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RUSH: And you heard a story last night, by the way, that I don’t believe.  I don’t believe much of what he said. It was a great performance.  That was a fabulous performance.  It wasn’t a speech.  It was a performance.

And we would be fools to sit here and nitpick it and, you know, start asking questions about how effective it’s gonna be.  It was great.  There was no question. It was a story, and I don’t think very much of it actually happened the way he spelled it out.  I think I know what happened here.  I mean, for example, why in the world would you ever cheat on such a wonderful woman? Hillary is the most cheated-on woman in America, but why would you?  After telling a story of her like that, why in the world would you ever cheat on her?

What could you be thinking?  Why would you ever put at risk a relationship with such a dreamboat?  I mean, that woman that he talked about, that’s the answer to everybody’s prayers last night.  And he’s out there, I mean, running around on her like you can’t believe.  Why didn’t he mention that, by the way? Why didn’t he mention all the philandering and say, “You know what? I’ve made some mistakes here, and I regret so much of it.

“Some of it I don’t, actually. But I regret some of it.” But he didn’t go there.  Somebody sent me a note last night.  I figure this is going around Twitter.  You want to hear the note?  Just gotta tell you what the note is.  The note was:  “Tonight is the only time I would have believed it if Bill Clinton had actually said, ‘I never had sex with that woman. Not a single time. Never.'”  I about spit my Diet Coke out when I got that note.  I said, “Ho-ho!”

And then I figured social media is not buying this.  And I’ve done some research and I have found out that social media isn’t buying it at all.  One of the concerns that I had when I was watching… You know, I have said over the years that Millennial generation — and it’s just a generational thing. They don’t know. They don’t know the Democrat Party of the nineties ’cause they weren’t alive or they weren’t old enough to pay attention.

And they don’t know the Clintons of the nineties, and it’s always been speculated that once Millennial females learn the stories of the nineties, that they’re not gonna have anything to do with Hillary.  This generation — maybe not the subsequent generation, but second generation since the Clinton nineties — there’s nothing that Bill Clinton did that was cool to them, nothing that Clinton did. Nothing was cool.  Clinton was the epitome of cool for all of us.  Well, I mean, to Democrats of our age.

But I wonder last night how many Millennials watching that speech who don’t know Hillary and don’t know the Bill of the nineties that we know, I wonder how many of them bought into it?  They have to stop and consider this.  Remember, we’ve gotta all watch these conventions differently now than we used to because we have to watch all these speeches with the sad, shocking reality that there is a sizable percentage of people watching are buying every word of it.

They’re supporting every word of it, eating it up, and wanting more of it.  That’s a stark difference in the way I used to watch these guys 30 years ago and 35.  I knew some people did, but I never worried there were anywhere near 50% of the country supporting this lunacy. But we’re near that now, so we have to watch this stuff with a different perspective.


RUSH:  Okay.  Millennials. Millennial women in particular.  I’m gonna give you people time to spread the word to them. Tell ’em I really want ’em to tune in during the next five minutes or so. I’m gonna tell ’em the real story of how Bill met Hillary.  I’m gonna tell the real story of how Bill and Hillary ended up as they are.  I don’t know how they met.  I think I have a pretty good idea, but how they met’s not the deal.  Going to Illinois, that’s… None of that’s important.  None of that’s important.

I want these Millennial women to hear it. It’ll probably tick them off. You tell them it’s gonna take a lot courage. If you know a Millennial female, call ’em and say, “Turn on Limbaugh. It may be painful, but you have to hear it.” Telling them, “It may be painful,” may actually entice them to tune in.


RUSH: I thought last night that Clinton’s performance was superb.  I know his voice was weak, or weaker than we are expected to hearing, used to hearing, but he’s… You realize he’s the same age as Trump?  You realize they’re the same age?  That’s interesting to note.  I thought it was a masterful performance.  I thought he had that audience in the palm of his hand.

I thought the premise was flawed.  I thought much of the contents were exaggerated and filled with misdirection.  But just as a performance, it was vintage Bill Clinton.  The problem is the Democrat Party is not Bill Clinton’s party anymore.  That’s not… The Democrat Party today is not enamored of Bill Clinton.  They may not even be enamored of Hillary.  But the things that jazzed Democrats back in the nineties are nowhere near the things that jazz the Democrats of today.  This is… After all, Bill Clinton is the guy that signed welfare reform.

Bill Clinton is the guy that said, “The era of Big Government is over.” Whether or not he meant it or not, he said it.  Any number of other things: The crime bill, a hundred thousand new cops. He did everything in opposition to Black Lives Matter and the things that animate the existence of the Democrat Party today.  Midnight basketball! Bill Clinton did midnight basketball.  He is not looked at by this current generation of Democrats as anywhere near the hero he was back in the nineties.

And that brings me to another question: Why would he ever cheat on such a wonderful woman?  In fact, how could such a wonderful woman…? A perfect 10, she was made out to be. How could that woman actually be the most cheated-on woman in America?  Which she is.  But, aside from that, why would he ever put at risk such a beautiful, wonderful, unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a relationship like that?

Here’s another thing: The Bill Clinton story of Hillary Clinton was 30 years of the past.  The Democrats of today, they don’t care about the past, other than look at aspects of it they hate.  Politics is about moving forward, looking forward.  Thirty years! Do you realize…? I’ve heard a lot of Democrats talk about how great the speech was ’cause there’s even things about Hillary they didn’t know until last night.

How in hell can that be?  I mean, this woman has been in public, has been a nationally known figure for over 30 years.  Why does anybody have to tell us who she is?  And why does she need to be “humanized”?  I mean, you talk about demeaning.  They even allowed the media to express that one of the objectives last night was to humanize Hillary.  Why?  Well, because apparently it’s necessary.  Apparently Hillary doesn’t come off as warm fuzzy.

Human? How could she not come off as human!  I mean, even Nurse Ratched was human.  I don’t think people are interested in 30 years of the past, and I don’t get this notion of change-maker.  Why didn’t he tell us about all the positive change?  He just said that she’s done it.  What positive change?  Why didn’t we hear a word about all of her good works for the Clinton charitable foundation?  I mean, you would think that’s where it would all be.

But we didn’t hear about it. We didn’t hear one syllable about the Clinton Family Foundation.  We didn’t hear a word about the Clinton Global Initiative. We didn’t hear a word about all the masterful, wonderful things they’ve done in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.  Why not?  If you’re extolling the virtues of the change, “She makes more change, she’s done more change than anybody in my lifetime! I’ve never met somebody who is better change.”

What is a change-maker?  What has she changed?  It is filled with all the cliches that New Agers and leftists glom on to, like “common sense gun control legislation.” But it never was defined.  Clinton glossed over a lot of things, left a lot of things out that people are gonna be filling in the blanks today, like Trump.  “I kept waiting on the one chapter I wanted to hear,” he said, “and I didn’t hear it.  I kept waiting.”

“Other than that it was all boring,” Trump said.  “I wanted to hear the one chapter.”  He didn’t define it.  “What chapter, Mr. Trump? What chapter?” the press kept asking him.  But Hillary Clinton’s been around for 30 years.  Why do these stories need to be told?  It isn’t all of this widely known?  Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton already been humanized?  Why is it still possible to demonize her?  As Maude Behar even said on The View today…

Maude Behar said, “Now finally, finally there’s an alternative to all the stories of what a witch she is that Rush Limbaugh’s been telling.”  Finally?  It took 30 years and a speech — sorry, performance — of Bill Clinton to provide counterbalance to the theory that she’s a witch?  Not my term; Maude Behar’s.  I’ve never used that word.  Well, I can’t say that.  We’ve had parodies of her on a broom; I admit that.  But as long as we’re gonna speak of the past, what did Hillary help?  Who did Hillary help?

What did she do?

We were just told that she did. We were just told that she loves to do it.  Children? Okay.  Don’t have to say anymore.  She worked with Marian Wright Edelman in Children’s Defense Fund. That’s all you need to do know.  Don’t ask!  If you ask, you’re a boor.  Just accept it.  She loves children! She helped children! She village’d children. She raised children. She wrote a book about it.  Is there anybody out there…? I’m telling you, this my reaction as I’m listening to the speech — the performance.

Is there anybody out there that will point to Hillary Clinton and say, “Gosh, my life is so much better because of her”?  Why aren’t they on stage?  I mean, if that’s a big deal, why aren’t they on stage?  And again, I still don’t understand why you don’t mention the family charitable foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative.  The Clinton Global Initiative is actually like a Morning Call for women all over the world.  When the Clinton Global Initiative comes, that’s a signal to women all over the world to come to New York.

It’s a variation on the Morning Call to prayer.  This is the Clinton… I mean, that’s what it is.  It’s what it is.  It’s why it exists.  I mean, I think it would humanize Hillary incredibly to detail how she was involved in the family charitable organization.  We got crickets.  We’re not hearing any Hollywood people talk about the Crime Family Foundation. We’re not talking about any specific details about her work on the foundation.  But you know what they did last night, I thought?  I thought they really, really cemented the notion — I mean, they made it clear — this is a 30-year insider.

This woman is as steeped and deep inside the establishment as anybody in this campaign.


RUSH: No, I have not forgotten my story I want to tell Millennial women. I’m still waiting for them all to gather out there.  I sent out a request for people to call Millennial that they know.  I know a lot of Millennial women who don’t listen to the program, anyway, when you mention my name — they’ve heard so much gunk and so many things that are not true — they say, “I never listen to that!” Say, “You’ve got to.”  They’re being told today.  “You must hear this,” and so forth.  So I’m just waiting for all that recruitment here to work.  Probably get to it in the next hour as we select a few sound bites from Bill Clinton’s performance last night.

Here is George.  George is in Dartmouth in Massachusetts.  Great to have you on the program.  You are next.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush, and mega dittos.  And so I think the Millennials did learn something last night. Because I’ve been watching Bill Clinton, right?  And he’s describing how he met Hillary and the classroom the first time he saw her with the glasses and the hair, like you mentioned. And, you know, you sort of get this weird feeling he’s checking her out and then all of a sudden he talks about he followed her out of class and he walked and followed her, and he almost touched her and put his hand on her and then he pulled back. And then he saw… So you start to get this feeling like, “Wow, this guy is really slick. He’s kind of like stalking this woman.” And, you know, you could put Monica Lewinsky or Gennifer Flowers in that scene. You start to get, like, a really eerie feeling of how slick this guy is and, “Hey, Hillary…”

RUSH:  Well, that’s an interesting taking take you’ve got out there, George.  I’m starting to hear the song Smooth Operator by Sade in my mind.  Mike, see if you can find that song in the Prophet System: Sade, Smooth Operator. Just a few bars from it.  But you’ve got a good point.  I mean, Bill Clinton described himself as he’s “the big dog.” He’s out hunting, and he found something. Some woman was emitting some, you know, come-to-me smell or whatever, and he was picking up on the scent.

He was all… What did he say? “I felt myself almost put her hand on my back; I said, ‘No, better not right now. Wait for it. Do that just a little bit later out there,'” and he kept stalking her, following her around to the art museum. Did you hear that, folks?  That was a laugher.  “Yeah, I finally talked her into meeting me. We went down the art museum.”  What an absolute crock that was. (music) Smooth Operator, here. Sade.

Is this the bumper rotation version or do we actually have any…? (interruption) Oh, you had…? Well, the lyric line is what’s important.  I thought we were eventually… I was trying to talk up the post.  I thought we were gonna get “Smooth Operator.”  That song was big in the ’90s. Okay, well, here.  We got time to squeeze it in here before the break, so go ahead and let it…

SADE: (Smooth Operator)

RUSH: Here we go.  Now, this is the broadcast version Smooth Operator by Sade.   Seriously, I think Clinton said after she agreed to spend some time with him, they went to the art museum.  I mean, that’s… That only happens in, like, Cosmo, right?  Guys don’t really… Well, maybe some do.

SADE: He’s laughing with another girl, and playing with another heart.

RUSH: Art museum?

SADE: Placing high stakes, making hearts ache. He’s loved in seven languages.

RUSH: Yeah, after that let’s bop off to a history museum and look at the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals there.

SADE: Jewel box life diamond nights and ruby lights, high in the sky.

RUSH: See how they did it.

SADE: Heaven help him, when he falls.

RUSH: Think of now here Bill Clinton chasing Coke-bottle glasses, white print, flowery dress, stringy hair.

SADE: Diamond life, lover boy.

RUSH: That’s his own admission.  That’s what he said, not me.

SADE: He move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy.

RUSH:  I’ve got a cocktail in my right hand, cigarette in my left, and I am —

SADE: City liiiiights —

RUSH: — smoothing.

SADE: — and business nights. When you require streetcar desire for higher heights.

RUSH: Smooth Operator.

SADE: No place for beginners or sensitive hearts. When sentiment is left to chance

No place to be ending but somewhere to start. No need to ask.

RUSH: Here we go.  To the art museum, they gotta go.

SADE: He’s a smooth operator. Smooth operator. Smooth operator.

RUSH: (Clinton impression) “Yeah, I followed her. I followed her to Illinois.”

SADE: Smooth operator.

RUSH: “I went to meet her family, her crusty old conservative dad and there was her mom. And, man, I could barely keep my pants up! I am so ready to go.”


RUSH: To the Bill Clinton performance last night.  I want to begin by going back to my television show — Rush Limbaugh: The Television Show — March 8th, 1994.  And I have long had a theory Bill Clinton-Hillary Clinton relationship.  Not how they met, not that story, not the courtship or any of that. But how it happened that this once-in-a-lifetime woman… Remember, now, she’s been The Smartest Woman in the World in her circle since 1970 when she went away to college.

The reputation she had at Wellesley and Yale was, “My God, this woman single-handedly could end up running the world! This is the smartest woman!”  That was the rep that she had.  So how is it that she ends up in Arkansas with a philandering husband who makes 25 grand a year as governor, and she has to provide the income for the family at the Rose Law Firm, in Arkansas? How does this that happen?  That’s why I evolved a theory to explain it.

Why does The Smartest Woman in the World, who could carve her own career, who was on the Watergate committee — and got thrown off of it, by the way, for wanting to deny Richard Nixon his constitutional rights. Why does that happen? How does a woman who has become a fixture in northeastern liberal politics find herself in the backwoods of Arkansas?  That’s why I evolved my theory.

And that’s what I hope to explain to the scores and scores of liberal Millennial women who have collected here today to listen to that theory, since they do not know the Clintons the way you and I do.  That’s why Clinton’s performance last night may be effective. Because, folks, like I said at the beginning: It’s a great performance.  That was a grand-slam home run.  He might have been weak of voice compared to the past, but he owned the room.

He may not… People are saying he didn’t own it like he did four years ago at the Democrat convention in Charlotte when he was speaking for Obama.  I don’t care.  He owned the room.  Bernie Sanders supporters notwithstanding.  That was vintage Bill Clinton.  He did make it about him.  He’s not capable of not doing that.  But his task was to humanize her, and that’s a pretty big task, and just from the performance — not the truth of it, not the substance of it.

I’m talking from the performance aspect of that. It was great, and we can’t deny these things.  We can’t sit here and hope that’s how people see it.  We’ve got to acknowledge how people see it.  We also have to acknowledge that there are Millennials who don’t know of the Clintons of the nineties, and we’ve always suspected that once they found out that… I mean, Bill Clinton’s behavior was celebrated by Democrats in the nineties.  Even by the feminazis!

The feminazis celebrated Bill, all because he was able to just manhandle us.  Clinton was able to defeat conservatives, Republicans, at every turn.  And so he was given wide latitude, leeway. He could do whatever he wanted and not be condemned for it.  But young people today are not prone to rewarding that kind of behavior.  Bill Clinton-type behavior today is the kind of stuff they say is rape, and these little innocent snowflakes call somebody and say, “Protect us!

“Save us! Give us our safe space” or whatever.  It’s Bill Clinton types that they want protection from.  And a lot of us have relied on the fact that once those people learn about the real Bill Clinton — well, by the same token, if all they learn about Hillary is what they heard Bill say last night, they’re gonna love her.  Until she has to make it all come to life.  See, that’s the thing. The big problem with such a testimonial is can Hillary Clinton bring that story or any of them to life?  When Hillary Clinton takes the stage Thursday night, is she gonna be anything like the story that Bill Clinton told about her?

Are we gonna see a woman that we just cannot understand why Bill Clinton would ever cheat on her?  (interruption) Well, I’m just saying here.  That was my first reaction.  Why’d you cheat on this woman, if she’s that great, if she’s this phenomenal?  And why didn’t we hear about any of her charitable…? I don’t want to rehash this, but she’s got now to live up to all this.  Can she do it?  Time will tell.  Here is a little bite from my TV show back in 1994, and until you stop and think about it and hear me explain this, I fully expect this little sound bite to really anger a certain segment of the female population.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The Hillary Clinton story basically is this. And see how similar this sounds to the old days before the modern era of feminism raised its head. You’re a girl, you’re a young woman, what do you do? You go off to college. That’s what she did. Why do you go? To meet your husband. That’s what she did. She wouldn’t be where she is if it weren’t for her husband. So she goes to college, finds some guy that she thinks is going somewhere, latches on to him, maybe she steers his career and some women are prone to do, maybe she followed, who knows. But the point is that when he got to wherever he was going, that’s when she moves in to take over.

RUSH:  And I think that’s exactly what happened.  Now, back in 1971, when they met, back 1965, 1970, you may not like hearing this, but in much of America, that’s why women went to college.  It was just the formula.  It’s where you went to meet your husband and get that phase of your life started.  That period of time, by the way, coincides with the very beginnings of the modern era of feminism, which I trace to 1969, because that’s when I first began to experience it — and I was a senior in high school then.

So we have the beginnings of feminism starting to rear its head, where all of that got blown up. The whole point of going to college became not to find a husband — screw that! — feminism became, “You don’t want anything about a man to be defining you, and you don’t want your relationship to define, you! You don’t want a relationship to be your happiness.  You certainly don’t want marriage to be the sole determining reason you live.

“You don’t want a relationship to be your happiness, marriage, any of that.  You want to be everywhere.  You want to have it all.  You want to be a corporate success; you want to be an entrepreneurial success.” That’s the beginnings of the feminist movement which sought to emulate men.  I thought that was its mistake from the get-go, rather than carving its own goals.  But, anyway, no doubt people are livid when they hear me say, “In 1970, you went to school to find your husband.”

That’s what you did, and you can’t deny it: That’s what she did.  She met her husband at school.  Now, why?  Why would she give up this rosy, unique, independent future and marry some smooth talker from Little Rock?  You have to understand that the arrogance of Northeastern people… She’s from Illinois, by the time this had all happened she’d become a transplanted Northeasterner, New England or what have you.

She lived at Wellesley and Yale. Her circle of friends was that Ivy League bunch, and they were all being trained for lives in government.  They were all being trained for lives of government: CIA, State Department, you name it. That’s what the Ivy League is.  And many of the people there are legacy. Their families went there; their families are in government. The kids go there.  Well, that wasn’t her.  She was independently there.  She’s from Illinois.

Her family had no such ties.  She was able to forge her way into that world.  And then to those people, the idea of going to Arkansas, if you’re gonna stop and think about it, you don’t do it.  It wouldn’t have made any sense.  It’s like going to Mississippi.  Why would you go to Alabama?  You wouldn’t go.  You wouldn’t… That would be throwing your life away! But she did it.  And the reason she did, is she had to.  For some reason, she wanted to latch on to this guy — and for some reason, this guy wanted her to latch on to him.

I think it’s always been an arrangement that had political objectives and goals, which is fine.  Get married for whatever reason you want, as far as I’m concerned.  But to try to tell a story that this was your standard love story where love means never having to say you’re sorry? That’s not what this was, and this attempt to make it out to be that last night, in a way, was sad.  You know, I actually thought…

Honest to God, folks, I thought — and I read Jim Geraghty at National Review had the same take on this. There were three different occasions last night that I thought I was listening to my grandfather talk about how he had romanced my grandmother, and I’ve mentioned those stories to you.  Clinton’s voice, his manner of speaking and his terminology, “Back in those days… Yeah, back those days… You know, we didn’t have the internet back then.”  My grandfather said, “Back in those days, we didn’t have automobiles.

“So we’d get in a horse and buggy and we would go and park under a tree and we’d read poetry to each other.”  And my grandfather told me all the stories. I mean, their way of communicating… They didn’t have telephones, either, so they communicated with the written word.  And I really… That’s how old Clinton has become to me.  And Jim Geraghty said he had the same reaction two or three times during the speech.

It actually felt like listening to grandpa tell the grandkids all about how he met grandma.  And to me that dated it and aged it. Not that it wasn’t charming.  But back to the story for you young Millennial women.  Remember, this is the burgeoning days of feminism.  This is when the militant feminists are the feminism hormones are raging. They are excited. They are happy. This is a new day! They are through being plugged into these formulas where men run everything and you’re in servitude to them.

It’s the end of the day where wives stay home and raise the kids and all that. That demeaning stuff? No more.  Country club memberships, that’s what you shoot for! To hell with that. No way, no how.  And then she goes to Arkansas.  She seems to punt all that. She’s going to Arkansas?  She gonna be a wife and actually work at the Rose Law Firm, but why go to Arkansas?  And then when she got to Arkansas, what happened?

Her husband is running around on her with everything that walks.  He’s having an affair with Gennifer Flowers, he’s having an affair with… I forget the names, but they’re legion.  He’s cheating on her frequently, and she knows about it and yet puts up with it and stays in Arkansas.  Why?  At the beginning of feminism, when this is exactly the kind of boorish behavior women are not gonna put up with anymore, no way.

Women are not gonna put up with this kind of philandering, disrespectful behavior from their men.  And there she is not only putting up with it, she is helping to destroy the women who come forward and say that Bill Clinton was having an affair with them in Arkansas.  Why did she do this?  Why did she appear to be throwing everything way?  The story continues…


RUSH:  You remember what Bill Clinton said that his favorite memory of Hillary is last night?  Well, if you don’t, I’ll tell you what he said.  His favorite memory of Hillary is her on her hands and knees — and when I heard him say that, you know, you conjure pictures.  I said, “No.  No, no.  This is not…” Thankfully… (interruption) He did!  If you let me finish, he did.  He said his favorite memory of Hillary is her on her hands and knees…

Well, bending over. She was putting her contact paper in the drawers in Chelsea’s dorm.  His favorite memory is Hillary leaning down and putting contact paper in the drawers, in the chest of drawers in Chelsea’s dorm room at Stanford.  Favorite memory.  Favorite memory! Out everything, favorite memory.  Now, I would love to hear somebody in the media ask Hillary what contact paper is.

“Mrs. Clinton, the president said his favorite memory of you is when you were bending over using contact paper.  Do you remember this incident?  What were you doing?  What is contact paper?”  I’m dreaming. It’ll never happen.  “Do you know how to put it in drawers?  Do you know why it’s put in drawers, why we put contact paper in drawers?” That would be an interesting Q&A.  She wouldn’t get it.  So, anyway, why did Hillary go to Arkansas?  Why does she put up with it? In the beginning era of feminism she’s considered one of the leading lights. Why does she put up with it?  And the short answer is: Last night.

She’s nominated president, the Democrat Party candidate.

That’s why she put up with it.


RUSH: This is Ray in Chattanooga.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  I appreciate it.  Listen, I want to go back to your comment earlier about the glass ceiling.

RUSH:  Mmm-hmm.

CALLER:  You know, I think this is gonna be a big deal for the Democrats. They’re gonna make a big deal about it. But let’s not forget that Hillary got this nomination because she cheated, and the only reason she got through the quote/unquote glass ceiling is because she and the DNC actually conspired to get her the nomination.  I wonder what would have happened had she run a fair fight.  I’d love to see Trump use that to dig her a little bit.

RUSH:  He already is.  He did. At the press conference today, he once again took up for Crazy Bernie and how the Democrats are cheating him.  That’s what we learned in the email hack, that the game was rigged.  It’s a good point.  Here they are today, the Democrats; they’re making this big deal about how this woman has overcome all of this discrimination.  She has overcome the biggest guns of opposition that have been arrayed against her!

There are so many people who don’t want her to succeed, and they’ve been doing everything to deny her what is literally her entitlement.  And she has still triumphed over it all, the biggest crack in the glass ceiling ever, and it’s Mrs. Hillary Clinton.  And the fact of the matter is, she cheated!  Let’s put it correctly. The DNC and Debbie BS cheated for her.  We are told Mrs. Clinton didn’t know any of that was going on — which is a total crock.

She not only knew that was going on; she knew she wasn’t gonna be indicted for whatever she’s doing with the emails.  You know how I know that?  Because Jorge Ramos asked her in an interview.  He said, “Would you step down if you were indicted?”  And her reaction was (cackling), “What? Indicted?  For what?   What the heck?  Are you serious?  Oh, my God!”  She said, “Silly!  Ho-ho.”  There was no way it was gonna happen.

She knew.

She knew what they were doing.

Look, folks, she gave up what we were all told she could have had on her own.  She gave up a career that she could have written. She could have named it. She could have named her price! She could have named her job. She was that smart. She was that gifted, and she gave it all up to marry that guy and head off to Arkansas — and not just for a couple years.  They were in Arkansas for quite a while.  He had to be attorney general, then he had to be governor — and he cheated on her constantly.

And she hung in there.  And not only hung in there, she helped destroy the women Clinton cheated with.  She ran the “Bimbo Eruptions Unit” with a woman named Betsey Wright.  And in so doing, she preserved the Democrat Party, because she preserved the career of Bill Clinton.  If she had not stood by the guy at any point, that might have meant the end of his career.  But the fact that she and she alone hung in there made it possible for everybody else to overlook it on the basis:

“Hey, if it doesn’t bother her and she’s his wife, then it’s certainly none of our business.”  And so a vast segment of our moral code was summarily erased.  Hillary Clinton was personally presiding over the dissolution of moral authority — particularly applied to presidents — because she looked the other way, because she tolerated it. She accepted it — knowingly and willingly — and she knew it was gonna happen before they moved to Arkansas.

She knew that’s who he was before they got married.  It would have been hypocritical for her to insist on monogamy.  She knew everything before they got married. She knew everything before they went to Arkansas.  It’s who he was.  The guy was a known, let’s say, “raconteur.” Look, women know these things.  They might dream and hope otherwise.  She knew, in a whole lot of different ways.  Don’t make me explain this.  I’d get in bigger trouble than Trump’s in today.  Just don’t doubt me.

She knew, but she hung in.

Bill Clinton became president, and he kept cheating — and she kept destroying the women.  She was supposed to be paid off in 2008.  They gave her health care; she botched that.  Hillarycare, it was called in 1993, ’94, whatever. That was her first payoff.  Co-presidency was the next payoff.  “Blue plate special,” they said. “Vote for one; get both of us.”  Campaign slogan.  She was constantly portrayed as a co-president even during the campaign. The Smartest Woman in the World.  That’s how they portrayed her to us.

And it was all for the eventual payoff and thank-you by giving her the Democrat Party presidential nomination.  And it went awry in 2008 because somebody they liked better came along.  Somebody they really liked better.  I mean, somebody they loved better.  They threw her overboard like an unwanted sack of potatoes down on the farm for Barack Hussein Obama.  And she seethed, felt betrayed.  Don’t blame her a bit.  They betrayed her big time.

They owed her everything.  She preserved the Democrat Party.  She preserved the Bill Clinton career, meaning she preserved the Bill Clinton presidency, which meant that she preserved eight to ten years of constant victory over the Republicans and over conservatives.  They betrayed her on a moment’s notice.  They did, folks.  There’s always been this implied promise — and it probably was stated somewhere — that she was gonna be thanked.

They were gonna show her gratitude.  There might even be some people who actually think she’s gonna be a good president, too.  But for the most part it was they owed her.  They owed her big time.  They still do, and so does he.  They owe her more than they will ever be able to pay her back.  And even now, look at what the party did: Flirted with Bernie Sanders. Even now, they made her go through this whole campaign season with the daily realization that there’s a whole lot of people who would rather not have her in her own party.


Oh, yeah. Don’t feel sorry for her.

She’s gotten rich, and she’s made a lot of speeches, and she’s get great book deals and so forth. But they don’t love her like they loved Bill, and they don’t love her like they loved Barack, and they don’t love her like they love Michelle.  The love they have for her is related to the fact that right next to her name is a big capital D on the ballot.  That’s why she went to Arkansas.  That’s why she went to the art museum.  That’s why she kept putting up with this guy stalking her, as he described it, because of last night, and because what is supposed to now come: Unifying, adoring, totally devoted support. We will see.

We will see.

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