  He wasn’t gonna get it. He was out there for a host of other reasons.  So let’s go to some audio sound bites.  We will start with October 16, 2015, talking about the Democrat presidential primary race.  Now, just compare what I’ve told you, what you hear me saying here.

This is nine months ago, and it’s just been confirmed in this WikiLeaks email dump.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  It was rigged for Hillary.  I mean, the whole purpose of that, from the Democrat National Committee standpoint, was to grease the skids for Hillary for the rest of the race. …  Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and her associates, the express purpose of this thing is to get Hillary the nomination finally. Make sure that there’s not some slick guy that comes along again like Obama did in 2008.

RUSH:  And that’s why they rigged it.  They thought they had it rigged in 2008.  Remember, 2008 was supposed to be her coronation, and everything was going along just fine until Obama decided he wanted to run.  And then things they couldn’t control happened.  And Hillary found out that Democrats are more romantically attached to racial injustice than they are feminism.  So all it took was a young “clean and articulate black guy” to come along.

And the Democrats and the media and many elected Democrats said, “You know, that versus feminism? Ha, ha.  We’ll take the African-American guy any day.”  And they rallied behind him, and that was that.  So this year, 2016, was set up so that no matter what if any surprise popped up, that surprise wasn’t going to have a snowball’s chance in two hells of getting the nomination.  And the surprise was Crazy Bernie.  I honestly think they were also worried about Elizabeth Warren.  But regardless, the whole thing’s been rigged, and not just with the superdelegates.  That is a big part of it.


This next is February 10th of this year, and I said this after Bernie won New Hampshire.  The DNC emails released by WikiLeaks revealed that it’s actually true, they were plotting an attack on Bernie’s religion.  They were planning to say that he was not an authentic Jew.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  You know that Bernie Sanders is the first Jewish candidate to win a major presidential primary?  You had heard that?  But here’s the point.  Hillary Clinton tried to stop the first African-American from being elected president.  Now she’s trying to stop the first Jewish American from being elected president.  What a bigot.  Doesn’t Mrs. Clinton realize she should get out of the way and let these minorities finally have their shot at things?  She tried to stop the first black president; he won.  Now she’s trying to stop the first Jewish president, and he just mopped the floor with her.

RUSH:  Now, I was being a little funny there, and admittedly it’s funny, I mean, here she is as a bigot denying all these minorities their chance at the big day in the sun, but it was true, and the DNC emails reveal that they made a point, they had a strategy, the DNC coordinating with the media and amongst themselves to do stories — you can’t do this without colluding with the media.  I mean, you can send out a press release if you want, but that’s not how it’s done.  Somebody the DNC calls a willing and complicit reporter and whispers, “Yeah, you know what, he’s really not an authentic Jew.”


“Yeah, yeah.  He doesn’t talk about it because, you know, Democrat, Jew, that ought to be a big deal, but Bernie, he doesn’t care. He’s agnostic, he’s atheist, whatever, he’s not really a Jew.”

So the seed’s been planted. The reporter starts out, got the premise, starts running it down.  It amplifies ’cause the reporter tells other people and then you get your story.  And that’s how it’s done.  And that’s how it happened in this case.  March 14th of this year, protests at Trump rallies.  I made it a point of telling everybody that these rallies were actually riots that were bought and paid for and planned by the DNC.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Make no mistake, this is all on the Democrats.  I think it’s unfortunate there are people trying to blame Trump for this.  This has never, traditionally never been a Republican problem.  Republican protests don’t happen, to your chagrin. How many of you have called me over the years wishing you would see some?  You’re tired of the Democrats getting away with the protest march.  You’re tired of the Democrats exclusively being able to shut down events.  And make no mistake, this was Black Lives Matter.  This was MoveOn.org.  This was a rent-a-mob.  This mob had been bought and paid for.  They were there for the express purpose to shut down the Trump appearance, and they were celebrating after they succeeded in doing so. The event had not even started. There wasn’t a Trump supporter that did a thing to any of these people. They showed up.  This is all bought and paid for by the Democrat Party.

RUSH:  Now, this is one of two places, either southern California or Chicago.  I think it’s southern California where this was the case, but it happened in Chicago, too.  But the email dump from WikiLeaks backs up the fact that the Democrats were strategizing with various protest groups to show up at Trump rallies and shut ’em down.

Now, you might say, “Well, yeah, Rush, that’s not hard to figure out.”  But the Democrats were denying it all along.  The Democrats were trying to say that these were Trump protesters, don’t forget.  The Democrats were trying to say that Trump’s protesters are a bunch of sick puppies who are going out there and spitting in people’s faces and knocking ’em in the face and beating ’em up, basically.  It was Trump people doing it, that’s what the DNC was saying, when in fact the DNC bought and paid for the protestors.

Yeah, it’s easy to conclude the Democrats are in collusion here.  The email dump proves it, while the DNC all along and the media, the media, don’t forget the media’s right in there, the media and the DNC were trying to blame all of this unrest on Trump supporters.  They were trying to make everybody think that your average Trump voter was an unhinged anarchist, when in fact they bought and paid for all of this.

April 3rd of this year.  And we could have gotten 15 examples of this in the recent past.  These DNC emails are filled with examples of collusion between the Democrat National Committee and the Drive-By Media.  Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz sends orders and complaints and suggestions to F. Chuck Todd.  The DNC heaps praise on Jake Tapper.  The Politico is submitting stories to the DNC in advance of submitting them to his own editor.  And the reason why none of this is a surprise to me is, again, back in April of late last year, April 2015.

RUSH ARCHIVE: They are the Democrat National Committee.  Every damned one of them.  Every editor, every executive, every producer, every writer, every reporter, every anchor, Democrat National Committee.  So you’re not gonna talk a Democrat out of being a Democrat.  You’re not gonna talk a Democrat into being fair.  They are living an illusion each and every day.  They’ve got the American people convinced that they are true journalists, that they’re objective and they’re not biased and they have no interest in the outcome.  They’re just reporting the news.  There isn’t even any news anymore.  All there is is the daily advancement of the Democrat Party agenda disguised as news.

RUSH:  So that’s April 3rd, 2015. I could easily use these sound bites of mine to say that you would have learned about all this, if you’d have had the courage to trust me and believe me, you knew this before these emails were dumped.  So these emails essentially confirm every allegation and instinct that I have about these people.


RUSH: Here is Rick in Des Moines, Iowa.  Great to have you.  You’re next, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks for taking my call, Rush.  The reason I was calling, I kind of was chuckling yesterday watching the DNC, you know, obviously they couldn’t hide this whole email mess, but have figured out how to blame ’em on Trump.  They started suggesting that Putin was behind it because he wanted to destroy Hillary’s campaign because obviously it’d be advantageous for Trump to be in there I guess in her place.  The question about that and the fallacy I find about it is what has Putin not gotten since Obama and Hillary were in office?

RUSH:  That’s exactly right.  That is exactly right.  What in the world would Putin be unhappy about?  Obama and Hillary are not snookering Putin.

CALLER:  Crimea, missile defense, Syria.  I mean, he’s —

RUSH:  You’re right.  It’s just a Democrat trick because Trump’s out there, Trump said (paraphrasing), “Hey, you know, Putin said great things about me, I like the guy, cool, Putin understands me.  I was very honored a world leader the stature of Putin is saying great things about me.”  So the Democrats are saying that Trump and Putin were acting in collusion here, that it’s not really WikiLeaks. That it is Putin who gave the emails to WikiLeaks in order to help Trump, because for some reason Putin is scared of Hillary.  (laughing)  Hillary with the plastic red reset button.  He-he-he.

As Rick points out here, the Democrats have given, Obama has given Putin whatever he wants.  Remember it was Obama shortly before the 2012 election who told Medvedev (paraphrasing), “Hey, hey, just tell Vlad to be patient.  When I win reelection, I’ll have all kinds of flexibility.”  Talking about nuclear disarmament and so forth.  But the trick is that the Democrats want to deflect any attention from the contents of the emails and try to get you to believe that the substance is not what’s important here, that what’s really important is how did this happen.

You are supposed to ignore all of this collusion.  You’re supposed to ignore that the DNC and the media were jointly connected in an effort to destroy the Bernie Sanders campaign.  That’s not important.  No.  What’s important is how you found out about it.  And again it’s some dirty trickster trying once again to trick the innocent and well-intentioned poor little Hillary.  What a crock.


RUSH: The situation is worsening for Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz.  Now, before I delve into the details of this, let me just opine on something.  This is not a nice woman.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not a good person.  She is a mean-spirited, vindictive partisan who is rude and crude and has only gotten away with all of those character traits because she’s a Democrat and because most of her hatred and extremism has been voiced about Republicans.

And she would still be where she is because of those characteristics had these emails not dropped and had there not been proof, because everybody in the DNC knew who she was when they hired her. Everybody at the Democrat National Committee and in the Democrat Party applauds her for what she does.  Sometimes she goes a little too far and they’ll make a thing about, “Ah, she might want to walk that back.”  But they haven’t gotten rid of her for anything she said or done.  They haven’t gotten rid of her for any of her partisan behavior.

I mean, this woman routinely accuses people. She libels and slanders people. Not in the legal sense, but she literally is just a despicable human being.  And that’s why she’s been running the DNC.  That’s the kind of people they want talking about Republicans and conservatives.  She would still be there if it weren’t for this drop of email.  And what is it in the emails?  It’s not that she’s vindictive or mean. The reason she’s out is because it’s now incontrovertibly true that she helped rig the game against Bernie Sanders.

She was put in this job to do that.  She was put in this job to get Hillary Clinton the nomination.  Why do you think they schedule these debates on Saturday nights, precisely so that nobody would see them because Hillary is so bad at them?  Why do you think they have this ongoing superdelegate arrangement?  I guarantee you, she was put in this job to do everything that she did.  She’s gone because the mask and the camouflage have been lifted.

Most Democrats get to operate undercover like she did.  Most Democrats get the benefit of the doubt every time. They’re the nicest, sweetest, most tolerant, most compassionate.  She’s not tolerant; she’s not compassionate. She’s none of these things that people associate with liberalism or the Democrat Party.  Nice, sweet, tolerant, open-minded? She’s vindictive. She’s just not a good person.  She’d still be there, because this is why she was hired.

Except they don’t want to deal with the heat of having it now known by everybody that they — not just her, by the way, the Democrat National Committee — working with the Hillary organization and the media, sandbagged Bernie Sanders.  And she’s paying the price for everybody now learning this.  That’s why Hillary’s hired her.  The DNC cans her and Hillary hires her to be a consultant to save her, keep her receiving a paycheck.

She was gonna open the convention and close it, but that was it. But now she’s not even gonna open it.  They have stripped away from her the privilege of gaveling the convention to order.  And here is part of the reason why.  This morning in Philadelphia, wherever the Florida delegation’s staying, at whatever motel, they had their delegation breakfast, and she tried to speak.

SCHULTZ: (shouting over angry crowd) I look forward to continuing to represent my constituents in Florida’s 23rd congressional district!  And thank all of you… Thank all of you for your incredible support!  I’m going to continue to make sure that Florida has a strong voice to speak loud and proud on our values!  And you will see me every day between now and November 8th on the campaign trail! And we will lock arms, and we will not stand down!  We will make sure that the people of Florida have the priorities that we know we need to accomplish!  Thank you very much, and on to victory.

RUSH:  What you didn’t see is that everybody in that room was standing up, waving signs for Bernie Sanders and booing her and shouting her down and trying to keep her from speaking and trying to keep her from being heard. And the Democrats didn’t want the entire convention floor doing that tonight, ’cause that’s what would have happened.  The entire convention floor would have done what you just heard in the Florida delegation breakfast.

She was shouted down.  You should see this.  The camera angle is such you could barely see her head over the podium, and everybody’s standing up and waving signs and half the signs saying something about Bernie Sanders on ’em. I mean, it was real disgust.  There’s more division in this party right now than ever in the Republican Party.  But you will not hear that.  Here. This is zeroing in on what was happening in the crowd. This is just the crowd noise microphone without the microphone from the podium where she was speaking.

CROWD: (angry grumbling and boos)

RUSH: That’s what she was talking over.  So if you just hear that without her microphone being live, that’s what she was trying to talk over.  Carol Costello at CNN is in crisis! Very, very tough morning here today after seeing this, after seeing the Florida delegation basically hound poor Debbie “Blabbermouth” off stage, off the podium.  They’re worried about it all at CNN.

COSTELLO: (depressed) A rather chaotic start to this (chokes up) Democratic convention.  Democrats were hoping that, um, there would be… “unity” would be the only word that was used during the convention, and on the very first day we have what’s happening with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a distraction, isn’t she?  Bernie Sanders has charged throughout the campaign that the DNC was against him, and these leaked emails actually (pause) show that! (stunned silence)

RUSH:  She couldn’t believe it! (laughing) Here’s somebody involved in the scheme! She’s a CNN infobabe part of the scheme to screw Bernie Sanders, she’s not even aware it was happening.  And now she sees Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz get booed out of the Florida delegation’s breakfast. (interruption) Very sad.  Oh, you should have seen her!  She was very sad.  She normally laughs, you know, at the end of every sentence, Carol Costello. (impression) “Ha-ha-ha!” There was no laughter here.  Very, very bad. Very sad. Very bad.

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