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RUSH:  Okay, I want you to hear a couple sound bites here.  This from NBC special coverage of the Democrat National Convention.  Last night, Moochelle Obama went out and gave her stem-winder of a speech.  And if you’re watching at home, my guess is that you were under the impression that the house loved it, that they were on their feet, that they’re going nuts, that they’re applauding like crazy.  It is how it seemed to me.  Well, it turns out that’s not what happened.

And it turns out also that Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, happened to reveal the truth.  And this resulted in F. Chuck Todd slapping her down — uh, verbally.  Here’s how it went.  This is last night, NBC’s special coverage. After Moochelle spoke, Savannah Guthrie said, “It was a pretty succinct case for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump, but done with the trademark Michelle Obama grace.  Andrea Mitchell is down on the floor in the New York delegation.  How did it go over down there, Andrea?”

MITCHELL:  Well, about 40% of the delegation really sat on their hands. Uh, even though this is the first lady and Michelle Obama could not be more popular, 40% of these delegates are Bernie Sanders delegates. Some of them stood up, about three or four, you could see perhaps. But some have their Robin Hood hats on.  So there was some resistance even to Michelle Obama, which is a big signal to this convention, to the Clinton campaign, that even their most popular speakers are not gonna persuade the hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters.

RUSH:  Whoa ho-ho!  That’s the last thing… I mean, here is Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, actually undercutting the theme that Michelle Obama was loved and adored and appreciated and overwhelmingly supported.  F. Chuck Todd was in a near panic, and this was his reaction to Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington…

TODD:  We gotta remember there’s a — millions of people watching on television, and I think they heard nothing. It didn’t sound like people were sitting on their hands.  So I don’t think it would have that kind of impact.

RUSH:  So, “What you just heard from our reporter, Andrea Mitchell? Screw it! You didn’t see it, you didn’t hear it, so it didn’t happen!  I mean, after all, who can hear people sitting on their hands?”  Ha! The theory from F. Chuck Todd.  So it makes me wonder. You know, is… is…? (interruption) No, because I know that Andrea Mitchell is totally in the tank for Hillary.  And yet this is something the Drive-Bys don’t usually do!  I mean, here you have the perception that there was 1,000% love and adoration there for Michelle Obama, and here comes Andrea Mitchell saying, “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. There were a whole lot of people,” and Chuck Todd coming along to slap here down.

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