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RUSH: The hack of a DNC server.  The Democrats just can’t wait to tell you the Russians did it, and they’re dragging out all of these security experts to tell you that there are signals, there are bits of evidence that the Russian hackers did it. There were two teams, two different Russian hacker teams working independently.  They didn’t know they were both inside the Democrat National Committee server.  This is the story.  One was the old KGB, and the other was the defense security.  Two different “apartments,” Apartment 28, Apartment 29, APT28 and APT29 — two different hacker groups, Russian intel — were in the DNC server at the same time.They say there are crumbs of evidence that the cyber intelligence people have found.  Okay, maybe, but it’s awfully convenient.  There’s a lot to say about this, folks, this hacking business. To me, the most important thing about this is it isn’t over.  There is much more to come.  We don’t know when it’s coming, but I think we can rest assured that whoever hacked the Democrat National Committee computer network also hacked Hillary’s idiotic private little server in the basement in Chappaqua.

And whoever that is… If it’s Russian cyber intelligence, if it’s some 17-year-old kid in his pajamas in Idaho, whoever it is, they’ve got that, too, and that’s coming.  That is going to be released, or it’s gonna be withheld and blackmail her with.  A lot of people say, “Rush, why would the Russians do this?  Why wouldn’t the Russians collect the data and hold on to it and blackmail her after she becomes elected?  Wouldn’t that be more effective for them than having to deal with Trump?”

Well, they could have their cake and eat it, too, on this.  But Hillary Clinton’s already sold access to her presidency through the foundation.  And, believe me, there are emails about that, and those emails are gonna drop.  And Julian Assange at WikiLeaks has pretty much intimated this is gonna happen.  But whatever. This isn’t over.  Nobody knows when the next dump is gonna happen.  And nobody knows if there has been any purloining of data from the RNC computer network.  Now, Trump does not do email, so there isn’t any scoop to get on him.

He tweets, he’s got a phone, but he doesn’t do email.  His staff sends around emails for him, but he doesn’t do it, for this very reason.


RUSH: Now, on this hack. There is a lot of fascinating stuff about this hack of the Democrat National Committee server.  Now, remember, the first thing that we were told about it. When we first heard of this hack, we were told at first that what was released was also the opposition research that the DNC had on Trump.  That’s what the hackers released, thereby pretty much telling Trump what the Democrats were prepared to use against him and thereby mitigating its powers to hurt him.

And it harmed the Democrats by revealing some of their secrets, what they were going to do.  Now, at the time of that hack, there hadn’t been any real damage done like was done with the hack on Friday — or the release on Friday of the hack — that showed the DNC had been actively working together to sabotage Crazy Bernie’s campaign.  And that, of course, is what led to the dismissal and the humiliation of Debbie BS, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, at the Democrat National Committee.

She now fired and on her way back to her home state of Florida — and her district, I think, encompasses Boca, Boca Raton.  So now people are trying to figure out, “Well, what is really going on here, and how did this happen, and who did it?”  And the Democrats are really focusing on the “Who did it?” The Democrats have yet to deny anything in these documents is authentic, because they can’t.  They were hacked, and what’s on their servers is obviously what was on their servers.  It’s real. They’ve been snookered; they’ve been hacked.

So they can’t run out and claim it’s a bunch of lies.  They can’t claim… Well, they could, actually, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  What they’re doing is trying to discredit what is authentic by criticizing the motivations of those who did the hack — and that, everybody is being led to believe, is the Russians.  And the Democrats and the media have trotted out one cyber expert after another claiming they have studied this. They’ve done their forensic analysis, and they have found — and I’ve read three or four different super-elite cyber blogs on this.

They all say that there were two different Russian hacker units, cyber units, intel that neither knew the other were there, meaning inside the DNC server.  Two separate efforts, but they ended up leaving telltale signs.  They tried to cover their existence, but because they don’t speak English — and because one of them screwed up and used Cyrillic keyboard, instead of an English-language keyboard, things like this — that it has become very apparent that the Russians did this, which has then let to the following questions.

Well, why? Why would the Russians do this? Why would the Russians want to destroy Hillary Clinton?  Because, folks, let me give you another thing that’s a pretty safe bet.  A, this is by no means the end of it.  There is gonna be a whole lot more.  If they hacked the DNC servers, then they’ve got everything, and who knows what else is on there? Who knows what else is on that server? What if there’s email evidence on that server that they were colluding with Hillary, that Debbie “Blabbermouth” was colluding with Hillary?

Hillary’s out there denying it right now, but she’s gotta be out there sweating bullets over this.  But it’s not just that.  If they were able to hack the DNC server, then they no doubt hacked her Chappaqua server.  So the thinking goes like this: If the Russians know everything that was on Hillary’s private server, and if they have everything on the DNC server, why destroy her at all?  Why not see to it she’s elected and then blackmail her every day and get what you want out of her?  Because if this is all true, the theory goes, they could have a puppet as president of the United States.

Why would they use this stuff to take her out? Even if Trump thinks that he’s a good buddy with Putin, why in the world would the Russians rather have Trump as president — who’s a wild card, who they haven’t hacked ’cause there’s nothing to hack because he doesn’t use email — when you could own the American president?  Especially when everybody else owns the American president because they paid her.  But the Russians don’t have to pay her because they’ve got blackmailable evidence that they can get out of her whatever they want or else they destroy her.

So people are trying to figure out, “Why would the Russians do this, and why now?  And what’s next, and when are we gonna learn what was on her private server, or will they hold that back and use that to blackmail her if she wins the election?”  And then there’s something even beyond this.  Some of the cyber specialists are really, really worried.  And I think this is a bit of naivete.  But they are really… Remember who these people are.  These are young Millennial tech wizards.

Some of them are older than Millennial, but they’re still of this naive young leftist generation — New Age touchy-feely, all that — and they are writing about, “This is unacceptable to allow, to not do anything about, to have a foreign government actually intercede in a US political election and take action that will affect the outcome.  Why, this is unacceptable, and the US has got to retaliate!  We’ve got to do something because we can’t allow this.”

I got clue for you.

The same thing happened on 9/11.  They canceled some elections in New York City that day.  But this is by no means the first time anything like this has happened.  I mean, the ChiComs and the Russians are hacking things left and right.  Now, in terms of affecting the outcome of an election, this is maybe the most brazen public effort to affect the outcome, but it’s by no means the first.  It’s just the first one we know about.

And it may not even be that.  But do you remember…? Do you remember when Edward Snowden of the NSA, when he came out leaked all that stuff and let everybody know just how insecure all of their phones and their computers were? The NSA was just everywhere! Weren’t there a lot of Democrats running around telling us that either, A, Snowden is a hero, or B, it didn’t matter where the leaked info came from; the only thing that mattered is what it tells us?

But now that they are the victims, now there aren’t any heroes, and the only thing that matters is where it comes from.  The substance doesn’t matter; the authenticity doesn’t matter; the Democrats are so quaking in their boots that they are doing everything they can to get anybody they can make believe that this is insignificant because of the Russians’ motivations.  They don’t want you to believe what you are told.

They don’t want you to believe, for example — they can’t do anything about this — everybody now knows conclusively, it’s not a matter of a good bet, solid opinion.  Everybody knows that they rigged the game against Crazy Bernie.  I, El Rushbo, knew it before it was proven.  It was obvious to me that there’s no way Bernie Sanders was ever gonna get this nomination.  It just wasn’t gonna happen.  He was serving a purpose running, but he was never gonna get it.  But we now know that that was official Democrat Party policy.  So there’s a lot going on with this.

We also don’t know if the RNC servers have been hacked.  That’s another thing.  And we can’t say with ontological certitude that they haven’t been.  Remember, I saw a Drive-By Media person yesterday on TV — I mentioned this to you at the end of the program — he was being asked why the media is really not making a big deal out of this?  “Well, because there haven’t been any Republican servers.”  And whoever was hosting the program, “What difference does that make?”

“Well, in order to be fair, I mean, we can’t discuss what the Russians have leaked from a DNC server if we don’t have what’s been leaked on the Republican –”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, we must always do both sides, and there’s only one side to this story, that is the leak of what’s on the Democrat –”

And people, “Are you kidding me?  That’s why you’re not commenting on it, because you don’t know yet what was on the RNC servers?”  And this guy, where was he from?  US News & World Report. He steadfastly maintained that.  But I’ll tell you where this is right now.  Where this is is people are on pins and needles.  Because there’s obviously more.  Whoever is leaking this, I don’t care if it’s the Russians, I don’t care — folks, it wouldn’t surprise me — remember how I don’t fall for conventional wisdom.  Remember how I think people that fall for conventional wisdom are almost intellectually lazy.  It’s too easy to believe that stuff.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprise if who’s actually behind this is some 17-year-old kid in his pajamas hacking the DNC because he found the password, hopeandchange.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.  But somebody, whoever did it, ended up sending it to Julian Assange. And Julian Assange says that he has even more emails that are guaranteed to get Hillary Clinton arrested.  Well, that means he’s got what’s on her private server, if he’s telling the truth about this.

So, this is by no means over, the firing of Debbie BS and the sending her back to Florida is by no means the end of this.  On the Democrat side and in their willing allies in the media, there is trepidation each and every day over what is coming next, ’cause this is just tip of the iceberg.  I mean, if we now know conclusively that they rigged the election, they did everything they could to make Bernie think he had a chance but he never did, do you think that’s the only nefarious shenanigans that have been going on with the DNC?  There’s gotta be tons more.

And they’ve been hacked, everything on their servers people have.  What if they wait until October with the next dump?  Could be.  They could do it a week before the election, October Surprise, and the Democrats are obviously working on one of their own for Trump independent of this hack.  So we will continue to follow up this story, if you will, as it happens, ’cause it fascinates me on a whole lot of levels.


RUSH:  Permit me one more observation on this Russian hack business. The Democrats and the media are running around trying to say the hack’s no big deal ’cause the Russians did it, and the Russians are anti-Hillary, the Russians are pro-Trump, and so it doesn’t matter, you can’t listen to this, you can’t pay attention to it, whatever it is.  They’re not denying it’s authentic.  They’re just trying to tell you that you shouldn’t pay any attention to it because the Russians are behind it.

Well, you know, fine and dandy.  But do you remember Edward Snowden? They loved Edward Snowden, number one.  Number two, when Snowden fled Hawaii, he went to Hong Kong and he held out there in some hotel, did his interviews with Glenn Greenwald.  The next thing we knew Snowden was in Moscow, and he was being shielded by the Russians at some safe house.

And we didn’t care.  The Democrats didn’t care.  The Democrats didn’t care one whit that Snowden was being harbored by Putin. And they didn’t care when whatever Snowden did damaged American national security.  They didn’t care.  Because, remember, damaging American national security is not that big a problem.  We deserve to have our apparatus damaged ’cause we’ve used it to be so mean to so many smaller nations and people.  So if Snowden’s out there compromising our national security, fine, we kind of deserve it.

The point is, they didn’t care.  They didn’t care, the Democrats didn’t care when the Russians were hosting Snowden, when Snowden was leaking national security secrets to them and everybody else.  And leaks that Snowden was getting involved in, the Russians had a hand in helping Snowden leak the stuff.  They were fine.

My point is that when Putin and the Russians were harboring Snowden and helping Snowden get his dirty anti-American stuff out, they were fine with it.  Now all of a sudden when the Russians are doing damage to the Democrats, now all of a sudden the Russians are a bunch of creeps, untrustworthy snobs.


RUSH:  Back to the DNC server hack. The Russians are denying that they were behind it.  “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday brushed aside accusations that Moscow was behind the hacking of Democratic Party emails. ‘I don’t want to use four-letter words,’ Lavrov told reporters, when asked whether Russia was responsible for the hacking of emails.” And, of course, again people are saying, “Why would the Russians want to tip the scales to Trump when they’ve got everything they need to blackmail Hillary Clinton for four or eight years?”

I mean, I can understand the question. It’s a legitimately question.  But NBC Nightly News interviewed Julian Assange, about whom we have some sound bites coming up in the first segment in the next hour. Julian Assange is WikiLeaks.  He’s from Australia.  And he said… Remember, now, he’s the leaker.  WikiLeaks.  Somebody gave it to him; he claims it wasn’t the Russians.  Well, he doesn’t say that.  He said, “[T]here’s no proof” that Russia had anything to do with it. (chuckles)

That’s very sly.  “[T]here’s no proof” that Russia had anything to do with it.  But what he does say that’s inarguable is that the real story is what these emails contain, and they show collusion taking place at the highest levels the Democrat Party.  And it appears this guy is no fan.  He’s a big lib, but he’s no fan of Hillary.  He’s one of these anti-war… Well, and to these people, Bernie people, she’s a war hawk.  She’s a warmonger, in their world.  And that’s why they hate her.


RUSH: Here’s Julian Assange.  This is NBC Nightly News last night, Skype interview.  Remember, he’s holed up in the Ecuador assembly in London, he’s a fugitive from justice, and this is a question from Richard Engel.  “Look, Julian, three cyber security experts told us that the DNC emails were hacked by Russian intelligence and that’s who gave them to you.  What do you say about that?”

ASSSANGE:  Well, there’s no proof of that whatsoever.  We have not disclosed our source.  And, of course, this is a diversion that’s being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

RUSH:  Look, this guy doesn’t like Republicans.  I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea.  He just doesn’t like Hillary ’cause she thinks he’s a warmonger.  And a couple of other reasons, too.  But he is saying, “Look, there’s no proof of that whatsoever.”  He’s not denying it.  He just said you just can’t prove the Russians gave it to me.  We haven’t disclosed the source.  It doesn’t matter.  Nobody’s disputing the evidence, and the evidence is that these people rigged the game.


RUSH: Mike in New Orleans.  We’ve got about a minute here.  I wanted to make sure I got to you.  Thank you for calling.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you, sir.  It’s a pleasure and an honor to speak with you.

RUSH:  Great to have you.

CALLER:  I am a senior computer science major, and I just had a couple comments about the whole Russian hacking thing.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  I’m about as convinced that it was the Russians as you are.  As far as I’m concerned, it could be any one of the 10 million people on this planet.  I’m a big computer nerd.  Like I said, I’m a computer science major, I’m a senior in college right now.  And on top of that, I’ve done quite a bit of hacking of myself in the past.  And I’m not gonna claim to be a huge hacksmith.  And if I did, I wouldn’t be discussing it right now. But what I do want to say is you’re talking 101 here.  One of the first things that you do is you mask and (unintelligible). One of the first things you do whenever you’re hacking somebody.

RUSH:  See, exactly.  Exactly.  We are sadly out of time here, but Mr. Snerdley, get his number and see if we can talk to him on Friday, Open Line Friday.  Have you noticed, every cyber security official, “Oh, yeah, the Russians left signs. Oh, yeah, we were able to track it right back to the GRU.”  Is that what hackers do?  I mean, it may well be the Russians, but there’s every bit of common sense argument that it might not be, either.  We don’t know yet.

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