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RUSH: You want to talk about change? Last night the theme of the Democrat convention, the theme of the Bill Clinton speech — and there were many in there. But one of the big themes was that Hillary’s a change-maker.  Why, she makes more change and better change and she changes it better — change this, more change — than anybody.  He saw that when she was wearing Coke-bottle glasses and a cute little print white dress and so forth, standing in a registration line in Harvard or Yale or whatever.

He knew the minute he looked at her she was an agent of change.  “I tell you what, she’d want to change and you’d better be prepared ’cause it’s gonna get changed.”  And it’s a crock.  It hasn’t been any change.  We’ve had 30 years of we know what’s coming.  Hillary hasn’t changed.  He couldn’t list the changes.  But, if you want to talk about change, Donald Trump has done more to change the political landscape and the political dialogue in this country than any of the people on the Democrat National Convention stage the last two nights.

Trump has never once held political office.

He’s done all of this with simply the power of his personality.  He does not have a lapdog media.  He does not have a media that clears the decks for him.  He doesn’t have a media that covers up for him.  He doesn’t have a media that fawns over him.  He’s got an adversarial media that’s doing its best to destroy him every day.  And what he’s doing is saying things that a lot of people are thinking, but nobody in national politics has been willing to say, because they are shackled by either fear or political correctness or a combination of the two.

You want to talk about change.  Is there anybody else that you know who could hijack from the most powerful media institutions in the world the coverage of the Democrat National Convention less than 12 hours after it finished?  Is there anybody?  And they had some pretty bad star power on the stage last. I couldn’t believe they brought out there. (interruption) Well, no, I understood the Meryl Streep and I understood what’s her name. Lena Dunham.

Here’s a woman who admittedly sexually harassed her own sister or molested her own sister. She did, right?  They bring her out. She has this fake, phony, false rape accusation story at Oberlin University where she went.  She fits right in.  Fake, phony, lie. She fits right in with them.  The guy I couldn’t believe they brought out was Tony Goldwyn.  Who’s Tony Goldwyn?  Tony Goldwyn place the president on the TV show Scandal, and you know what he’s known for?

Sleeping with anything that walks in the office. (interruption) Well, that’s what I mean.  Why would you…? On a night where you’re gonna have “the big dog” come up and gloss over all of that, why would you bring out a guy who plays the exact character on television?  But they did.  Just… I don’t know.  I’m eating it up. (interruption) Yeah, I’m surprised that that didn’t get more attention, but I did note that Michael Brown’s mom didn’t speak, and I think that was very smart of them.

She was gonna be one of the prominent speakers, and she ended up not speaking, and that was very, very wise, because she was gonna tell a story that didn’t happen.  I really am glad for whatever happened that made them decide to not let her speak, ’cause if she had, who knows what might have happened.  That whole thing is a lie.  That whole thing is half the reason these protests are still going on outside the arena, half the reason Black Lives Matter still has any credibility.

It’s based on a lie, that whole “hands up, don’t shoot” out of Ferguson.  And if they had let her speak last night and continue this, they would have had whatever blood on their hands resulting from it. So somebody… I don’t know. (interruption) The actress who hosted that segment?  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I just am glad that somebody… There obviously was an adult somewhere in there, and I think only three or four of them actually spoke, right?

And only one of them that spoke actually had experience with a police officer shooting their kid.  The others — and then we wake up today, and we find out that all charges against all remaining cops have been dropped in Baltimore.  Well, that means it’s time for Marilyn Mosby to keynote the convention tonight.  I mean, the Democrats reward failure.  I mean, that’s how you rise in the Democrat Party: Failure big time, the bigger the better.

Like Jimmy Carter, the bigger failure you are, the more prominent they make you.  Dan Rather ditto in the media.  So I think it’s time for Marilyn Mosby to get her… She tried.  She tried to advance the Democrat Party agenda.  She did everything she could to get all those cops locked up for life.  Who cares that she bombed out? She tried!  She put her career on the line.  It’s time for them to reward her tonight.  Marilyn Mosby, the DA, state attorney, whatever they call her in Baltimore.

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