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RUSH:  One of Hillary’s favorite lines is It Takes a Village. It’s the title of her book and so forth — which, hey, is fine.  I’m all cool with communities helping each other. Families, churches, and all that, people working together.  Nobody reasonable objects to that.  But that’s not what Hillary means.  That’s what she wants you to think “It Takes a Village” means, but that’s not what it means.  I kind of cringe — I really do — when I hear these people like last night referencing the Declaration of Independence.

Well, I’ll tell you why it makes me cringe.  I cringe when I hear them referencing the Constitution.  It makes me cringe because both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written to define, to guarantee individual liberty.  But Hillary Clinton tried to tell the dumbed-down population — the part of this population that’s been educated by Democrats — that the Founding Fathers knew “It Takes a Village.”  Well, everybody knows that it takes families, that it takes communities.  Not to raise a child.

It just takes… You know, people work together.  The idea that rugged individualism means — and they’re trying to mis-define this, too. The idea that rugged individualism means that nobody knows anybody else and everybody tells everybody else to go to hell and everybody does everything they do on their own? What poppycock.  But that’s what they want you to think rugged individualism is.  And, by the same token, they want to try to appropriate the express references to individual liberty.

The purpose of the US Constitution, the express purpose was to limit the power of government.  Well, I’m here to tell you that Nurse Ratched does not believe in that just like Obama doesn’t.  They have a problem with that, in fact.  They have a problem with the Constitution limiting the government.  They don’t want any limits.  So they’ve come along, and they have appropriated “It Takes a Village” as something the founders meant.  “They knew it took a village.”

In their world, “village” means the government, controlling authorities, state government, local government, federal government.  And that just isn’t true.  So here’s what Hillary Clinton tried to do last night.  She tried to embrace America’s birth, but she couldn’t do it.  She then aborted America’s birth, explaining how she would butcher and sell off the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment.  Well, she didn’t mention these specifically, but that’s what she meant.

She defined, she defined the problem area that — First Amendment, big problem.  What do you mean, Rush, what do you mean?  Citizens United, folks.  Citizens United is a group of people that were not permitted under current election law to donate to candidates or causes.  They created a movie critical of Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Clinton didn’t want that movie seen.  Mrs. Clinton and her agents went to court to try to deny Citizens United any opportunity to fundraise, to develop and produce the movie.

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court found in favor of Citizens United, which meant that now corporate entities the Democrats say are not people, are just as entitled to be in politics as unions are.  Prior to Citizens United, corporations were not allowed to be involved in politics.  They couldn’t donate. They couldn’t do anything.  Now, they could buy candidates like corporations have bought and paid for Hillary Clinton.

I’m getting ahead of myself, but here she goes ripping on Wall Street last night and those dummkopfs in that audience, “Yeah! You tell ’em, Hillary!”  Wall Street owns her.  Wall Street owns the Democrat Party.  Wall Street donates almost 90% of every dollar it gives to the Democrat Party.  Hillary Clinton was making $250,000 for every 20-minute speech she gave to a Wall Street bank or hedge fund or institution, to the tune of $21 million in two years!

They own her!  So they know she doesn’t mean it when she talks about ravaging them and savaging them.  There’s a wink and a nod there.  What they know is she’s gonna protect ’em, at the end of the day.  What they know is they’re gonna get what they want policy-wise because they’ve already bought it, just like a whole bunch of foreign nations have.  That’s what the hundred million-plus dollars to the Clinton Foundation represents.  It’s what it’s all about.

Citizens United literally was about a movie made about Hillary Clinton.  She doesn’t want people to be able to make movies critical of her.  Do not doubt me.  If you think nobody could be that petty and “Come on, Rush, she’s got a thicker skin than that,” no, she doesn’t.  And if they have to, they’re gonna do a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United ’cause they do not want corporate or professional entities on our side of America to be able to fund election activities.

They’re perfectly fine with unions doing it and all these nonprofits doing it.  So that’s the attack on the First Amendment.  The Second Amendment?  You don’t doubt me on this, do you, with that gobbledygook that she said about guns last night?  She goes through the regular motions. (impression of halting screech) “I don’t care.  I just don’t you getting shot with a gun by somebody who shouldn’t have one.”  Well, who is that?  We already have laws that define it, and we have background checks that define who can and can’t get a gun.

Now, Hillary wants to be in charge of who can get a gun, and she wants the answer to be “nobody.”  The Tenth Amendment? That was her all-out assault on the states and what they do vis-a-vis health care.  Do not doubt me.  She didn’t say that she’s gonna assault the First Amendment, Second Amendment, or the Tenth Amendment.  That’s what she did.  She embraced the founding of America.  She embraced America’s birth and promptly aborted it.

Much of what she said last night is in direct conflict with the letter and the spirit of the Constitution.  Her purpose is to steamroll states’ rights and centralize power to make private property and free markets a distant memory.  Hillary Clinton’s America is an America that King George might actually have embraced.  Hillary Clinton’s America is an America that may not have even had to seek its independence.  Hillary Clinton’s America is an America that may not have ever really needed to rebel!

Because Hillary Clinton’s America establishes the very things and more that our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to overthrow.  Hillary Clinton’s America would pretty much, within the realm of modern times, reinstitute much of what led to our nation’s founding.

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