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RUSH: We’re gonna start in Logan, Utah.  This is Michael.  Great to have you.  Welcome to the program.

CALLER:  Hey, thanks, Rush.  So what I was calling in to talk about today, Rush, was I feel like I finally understand some of the appeal for Trump.  I will be a Trump voter.  I’m a Republican voter.  I am a Rush Baby, so I’ve been kind of following the path for a while now.  And one thing I’ve been trying to piece together is why Trump has so much support.  So one thing I was thinking… I mean, you’re gonna know better than me. But when was the last time a Republican voter had a win?  Maybe back in like ’08 with Prop 8 in California when we doubled down and we were able to stop that.  That’s like the last thing I remember.  You’re gonna know better than I am.  But as a Republican voter, I don’t have a lot of wins.  But when I look at Trump, I think, “Hey, maybe this guy can do something. Maybe we can win something for a change.”

RUSH:  No, let me tell you something.  There have been some wins since then.  The Republicans won back control of the House in 2010, and then they won back control of the Senate in 2014.  It’s after that that you have to ask: What do we have to show for it?  It’s not that we haven’t won; it’s that they don’t seem to count for anything.  And the last really big win was 2004 with George W. Bush’s reelection.  You talk about Prop 8 in California. That was a win, but look at what has happened to many of the public people that voted for it.

They’ve been destroyed.  This poor guy that ran Mozilla, the Firefox web browser, Brendan Eich? Gone, because he donated a thousand dollars to the effort.  But I get your point.  There hasn’t been a lot of rallying calls. There hasn’t been a whole lot of wins.  The House is a big win, but it’s not like winning a presidential election, and we’ve lost two of those in a row.  But it’s not just that.  We don’t even… Many Republicans don’t even think we’ve competed seriously or competently.

CALLER:  Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Like, I mean, obviously we won the House, we won the Senate, but what good’s that done us?  I’m talking about wins like policy.  Policy wins.  There’s not much. There just isn’t a whole lot of it to come by.  So when the establishment looks at us and is like, “Hey, well, you know, Trump isn’t this. He’s not conservative. He’s not…” This is like, “Well, guess what? You’re not doing any of that for us, so maybe we’ll take a chance on him.”

RUSH:  So that’s why you were not a Trump supporter because he’s not conservative?

CALLER:  Yeah. But, I mean, obviously I’m not gonna vote for Hillary.  So there you have it.

RUSH:  Well, no, no, I understand.  Believe me, you’re not alone on that with people, the conservatives not thinking Trump is one and then therefore he’s not deserving of support.  No matter. No matter what.  But regardless, in your case, something’s causing you to moderate and come around.  I suspect that it’s what you say: You want to be on the winning side.  And the other side here is Hillary Clinton, and I know that… I don’t know too…

They’re out there. I don’t know too many people who actually want Hillary to win so that conservatives will be punished, but there are some who do. Yeah, conservatives supporting Trump will be punished.  But all that aside, just in the realm of politics: What a rank amateur, Donald Trump — in terms of politics, a rank amateur outsider — has pulled off here today, with no media support?  Not in the Drive-Bys?  It is mind-boggling.

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