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It’s been almost a year since the first videos appeared revealing the horrors that go on inside Planned Parenthood abortion mills. And for which the video makers were indicted. On Tuesday, Texas prosecutors abruptly dropped the charges against the two undercover activists who obtained the footage.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the sudden dismissal raised new questions about why prosecutors had proceeded with the case. The DA’s office now says the charges resulted from a flawed indictment, and a grand jury acting beyond its scope.

Well, they might have “new questions” at the Chronicle, but a lot of us have no doubt why the charges were brought in the first place. And why the baseless case was pursued for so long.

Here’s why: liberals were scared.

For the first time, many Americans saw on video heartless Planned Parenthood executives laughing, joking about aborting babies. Even worse, they saw what the harvesting of organs and body parts was all about. They saw how those body parts were sold and bartered. Graphically. It was so disturbing, even Democrats were horrified. That is, until Planned Parenthood and their allies launched a PR campaign to convince people what was on tape, wasn’t true.

It largely worked. Those of you who watched the Democrat convention saw Planned Parenthood given a prominent role, as if nothing ever happened. While the undercover journalists had to fight bogus charges that took a year to resolve.

Sadly, sometimes evil does wins.

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