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Cruz Loses Half of GOP Support After Convention Speech

RUSH:  I’m gonna have to double-check this.  I just glimpsed this before the break ran out.  It’s some Republican poll that showed Ted Cruz’s approval numbers within the Republican Party dropped by half after his appearance at the convention. When the next break comes up, I’ll dig deeper into that and find out if that’s actually true.  That’s what I read.  That was the opening.  But there were some things that followed that. 

Democrat Congressman Ellison: Trump Is Worst GOP Nominee Since George Wallace (Who Was a Democrat)

RUSH:  Tell me what you think is wrong with this statement.  Representative Keith Ellison, a Muslim, member of Congress from Minnesota.  Quote, “Donald Trump is the worst Republican nominee since George Wallace,” unquote. (interruption)  Exactly right.  George Wallace was a Democrat.  Keith Ellison was on This Week, ABC show with George Stephanopoulos, claiming Donald Trump is the worst Republican nominee since George Wallace.  George Stephanopoulos did not correct him.  A Republican guest, Tom Cole, did. 

If there had not been a Republican on this show, that would have stood.  Stephanopoulos nor anybody at ABC corrected it.  I don’t know whether Ellison knows Wallace was a Democrat or not, whether he said this on purpose, but you could go both ways on this.  I wouldn’t be surprised, he’s young enough, to have been taught that it was Republicans that were the racists, that it was the Republicans that did the KKK.  In fact, all of that was the Democrats. 

The KKK was the military wing of the Democrat Party back then, the segregationists.  All the governors that denied blacks admission to state universities, Democrats.  The police chiefs turning fire hoses on Martin Luther King nonviolent protesters, Democrats. Every one of them Democrats, and here’s Keith Ellison out there saying Trump’s the worst Republican nominee since George Wallace, and here’s low-information people watching this.  And this is how they do it, just one of many little, “This is how they do its.”  

Donna Brazile, CNN and the FBI

RUSH: Donna Brazile.  This was funny, too.  When they canned Debbie “Blabbermouth” to running the convention, they’re gonna send Donna Brazile over there. And then the story said that CNN’s gonna suspend her contract because she’s an analyst and a commentator but she’s gonna run the DNC, and then they said, “No, we’re not.” So she was gonna continue her gig running the DNC and her gig commentating at CNN as an independent analyst.  CNN said: We’re not getting rid of her like Fox did Newt. We don’t have to do that. 

Are you ready for this?  Donna Brazile also said there’s a lot of evidence the Russians are behind the hack.  Headline, CNN: “FBI Investigating Suspected Russian Hack of DNC Emails.”  Is that not rich?  So Donna Brazile happens to go on CNN and says there’s a lot of evidence that the Russians did this, and the next headline on CNN: “FBI Investigating Suspected Russian Hack of DNC Emails.”

Now, I wonder if Comey will decide that whatever the Russians did here, no prosecutor would ever prosecute.  

Baltimore Mayor Studies Cuba, Replaces Debbie BS to Gavel in DNC

RUSH: And then get this.  Remember who the mayor of Baltimore is.  Her name is Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  She is the woman who said that when they started protesting, had to give ’em room, had to give the protestors room.  She was somewhat misunderstood by what she meant, but it sounded bad.  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the mayor Baltimore, is now the person that’s gonna gavel the Democrat National Convention to order tonight in place of Debbie BS. 

originalBut that’s not the story.  Oh, no.  “Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Visits Cuba for Advice on ‘Economic Development.'” Remember Baltimore was half destroyed by rioters, and Mayor Blake made headlines claiming she had to give the rioters space to destroy. She walked it back, but not successfully.  She’s president of US Conference of Mayors.  She was in Cuba last week leading a delegation of mayors, including the mayor of New Orleans, the murder capital of the US, to learn, to learn, to learn about economic development of cities in Cuba.  Whew.  

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