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RUSH: Here’s Daniel in San Antonio. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, nice to talk to you, Rush.  My question is on Bernie Sanders. You know, you keep saying this is not your regular-type campaign season and it’s the outsider.  What if Crazy Bernie actually went crazy that day and he went up on that stage live and told his supporters and everybody, “I’m not gonna support Hillary; let’s all walk out of this”? Do you think he would have doubled or tripled his followers and really had a chance to win the presidency in 2020?

RUSH:  (chuckling) No.  (laughing)  They couldn’t find Bernie Sanders today if he had done that.

CALLER: (silence) Okay.

RUSH:  Nobody’d know where he happened to go.  They wouldn’t be able to find him.


RUSH:  If Bernie Sanders had done what your hypothetical suggested — walked out on that stage and done an open revolt — he’d a gotten off the stage, but that would have been the last anybody saw of Bernie Sanders, and he wouldn’t even be setting himself up.  He’s gonna be 80 years old.

CALLER:  Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, ’cause he wouldn’t have a chance, and he won’t be able to run in eight years.

RUSH:  No.  And, by the way, I don’t know if you happen to notice it, but there were a couple of shots of Bernie last night.  He was… He didn’t look happy to me.  It looked like he was glaring. But then, why would he be happy?  Eh, the guy gave it the best he had.  But there was no reality.  Bernie never had a chance.  Bernie never… There wasn’t an iota’s chance that Bernie Sanders was going to get the Democrat nomination.  It was as big a fairy tale as (Bill Clinton impression), “In 1971, I met a girl!”

Same kind of fairy tale.

And now the Bernie people, they’re running around saying there’s no reality, too.

We have a little company.

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