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“Trump has hijacked what was the biggest night so far in the Democrat convention.” 

“That woman that Bill Clinton talked about Tuesday night, is the answer to everybody’s prayers. Why would you ever put a risk a relationship with such a dreamboat? He’s out there running around on it like you can’t believe. Why didn’t he mention that, by the way?”

“The risk the Democrats run is something they can’t avoid, and that is as more people speak at the Democrat convention and the more Trump responds, the more glaringly obvious it’s going to be how very bad at all this Hillary is.”

“Somebody sent me a note last night. The note was:  ‘Tonight is the only time I would have believed it if Bill Clinton had actually said, “I never had sex with that woman. Not a single time. Never.”‘ I about spit my Diet Coke out when I got that note. I said, ‘Ho-ho!'”

“Remember when Sarah Palin’s email was hacked by the son of a high-ranking Democrat official? Remember how outraged the Democrats were over that? Oh, they weren’t? And you know what else? The AP assigned something like 10 people to read every hacked Sarah Palin email.”

“Democrats think Trump’s actually calling for Russian hackery.  What he’s doing is reminding everybody that those emails are being purposefully hidden from us. I actually think it’s quite clever to ask the Russians to do it since none of the traditional American institutions we rely on for this stuff are coming through.”

“Barack Hussein O is running the student loan program, and yet here are the Democrats whining and moaning about the burden that students carry with them after graduation. Everything they’re whining and complaining about, they did, they created as a result of policy, both Obama and pre-Obama. But they’re not being called on it. They’re not being held accountable.” 

“Donald Trump has done more to change the political landscape and the political dialogue in this country than any of the people on the Democrat National Convention stage the last two nights.”

“The Democrat Party is not Bill Clinton’s party anymore. That’s not… The Democrat Party today is not enamored of Bill Clinton. They may not even be enamored of Hillary. But the things that jazzed Democrats back in the nineties are nowhere near the things that jazz the Democrats of today.”

“Hillary Clinton has been in public, has been a nationally known figure for over 30 years. Why does anybody have to tell us who she is? And why does she need to be ‘humanized’? I mean, you talk about demeaning.”  

“The Bill Clinton story of Hillary Clinton was 30 years of the past. The Democrats of today, they don’t care about the past, other than look at aspects of it they hate. Politics is about moving forward, looking forward.” 

“One tongue-in-cheek comment by Trump, which has served the purpose of refocusing everybody’s attention on Hillary’s emails, is causing a multiple-party and multiple-movement meltdown, both on cable news and on social media. ‘He’s telling the Russians to hack Hillary!'”

“Hillary is out there saying that her nomination now is piercing the biggest crack in the glass ceiling. I mean, that’s odd on a number of different levels. Biggest crack? I don’t think there’s a whole lot of people that think it’s that big a deal that a woman’s got the nomination.”

“When Hillary Clinton takes the stage Thursday night, is she gonna be anything like the story that Bill Clinton told about her? Are we gonna see a woman that we just cannot understand why Bill Clinton would ever cheat on her?”

“The reputation Hillary had at Wellesley and Yale was, ‘My God, this woman single-handedly could end up running the world! This is the smartest woman!’ That was the rep that she had. So how is it that she ends up in Arkansas with a philandering husband who makes 25 grand a year as governor?”

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