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RUSH: Here is Pam in Pittsburgh.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you?  It’s an honor to speak with you today.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  Thank you.  My question is, Hillary Clinton, while she was secretary of state, sold 20% of all America’s uranium to Russia, Vladimir Putin, and received $145 million, and the money was placed in the Clinton Foundation, which is now under a federal probe.  Why is that not spoken about?  That’s espionage.  And that’s probably why she’s so close to Russia and that’s probably where her missing emails are.

RUSH:  Well, it has been spoken of because that’s how you know about it.  And the reason you —

CALLER:  I mean recently. You don’t hear about it.

RUSH:  From who?

CALLER:  I mean, nobody talks about it.

RUSH:  Who do you expect to hear it from?

CALLER:  Well, I guess Trump couldn’t talk about it.  I mean, somebody should talk about it.

RUSH:  Well, there’s a whole book about this.  That anecdote, that story comes from a book called Clinton Cash.  A movie has been made of it and the entire story of how that whole uranium thing was swung by Bill Clinton. The Clintons are not gonna tell the story, and the media’s not gonna tell this story.  This is my point.  The media’s not gonna tell these things.  The media is ignoring the Clinton Cash book and Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, Hillary’s America.

We’re two countries, which is my point at the outset.  We’re genuinely divided and we’re going to find out who outnumbers who here in November.  We have two medias — yes, we do.  I mean, there are more than two, but we have a dividing line.  There’s media on the left; there’s media on the right.  There’s no crossover.  The Clinton books, you won’t even see ’em reviewed in the New York Times.  It’s like they don’t exist.

But that uranium story, I’m having a mental block on the guy who wrote Clinton Cash.  Schweiker, Schweizer.  Can’t think of his name.  Peter.  Peter Schweizer.  He’s at Hoover Institute.  And they’ve made a movie out of the thing and it was basically Bill Clinton arranging for somebody in that business to have an “in” in Kazakhstan in exchange for something the Clintons got. And it resulted in a vast majority or a big supply of US uranium going to Kazakhstan.  I think that’s what it was.  But the story is out there, that’s how you know about it.  But Trump, he’ll probably talk about it at some point during the campaign, I would expect.


RUSH: Now, folks, I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic to your frustrations.  I feel them.  In fact, I know what is frustrating.  I know how to boil it down to a precious few words.  You may not even know exactly what it is that’s bothering you.  I mean, you may have a specific complaint here or there, but I have the umbrella under which all these things are falling.  I’ll tell you exactly what it is.

There’s no reality.  And this is why people are freaking out.  Our last call.  Her story about the Clintons and the manipulation of uranium and the arrangement so that they personally profit to tens of millions of dollars’ worth and the end result is the transferal of a lot of US uranium, the United States uranium stockpile to Kazakhstan, or one of the stans.  It literally happened.  Everything in Peter Schweiker’s book, Clinton Cash, everything in it is real.  Everything in it happened.

But, if it’s not talked about in say the Drive-By Media, does it even exist, is it real?  You know it, you’ve read it, you maybe have heard some of the stories in Clinton Cash.  You’ve heard some of the details in Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, Hillary’s America.  But yet it doesn’t seem to matter.  Therefore there’s no reality.  Everything is buzz.  Everything is PR.  Everything is spin.  And the purpose of the buzz and the spin and the PR is to erase the reality.  And you watch it happen with ease and it makes your skin crawl.

You get just ticked off like you can’t express about it, because all it adds up to is people like the Clintons and everybody else on the left getting away with all of this.  And no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do and no matter how many books, no matter how many movies, no matter how much criminality, Hillary Clinton should have been impeached over her email server.  But here she is running for president and we were told nobody with a correct assessment would even prosecute what she did, even though we got the laundry list of crimes that she committed.  So there’s no reality.  It doesn’t seem to a lot of people like there’s any way.

Truth was always supposed to be the great equalizer, to you and me growing up.  We have all been mistreated. We’ve all been cheated. We’ve all been on the short end of the stick.  And our parents or somebody told us that eventually things even out and justice eventually happens, the evolution of life takes care of this.  It doesn’t seem to with them.  They are immune.  They get to wantonly break the law.

The Clintons can go into Haiti under the guise of helping that poor, dilapidated country rebuild and basically steal a decent, a good-sized amount of the money that goes in there and put it in their foundation.  They have a foundation that maybe distributes 20% of what’s in it for charitable purposes, even that they don’t talk about.

The Clintons leave the White House claiming that they’re broke and now they’re filthy rich so much so that they brag about it.  And the bragging about it usually is in the nature of (imitating Clinton0, “Hey, I don’t mind paying more taxes.  I’m rich now.  I mean, I don’t understand these people get mad at these calls for tax increases ’cause I’m happy to pay it, I’m happy to pay it. And I don’t think anybody in my bracket ought to be complaining about it.”

Translation:  “I’m rich and you’re not.  And I got mine in ways you can’t get yours.  Yeah.  And you know the trick is, I made you think I care about you.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.”  So you and I, we watch all this, there doesn’t seem to be any justice, there doesn’t seem to be any reality.

In two states in the past two weeks, voter ID laws have been overturned by appeals courts.  All they were laws requiring you have to have a photo ID to vote because people are trying to get rid of voter fraud, because the Democrats have dead people vote, children vote, people that don’t even exist vote. Empty buses pull up to the polling place, ghosts get out, end up voting.  So the people say, “Okay, well, we’re just gonna get rid of the fraud, we’ll have voter ID.”

The left says, “You can’t, that’s racism.”

“How the hell is that racism?”

“Well, because you’re causing black people to go down to the state courthouse. You just want them to get arrested and put in jail.”

“What?  What in the world are you thinking?”

“That’s exactly right.  You think we all ought to be in jail and you want us to go to a courthouse and you want us to get our picture taken and when we’re there, they’re gonna find out we committed some kind of crime and put us in jail.”  That’s what Jesse Jackson tells ’em.  That’s what Al Sharpton tells ’em.

Now, when I hear about these two appellate courts overturning voter ID, I’m sorry, but I have to say, I’m not surprised, because for the full length of this program I’ve been telling you, and there have been books written by my friends who have detailed for you how the left has taken over the court system.  What do you think we’re trying to change?  I don’t mean to yell at you.  This is a long, long project, folks.

Judges are appointed for life.  The left has election insurance.  If they lose an election, they still got judges that can overrule and write new law in the absence of people in power in legislatures.  Or they can overturn Proposition 8, they can overturn Prop 186, whatever, they can overturn whatever they don’t like, because they won enough elections where they got to appoint enough judges, and the judges are there for life.  Well, getting rid of that is gonna take a lot of people being in power for a long time to be able to replace them with constitutionalists.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that appellate courts overturn voter ID laws when the judges have been put there by the Bill Clintons of the world and the Barack Obamas.  And, hell, some of the judges the Republicans have put in were designed to show the Democrats, “Hey, we can be bipartisan.”  A lot of Democrat-nominated judges have been approved by Republican Senates hoping to show we’re willing to cross the aisle.  That’s why you’re mad.  I totally get it.

There’s no reality.  (interruption) Judges did used to be — the leftists politicize everything.  My refrain for the length of time I’ve been doing this program is the leftists politicize everything.  It’s not that people think judges used to be fair, they think judges are fair, they think judges are above politics.  That’s what we’ve all been raised to believe.  No.  The left has corrupted everything.  They’re on the way to corrupting the military.  You saw this endorsement last night of Hillary?  The military’s been corrupted.

You have two kinds of generals at the Pentagon.  You got the warrior generals, which is the kind we want, and you’ve got the political generals who want to rise through the ranks by kissing the right politicians’ rear ends.  They corrupt everything they touch.  If you define corruption by politicizing it and, furthermore, politicizing it with their brand of liberalism or progressivism.

There’s seemingly no reality.  The Hillary email server is a stark present reminder, as is the Democrat Party’s stand on militant Islam, there isn’t any.  There’s no reality.  To the Democrat Party there is no militant Islam.  To the Democrat Party there is no militant Islamic terrorism because Islam doesn’t do terror.  I mean, it’s the religion of peace.

You see, the Democrat Party is perfectly fine with, perfectly willing to subordinate your safety and national security to their winning power.  If you believe that we should say “no” to, say, unfair trade deals, if you believe we should stand up to the ChiComs, if you believe we should support steelworkers and autoworkers and homegrown manufacturers, join us.  You didn’t hear any of this from Donald Trump at his convention.  No.  There’s no reality out there.  You did hear that, but, no, the Democrats are trying to make you think that’s what they stand for, all the while condemning Trump.

You know, I’m watching Hillary. Hillary has this rally going right now, and I can’t… You know what’s waving in the back?  There’s all these American flags. So they’re carrying forward with this phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller patriotism act that they put on last night. It was an act, and we have a media montage demonstrating what an act it is.  The media’s in on the game. The media says, “Wow, look at this!

“Normally you see all these flags and normally you hear all the ‘USA!’ chants and normally you see all this red, white, and blue stuff at Republican conventions.”  Yeah, and normally we hear you people in the media trashing it! So the Democrats decide, “You know, Trump was dark. Trump was dystopian! Trump… Trump was pessimistic.”  They’re gonna pick up the optimism mantle.  And the media, which normally lampoons and makes fun of patriotism — symbols of patriotism — now they’re out there applauding Hillary.

Remember, this is the same party whose president would not wear an American flag lapel pin until pressured to.  This is a party where every Drive-By Media anchor on the left refused to wear an American flag lapel pin on the pretext that it would show bias.  They had to be shamed into it.  Now, all of a sudden, this party is the party of patriotism?  There is no reality.  I know that’s what has everybody frustrated.

And what I mean by it is, there is a reality. You know it; I know it. It’s out there every day. But it isn’t there.  It never matters.  And that’s been the ongoing quest for years, how to make it all matter.  There have been books written about it, trying to teach people. There have been television documentaries about it, radio programs for 30 years trying to alert people to it — and yet they’re still able to cover-up and mask reality.


RUSH:  It’d be hard to pick out one whopper from last night that stands out above all other whoppers, but I thought Morgan Freeman’s was especially noteworthy.  Did you hear what Morgan Freeman said?  Well, see, here we go again.  Morgan Freeman has automatically been assigned the voice of God-d by the entertainment press and by the rest of the media.  So when he speaks, it’s with the authoritativeness of God-d.  And the thing that I heard him say — and I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen to much before ten o’clock.  I couldn’t.

Folks, I know what I’m gonna hear.  I just… I don’t want to subject myself to it.  I turned it on at ten o’clock ’cause I knew I had to watch the lovely and gracious Chelsea, and then I wanted to watch Marshmallow Woman come out and do her speech.  By the way, do you know why she wore white?  It wasn’t because she wanted to look like the Michelin Man.  It was ’cause of its contrast of Trump being dark, dark, dark, dark, dark. So here came bright Hillary!  I thought, “My gosh, they’re gonna do a marshmallow roast here!”

Anyway, Morgan Freeman, “She could have joined a law firm! Hillary Rodham Clinton could have joined a law firm, but instead she went to work for children.”  I’m saying, “What?  You ever heard of the Rose Law Firm, Morgan? (laughing) She did join a law firm! She sat on the board of directors of Walmart.  She went to Arkansas because she flunked the bar in DC, and she was fired from the Watergate committee.  Do you know why she was fired from the Watergate committee?

Because she stole some documents that the committee owned and took them home in an effort to railroad Nixon.  [Congressman] Peter Rodino (D-NJ) found out about it; she was canned.  She flunked the DC bar and she remembered this hayseed, hick that’d been stalking her up at Yale. So she calls him up. He grabs the phone before Gennifer can pick it up and says (impression), “Hey, hey, hello,” and it’s her. And she makes her way to Arkansas, and the rest is history.

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