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RUSH: You go to the media and they’re just obsessed with Trump.  They just are beside themselves with this.  “Trump has endangered American national security.  Trump is close to having committed treason.”  Seriously, I’m not just trying to be outrageous for the sake of it, which I never do, by the way.  When all of a sudden did they start caring about this?  These are the people with unsecured servers. These are the people whose servers have been hacked by the Russians.

The Democrat National Committee, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, the ChiComs, the Russians, are attacking our cyber networks, and they’ve succeeded.  It’s only common sense to assume that they hacked Hillary’s private server in the basement of Chappaqua.  I’m gonna try to explain this, what Trump did and what he meant, again.  I did yesterday.  I was the first to properly characterize this as sarcasm.  You know, what Trump was doing was vintage EIB, illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

Okay, so what’s the absurdity here? (snorts)  You can’t name just one.  Let’s go down the list.  Hillary Clinton had 60,000 emails, she says, on a private server she set up (which we now know was against guidelines and was probably a violation of the law) in the basement of her home in Chappaqua. And we know that she did this to escape any kind of scrutiny and to avoid having to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests.

And she did this to hide activity which we already know she was engaged in, and that is selling her future presidency to foreign donors to the tune of $100 million or more via the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.  She was selling access.  She didn’t want there to be any proof it.  She wanted there to be no way anybody would be able to prove this. That’s why it didn’t happen at the State Department on their servers.

Okay, so there’s 60,000 emails, we learn of the server. “Oh, my God, what’s going on there? Is national security at risk?”  It’s a legitimate question in this case.  Democrats told us at the time, “No, no, no. There’s no national security concern here.  We’re talking Hillary Clinton.  She’s a super patriot! We have nothing to worry about.  In fact, Hillary’s gonna go through all those emails, and she’s gonna turn over the relevant ones to the State Department,” which meant about 30,000 were turned over — and the other 30,000? They are gone, folks.

It’s key.  This is key to understanding all of this.  Those 30,000 emails are gone, and the servers have been wiped.  Remember when somebody asked Hillary in the media, “Well, what did you wipe the server?”  “Oh, you mean with a cloth,” she said, Sarah Palinesque.  So they’re gone.  But we’re told there was nothing to see anyway, which is why they’re gone.  They have nothing to do with anything but yoga lessons and Chelsea’s matrimonial configurations such as the rehearsal dinner and the wardrobe and the registration and all these other things.

It’d just be boring to anybody to see, and Mrs. Clinton wanted to spare us all that, so she just dumped those.  But then, since all of that happened, we’ve had the FBI director come out and basically say that everything that Hillary Clinton did here is suspicious, that much of it is illegal, and that the only reason she wasn’t prosecuted is that they couldn’t find any evidence of intent.  But they found all kinds of evidence of negligence and so forth.

She was clearly trying to hide things.  There are 30,000 emails.  There are hacks that we know have taken place all over the place, and so the assumption is that her server among all these various servers would have been the easiest to hack.  There have been repeated efforts for years to get to the bottom of this, and every effort has been met with a stonewall by the Obama administration and ultimately the FBI and the Department of Justice.

And we were treated to a press conference by Director Comey of the FBI where he basically listed what would have been on an indictment had she been charged and she could have been and should have been but wasn’t because they couldn’t find any real intent.  The real reason she wasn’t charged is the FBI director didn’t want it on his head.  He didn’t want to be the one person to take action that would have eliminated a major party’s presidential candidate.

His view was the voters should do this.  He didn’t even want to go there.  But he made it clear in that press conference that there is illegality piled on illegality piled on suspicion. It just kept piling up, and everything about this creates more and more questions — all related to what?  National security.  Now, moving forward to the timeline, we then learn the Democrat National Committee servers have been hacked, and it is WikiLeaks that releases the evidence, the emails that have been hacked.

And we found out that the Democrat National Committee was working to deny Crazy Bernie Sanders the Democrat nomination.  We learned the Democrat Party had rigged its primary.  We knew it because the evidence was clear day to day when they were scheduling debates on Saturday nights when nobody watches. Crazy Bernie was winning state after state after state, and yet Hillary’s delegate count was increasing after every loss.  And we had the superdelegates.

So we knew the fix was in.  We knew that this was gonna be a Hillary coronation.  We knew that Bernie Sanders was never, ever gonna be the nominee. But his supporters didn’t.  His supporters thought it was legit.  His supporters thought he was on the way to winning.  His supporters thought he could have.  His supporters vastly preferred him to her.  But then we all learned that Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and the rest of the DNC were rigging the game, guaranteeing that Bernie Sanders would lose.

How did we learn this?

We learn it from a hack.

Who, were we told, was responsible for this?  Vladimir Putin and the Russians.  So we’re just sitting here minding our own business and we are absorbing what we’re being told by the media and by the Democrats and by the Regime, and that is that the Russians had hacked the DNC. All these cyber experts, paper after paper, blog post after blog post, story after story suggests that it was the Russians who did this.  And the Russians left evidence — maybe some of it on purpose, maybe some of it accidental.

We were told there were two different Russian cyber teams leaving evidence.  We were told of Guccifer 2.0.  Guccifer 1.0 was the original hacker from Romania.  We were told that Guccifer 2.0 was actually a creation by the Russians to deflect attention from them.  But we knew. We knew it was the Russians.  So far Donald Trump hadn’t said a word here, but what we all know.  We know what we know because of the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party, and the Regime.

The Russians hacked the DNC server and the hack produced emails that showed they rigged the game of their own primary.  Donald Trump hasn’t had a word to say about it.  He hasn’t at this point had anything to do with it.  Well, he’s commented on it, like we all have, but he’s got no culpability here.  He was not involved in helping the DNC stack the deck against Crazy Bernie.  He just commented on it as it was happening, ’cause we all (with common sense) could see it.

But the questions persist.  Hillary says there aren’t any more emails to produce.  She says there’s nothing to see anyway because they’re all personal.  She destroyed them.  She destroyed the server.  No one else seems interested in discovering them, despite all the facts of the DOD, the DOJ, the DNC.  But people do want to know what she destroyed.  She was running for president.  What was on there?  Is she selling access?  How’s she get $100 million in a charitable foundation from foreign governments?

How does that happen?

Could the evidence be on what she destroyed?  We really need to see what’s in those emails.  We really need to find out.  She’s running for president.  So Trump doing this press conference yesterday, gets questions and questions on this and emails, and he finally — knowing everything I just said to you, knowing that everybody and their uncle in the United States has said, “Oh, sorry, we can’t find these emails. They’re gone. They’re destroyed.”  But we know there have been hacks.

They’ve told us. The DNC told us they were hacked by the Russians.  So we know the Russians are out there hacking Democrat servers and networks.  It’s a common-sense connection.  There’s 30,000 emails Hillary destroyed in a server.  Trump keeps getting questions about this.  So Trump says, hey… Grab audio sound bite number seven. Given everything I’ve just told you, that I’ve just put it all in context for you — and what we’re told is utter BS.

“You shouldn’t be interested. There’s nothing there. It’s all private. It’s none of your business! You should trust Hillary. She went through their 60,000 emails. She only sent over what was of interest.  The 30,000 she deleted? None of your business! It was all personal.”  So we’ve exhausted every possible way domestically.  We’ve exhausted every chance we have to find out was what on those emails and that server, despite the fact we need to know. We have nowhere else to go.  Comey says (summarized), “There’s nothing to see, nothing to find. It’s not there.”

FBI, the number one law enforcement agency.

So Trump says, “You know what?  Maybe…

TRUMP:  I will tell you this.  Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.  I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.  Let’s see if that happens.

RUSH:  There you go, right there. They’re not playing the tail end of that bite today all over network TV.  They’re deleting that: “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”  The media is covering it up, which is the point of the comment.  It’s a pointed, sarcastic way to illustrate that we’re still being misled, still be lied to, and nothing in America could be trusted.  “Maybe the Russians know.  They did the hack, right?  Maybe the Russians can find it.”  It was a brilliant sarcastic comment that made a point, and that’s why they are run ragged by it.


RUSH: I’ll tell you something else that happened with the Democrat and media reaction to Trump’s sarcastic comment — and it’s the epitome of sarcasm. It is parody.  “Well, you know, if the greatest minds in America and one of the greatest political parties can’t answer the question, maybe the Russians have the answer.

“They did the hacking. Maybe the Russians can tell us. Maybe the Russians can tell the media.”  But wait, the media? They wouldn’t be interested in that, ’cause the media’s part of the cover-up here.  But you know what happened here as a result of this?  The Democrats, in their eagerness to respond to Trump ’cause they thought that this is the Trump implosion — this is the gaffe, this is the one that’s gonna make everybody realize that Trump’s not qualified and ought not even be running — they inadvertently admitted that there are national security details on these 30,000 emails that Hillary threw away.

And I wonder if they’re actually gone, thrown away and so forth.  But it’s clear to me that the reason everybody’s going crazy over this is because Trump has once again exposed the lying and the untrustworthiness of all the people on the left involved in this.  That’s why they can’t let go of this.  If it’s that… If Trump has really stepped in it, let him live in it, you know? Let him live in it.  But they are overdoing it as they always do, ’cause they’re bothered by it.


RUSH: On this Trump business, I’m gonna tell you the honest truth: I don’t think Trump even realizes — and I don’t mean this to be a put-down.

I think Trump has natural performer instincts.  It’s clear that he has a performer’s ego, and I think Trump’s sense of humor is naturally inclined to parody and satire and in-your-face snark when he’s talking to people he knows are his enemies, and he just loves jamming it down their throats.  He knows who’s asking these questions.  And I don’t think that Trump, before that press conference yesterday, came up with that line.  I think it came up on the fly.

I could be wrong about this, but the whole thing yesterday was like everything else Trump does: Improv.  He’s confident enough that he just rolls with it.  He’s informed enough and he’s opinionated enough and confident enough that he doesn’t have to have everything that he’s going to say preconceived and written down somewhere to remind him, ’cause what he says is what he believes.  It’s in his heart one way or the other.

I personally can relate to all of this.  There are times I feel like I’m actually watching myself here from back in the good old Rush to Excellence days.  So here’s what I really think is going on here.  And I know when you try to explain comedy is when it stops being funny.  When you start explaining satire or parody, then it stops being funny.  That’s why when comedians start talking about what they do, you don’t really find it compelling.  You don’t appreciate the machinations of creating laughter.

You just want to laugh.

It’s not like magic where you want to know how they did that and you’re desperate to find out the trick.  You don’t care what process a comedian went through to create the routine or the joke or what have you.  And the more spontaneous it is, then the less of a process there was in the first place, other than life experiences.  So in the first hour I went through a timeline here of everything about these emails, but I forgot to mention the key aspect of it here, from Trump’s standpoint, your standpoint, mine, and even Hillary’s and the media’s.

The primary area of importance is we believe that she has gotten away with committing criminal and near criminal activity to the detriment of our country, and we are not satisfied with what the FBI director told us, and we are not satisfied that the effort to get to the truth has been shut down.  We’re insulted by it.  We’re insulted by the fact that powerful people inside the establishment are automatically gonna get away with it.

Why should somebody in the Beltway get away with this just ’cause they’re running for president?  It ought to be just the exact opposite.  You’re running for president. You ought to be the last person to get away with this. The standards ought to be higher.  But we’re told we couldn’t hold her accountable because that would be too much of an earthquake for the presidential process right now because the Democrats have chosen their candidate, and it’s not up to the legal system to have any impact on the will of the people as expressed at the voting booth.

That’s exactly what’s wrong with this.  Nobody’s above the law, particularly people seeking public office. They have access to all of that money, access to all of that power.  They ought to be vetted more than anybody else is vetted.  They ought to be declared crystal clear, clean and pure as the wind-driven snow before anybody else is.  They should be held to a higher standard, not a lower standard. And we all know that she has been held to a lower standard than anybody else would be on this.

And we think this is a gross injustice.  And so we have not stopped trying to get to the bottom of it.  We don’t want this woman to win this election.  We’re searching for every bit of legitimate evidence we can to persuade people that she would be a mistake.  And one of those areas that we are trying to dig up every bit of information we can is this email situation, ’cause this is dirty.

This was illegal and suspicious from the get-go.  The effort to cover it up has been an effort solely undertaken by the perp.  In what other proceeding does the perp get away with saying to the investigative authorities, “I’m sorry.  I gave you everything that you could possibly be interested in.”  That just doesn’t happen.  There are 30,000 emails that she deleted, that she wiped.  And the conclusion is, “Well, okay, that’s it! They’re gone. There’s a nothing we can do about it,” and we have to take her word.

Well, we don’t take her word, for this or much else.  Intelligence guided by experience.  So this is ongoing.  And in the midst of this — to us, to Trump, to you and me, to many Americans — this is unresolved to the point that someone has really gotten away with something.  The insult added to injury on this is that we knew from the get-go. We suspected from the get-go that she was gonna get away with it precisely the way she did.

She’s bigger than the system.  She’s bigger than the law — she’s above it — because she’s special, because she’s a presidential candidate, ’cause she’s a ranking Democrat, ’cause she a member of the administration, whatever.  So in the midst of all of this — after having the FBI director run through the list of illegalities, after the FBI director basically confirms the violations of US statutory law and tells us we can’t prosecute ’cause he couldn’t find intent and therefore there’s nothing to prosecute, and we think that’s dubious…

So it’s unsettled. We’re of the mind that she is continuing to get away with it.  Her allies at the same time are celebrating that she’s gotten away with it, and they think it’s over.  They think they’ve won again.  They have snookered us.  They have schlonged us.  They have beat us back again.  They’re going privately, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!”  But we don’t think it’s over.  And our thoughts are confirmed.

Because right at the beginning of the Democrat National Convention, lo and behold, there is a major document dump of emails from the Democrat National Committee which prove what we all knew, that the Democrat National Committee was rigging their own primary process for Hillary Clinton.  And how did we learn it?  We learned of it by virtue of a hack of the Democrat National Committee email servers.  Well, wait a minute.  Hillary had an email server.

See, all of this stuff goes together, your thoughts fire, all of these things occur to you at the same time.  Well, wait a minute now. And then we’re told the Russians did it.  Russians are denying it, but cyber experts hired by the Democrats, many of them telling us the Democrats assured us that the Russians did this, the Russians are the cyber attackers, the Russians are the spies, the Russians did it. So we’re supposed to hate the Russians, not the DNC.

We’re supposed to suspect the Russians.  They tried to get us angrier at the Russians for releasing this rather than us be angry at the actions taken by the Democrats, which were dishonest, misleading, and damaging to Bernie Sanders.  They don’t want us to paying attention to that.  They want us to be mad at the Russians.  All of this matters, and Trump hears all of this, we hear all of this, then it eventuates that Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz gets canned.  She has to leave Philadelphia in disgrace.

And the Democrats start trying to cover all of this up.  And Trump decides, as a political maneuver, that he’s gonna hijack the Democrat convention by doing a press conference on Tuesday to respond to what he heard on Monday.  Or maybe it was a press conference on Wednesday to hijack what happened there on Tuesday.  A brilliant political move.  Bill Clinton made a speech on Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning nobody was talks about it. Just like today nobody’s talking about Obama’s speech, as great as it was.

So what this all boils down to is this, very simple, in my estimation.  Trump: natural comedic, sarcastic, his natural inclination to use parody to make a point.  So in the midst of this press conference yesterday the press is peppering him with questions on the emails and the Democrat Party hack and so forth, and he just happens to come out (imitating Trump), “Hey, you know what? The Russians hacked the DNC server. Maybe the Russians know what happened to Hillary’s emails.”  So Trump, as I say, he may not even be aware of this talent.  Don’t laugh at that.  I mean, there’s some people that have natural abilities that don’t think about what they do, they just do it.  And you try to get them to explain it, and they can’t.

So he comes out with this (imitating Trump), “You know, maybe the Russians, attention, attention, Russians, maybe you could help us, maybe you could find the 30,000 –”  He didn’t say maybe you could hack, maybe you could find the missing emails.  If you find ’em, tell the media.  The media, I’m sure they’ll reward you for it.  What did that mean?  Trump was signaling that he knows there’s a cover-up going on. He knows there’s potentially damaging stuff still out there, and he knows that nobody’s making an effort to find it, and yet the Democrats wanted us to blame the Russians for what happened to the DNC servers, so why not, if the Russians are involved, ask ’em for assistance on this, as a way of jamming it back at the Democrats.

And the reason it made everybody mad is because it illustrated we’re not through with this.  Hillary and her emails and her server, that is not a closed subject with us, but with them it is.  They, the Democrats and Hillary and the media, they think it’s over, and they think they won. They think, once again, a Clinton has gotten away with it.  And Trump comes along and simply reminds them, no, you may think that, but we’re not through with this.  And that’s why they’re offended.  In their world, there’s nothing to see here.  Hillary got away with it; it’s over.  Time to take your lumps.  Time for you people, Trump, time for you to eat it.  We won.  We beat it back.  Hillary’s gonna be the nominee.

Trump’s little comment distorts their reality, distorts their reality that Hillary got away with it.  Trump just reminded everybody that there’s still a scandal ongoing out there.  And the Democrats don’t want to be reminded of it. Now they can’t let it go.  Now they’re trying, in order to discredit this, they’re trying to accuse Trump of treason, never seen anything as outrageous as this, encouraging a foreign power to sabotage the candidacy of a major political party?  It’s not at all what was going on.

All Trump did was in his own words say: “We don’t believe you.  We still think there’s a lot of dirt in those emails and we think it’d be very damning if anybody ever found ’em. And we know you’re covering it up, and we know you don’t want anybody to find it, and we know you think you’ve won, but we still have people helping us.  Maybe the Russians will.”

It was designed to tick ’em off, it was designed to hit ’em right between the eyes, and it did.  And when Trump says it’s sarcasm, it is.  It’s snark.  It’s essentially saying, “We don’t believe you people.  We don’t believe her, and we don’t believe you.”  And that’s why they’re so mad about it.  They’re so mad about it they can’t let it go.  They’re so mad about it that Obama’s speech last night hasn’t been talked about much at all today, which stuns me.  ‘Cause I thought it was so great. I thought it was so wonderful.  Why do we need to pass the torch? Why do we need a change maker? In Obama’s world everything we’ve got is utopia.  Why do we need to do any more?


RUSH: Here’s Kevin in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Great to have you, sir.  Glad you waited.  You’re up next.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, super mega dittos from the state of Virginia, home of former governor Bob McDonnell who I went to law school with.  Hey, I wanted to bring up the Russian comments, that it seems absurd, the angle that news media is taking, the liberals, the Drive-By Media are taking on this, because how could Trump be proposing anybody hack anything when the email server that we’re talking about is in FBI custody.

RUSH:  Look, I’m glad you called because I have found — can I tell you how depressing this job can be?  A person who does temporary work here but loves the program and is here I don’t know how often, but often enough and a daily listener.  She just said that she’s so worried about what Trump said.  I’m thinking, so somebody who listens regularly still falls for the way the media covers something, despite 28 years of exposure from me on how to avoid falling into the trap.  This is how difficult it is.  It’s just the media gets all in unison and you have to have a daily consciousness.  You have to tell yourself every day, don’t believe.  Whatever they say, your first reaction has to be, it may not be true, don’t believe it, and start questioning it.

No offense, Kevin here, I’m not relating that to you, but Trump did not suggest anything be hacked.  They want you to think he did.  That would be encouraging a foreign government to commit espionage.  He didn’t suggest hack.  He said maybe they can find.  The hack already happened.  They probably already got the stuff.  Maybe they can find it.  But he didn’t suggest a hack.

But the second thing — and this is really important — the server is gone, the FBI does not have it.  The FBI does not have those 30,000 emails.  Hillary got rid of them.  Hillary and her IT guy wiped them, wiped the server after she and she alone told the world that there was nothing on there that we would find interesting.  It’s about yoga, it’s about Chelsea’s wedding and whatever else.  And everybody, oh, okay, okay, fine.

Do you think the IRS would have allowed Al Capone to say, “Look, you don’t need to audit me. I haven’t violated tax law.”

“Oh, okay, Al, cool, fine.”  Well, that’s what’s happened here.  So the only hope that we find out what’s on those things is if it already was hacked.  And we think if they hacked the DNC, if they hacked the DOJ, if they hacked the Pentagon, clearly they hacked Hillary’s server, and it would have been easier than any of those and that server’s been around for all the years she was secretary of state.  So somebody’s got those emails.  Trump is saying maybe the Russians have it, maybe they can find them and tell us what they are.  I mean, it was a giant goose to the media and the Democrats.


RUSH: Folks, the media also know exactly what Trump meant.  This is as big an act as when they were supposedly outraged when I supposedly called a legitimate hero a phony soldier.  They knew, the media knew I never called a legitimate hero a phony soldier, but Harry Reid said I did, and so they got in line.

The word went out because the Democrat convention’s going on and we got a chance to destroy Trump here, national security, one of our weaknesses, they will admit, so the marching orders went out, portray Trump’s comment as risky, dangerous to national security, he’s unfit, he’s unqualified.  The media knew exactly what he was doing with that joke. They knew exactly what he was doing and all of these roundtable discussions we’ve been watching since are filled with Drive-By Media people making it up.

They’re making up reasons why this is so serious. They’re making up reasons why Trump must go, why this is unparalleled, we’ve never seen a presidential candidate behave so irresponsibly.  Trump is dangerous.  We don’t know what he’s gonna say.  At least we know what Hillary’s gonna say.  We don’t know what’s coming out of Trump.  I’ve heard all this.  And they are as phony as anybody else in this.  Trump was being sarcastic and aiming it at them and aiming it at Hillary and her email.  None of this is it a mystery, and the outrage is phony.

The outrage at Trump is trumped up and made up and phony.  The ongoing nature of it is.  It’s all a giant act.  It’s the daily soap opera script.  But the bottom line is at least Trump is the one writing it.  Every night the Democrats have thought they hit a home run and the next day everybody is talking about Donald Trump.  And they are seething about that, too.  They don’t know how to deal with it.

Folks, they have had as smooth sailing as is possible to have, the Democrat Party has, when their opponents were standard, ordinary, everyday Republicans.  They’ve been able to get away with whatever lie, whatever myth, whatever mischaracterization, whatever creation of false reality that they did, like every night of their convention has been.

They don’t know how to react when there’s push-back.  They don’t know how to react when there’s competition for establishing the media narrative every day.  And that’s another reason they’re despising Trump.  He’s a neophyte.  He’s not supposed to be able to outsmart them.  He doesn’t have a cadre of consultants and media advisors telling him how to do this; he’s just doing it.  That ticks ’em off.  But I’m telling you, they know.  All of this is a giant show aimed at, what, destroying Trump, protecting Hillary, whatever the usual agenda here is.

My only point to you is, this mock outrage, just like the mock outrage over me supposedly calling a legitimate hero a phony soldier, the mock outrage over some other things I supposedly have said.  This is mock outrage, they’re all faking it.  It’s all part of the show, it’s all part of the agenda.  Whoever sends out the marching orders, “This is how we’re gonna react to the Trump thing.”  And they all do.

No matter what network you go to, no matter what newspaper you read it’s all the same, isn’t it?  The allegations against Trump, irresponsible, could be treason, gotta get rid of him, not qualified.  It’s all the same.  And every expert, except the Trump spokesman, on every network said the exact same stuff.  So no matter what people watch, that’s what they hear.

I’m spending a lot of time on it ’cause I think it’s important.  It’s all part of my ongoing education project here to get people to understand the media and the Democrats on the left. And as long as I do this I’m not gonna stop.  And it’s necessary.  It obviously is still necessary.


RUSH: David Gregory will not let this go, either.  He was on with Wolf on CNN this afternoon and Blitzer said, “Trump now says he was simply being sarcastic.  Yesterday Newt Gingrich said he wasn’t being serious.  Does Trump have a fair point in this, Mr. Gregory?”

GREGORY:  No, I think he has no fair point.  What candidate for the presidency would be sarcastic or joke about something like that?  And if he was being sarcastic, why did the campaign immediately release a statement by his running mate, Mike Pence, to clean up what Trump had said and say, “Well, you know, Russia’s dangerous, and they would face serious consequences if they did this”?  I think this is a big moment.

RUSH:  I’ll tell you why.  I’ll tell you why Pence went out there is because they could see you guys circling the wagons.  You guys are putting ’em in the Alamo and you’re covering the front door and the back door.  Wait.  There wasn’t a back door.  Anyway, you guys are surrounding and you’re prepared to fire everything you’ve got.  That’s why Pence went out there.

We defend our people.  This guy Gregory, he no more believes that Trump was actually — you know, folks, some of these people might be such true believers they actually do believe this stuff because of their convoluted, perverted understanding of conservatives and Republicans, they might actually think all that.  But I maintain that most of them don’t.  Most of them know that Trump was cracking a joke being sarcastic and jamming them, and they don’t want him to get away with it, they don’t want him to be successful in mocking them and mocking Hillary so they’re out there doing what they can to create public opinion opposite to it.

And I really, I said it once, I’ll say it again, I think Trump has a natural instinct to these things that he may not even understand.  It’s called talent.  And I don’t mean this as a put-down.  I can imagine people today are gonna start analyzing this that I just said, think I’m stretching.  I’m not stretching.  I think some people have natural talent toward certain kinds of humor or snark or put-down, and they don’t have to conceive it, they don’t have to think about it in advance, they don’t have to write it down, they don’t have to brainstorm it, it just happens.

I know it does with me and liberals.  I taunt them all the time.  Half the fun of this program is taunting the media.  And, frankly, there’s nobody better at it.  If I wanted to, folks, I could have myself in the news every day the way Trump’s in the news today.  Most of the time it happens I choose to do it.  I tell you in advance.  “Okay, we’re gonna taunt ’em today. I’m gonna say something and you watch tomorrow, they’re gonna all go ballistic,” and they do.

Am I right, Snerdley?  It’s become a fun thing to do here.  I know just how to push their buttons.  That’s what Trump did.


RUSH: This is Laird in Savannah.  You’re next on the EIB Network net.  How are things in Georgia today?

CALLER:  They’re still wonderful.  A little warm, but beautiful.

RUSH:  Well, thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Well, I thank you for taking my call, and thank you for the work you do and what you’ve done for the last 28 years. But here’s where my thoughts were, and it’s been worth waiting to get to you.  Now that the Hildebeast and her minions are trying to label the Russians as our enemy and are accusing Donald Trump of aiding and abetting our enemy, I find it very ironic that (unintelligible) the Russian space program in trusting them with the lives of our astronauts.  I think Trump’s comments were surely satire and maybe some wishful thinking, but I truly hope that either they or someone who had those emails will be brave enough to go ahead and —

RUSH:  Somebody’s got ’em.  Somebody’s got ’em.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever has ’em holds onto ’em to blackmail Hillary if she wins.  You can go one or two ways with these things, if you have them.  Like if you’re Julian Assange, he chose to release the DNC emails showing thuggery, showing hackery, showing rigged elections during their convention.  And all of that was like designed to redound negatively to Hillary.

He’s obviously got more.  That’s just the DNC server.  There’s obviously more.  He’s not admitting the source.  He says it doesn’t matter.  But he’s obviously got more.  Let’s say it is the Russians.  Okay, the Russians could look at this one or two ways, the Russians could say, “You know what?  We’re gonna stand aside. We’re gonna let this election play out, and if Hillary wins, we own her. We’ve got all this stuff from her server, her emails, the Democrat Party, we could blackmail her and have her doing our bidding every day of her presidency.”  That’d be one way of looking at it.

Another way of looking at it would be — and, by the way, I have been meaning to mention this, and I’m glad I remembered it just now.  I don’t remember exactly when, but Putin has accused us of interfering in Russian elections.  I forget the circumstances.  It wasn’t that long ago.  It’s obviously during the Obama administration.  And the reason I mention that is that some people will theorizing this is payback for that.   That’s another thing that offends me, when these neophytes like David Gregory run around acting like this doesn’t happen and it’s just outrageous that Trump would suggest it.

Superpowers are trying to undermine each other every day with computer cyber attacks, any number of things that are going on.  This is why it’s so damn important to have patriots in these positions.  It’s why it’s important to have people who love America in these positions and take attacks on America seriously.  It’s why it’s important not to have in these positions people who already think America’s guilty of things.  It’s why it’s so damn important to have people in these positions who don’t think they have to run around and apologize for America.  It’s bad enough that our enemies are trying to undermine us in any which way they can.  The ChiComs are doing the same thing.

And, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, I want to remind you of something. I have mentioned this on several occasions on this program before, but I think it’s the necessary to do so again.  Because back during the Reagan administration, all the way back in the 1980s, there was a senator by the name of Teddy Kennedy, and do you know what Teddy Kennedy did?  Teddy Kennedy sent a letter. He might have even gone to Moscow.  He sent a letter. I’m looking for the story. He sent a letter to Yuri Andropov, I believe, it was.

Here it is.  Senator Kennedy requested the general secretary of the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republican, Yuri Andropov, ignore Reagan and to be patient and wait Reagan out.  Kennedy wanted Andropov and the communist Soviets to be patient and wait along with the Democrats for Reagan to end his term and we could go back to normal relations.  You want to talk about Trump and the Russians?

Senator Edward Kennedy actively sought to undermine — and we found out about this with the collapse of the Soviet Union. They had giant treasure troves of files from the KGB that were released, and Kennedy’s letter and subsequent letters were among the treasure trove.  Teddy Kennedy was trying to undermine the Reagan administration with the Soviet Union.  May 14, 1983, Reagan’s first term.


RUSH:  So Teddy Kennedy sent an emissary request to Yuri Andropov, head honcho of the Soviet Union in 1983. “The only real threats to Reagan are problems of war and peace and Soviet-American relations. These issues, according to the senator, will without a doubt become the most important of the election campaign. The movement advocating a freeze on nuclear arsenals of both countries continues to gain strength in the United States.

“The movement is also willing to accept preparations, particularly from Kennedy, for its continued growth.”  So Kennedy was encouraging a nuclear freeze, encouraging anything he could do to undermine Reagan so as to undermine Reagan’s reelection.  Teddy Kennedy was working with the Soviets, had an emissary — a guy named John Tunney — to talk with Andropov.  Don’t go on Trump and treason.  And, by the way, why are we not seeing any Kennedys or Cuomos at this convention, hmm?

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