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Jeb Bush Advisor Says She’ll Vote for Hillary

RUSH:  That was Sally Bradshaw I was talking about in Jeb Bush’s office.  That’s the name.  Sally Bradshaw.  She’s a Jeb Bush top advisor, Sally Bradshaw left the Republican Party to become an independent.  Well, by the same token, there’s a lot of people saying that they are voting for Trump because of what became of the Republican Party.  

Nobody Showed Up for Hillary-Kaine Rust Belt Bus Tour

RUSH:  By the way, folks, I meant to mention this in the first half hour of the program, because it’s that important.  There’s another reason why the Drive-Bys, the Washington Post, Hillary, and everybody are focusing on Trump.  But don’t misunderstand.  Trump has invited this.  I’m not trying to obfuscate here what has happened or change it in any way, but there are reasons for everything.  And this is big.

Are you aware that after the Democrat convention closed, that Hillary and the guy next-door — your neighbor next-door who could be washing your car, Tim Kaine — went on a business bus tour?  Are you aware of that? (interruption)  You’re not? (interruption)  Oh, yeah.  They loaded on the bus and they made a bunch of campaign stops, and they went to Rust Belt places in Pennsylvania. (interruption) You haven’t heard anything about that? (interruption) Are you kidding me? (interruption)  You really haven’t heard any about that? (interruption) 

Well, you’re not alone, ’cause nobody showed up at ’em.  CNN, Freepers, all kinds of people were tweeting left and right. Nobody showed up! They couldn’t draw flies.  This is worse than Hillary’s health care bus tour.  There are pictures of practically empty small venues.  You haven’t heard of this, have you? (interruption)  I’m asking you in the audience, not just people on the other side of the glass here.  You know that if these bus tours — and they did happen. 

I mean, Hillary and Tim Kaine, they launched out there, and their the intent was to spend a couple days over the weekend.  If there had been Trump-size crowds — if there’d been one-third Trump size crowds, if there had been one-third Trump-style energy and passion — you would have heard nothing but that this weekend.  But you didn’t hear it.  They didn’t draw crowds.  They were promoted.  They didn’t promote it nationally.  Neither Hillary nor Kaine said on stage, “And we’re gonna be in Scranton Wilkes-Barre tomorrow two o’clock! Can’t wait!” 

They didn’t do that. But their ground people, as they’re called — their advance people — went out to all these places, secured the venues and let everybody local know that Clinton and Tim Kaine appearance was gonna happen.  And it didn’t draw very many people.  Like Hillary signing her book didn’t draw very many people.  I think the fact that so few people even knew this was happening is testimony in and of itself.  Whatever you are feeling, if you’re a Trumpster or a Trumpist, you’ve gotta be foaming at the mouth or angry or depressed.

You had to think the Trump campaign was gonna be the campaign that was gonna overcome all this stuff, was gonna be able to withstand all this, that was not gonna get caught or trapped by this — or if they were, would be able to pound themselves back out of it and make the Democrats feel like mincemeat.  So you gotta be down in the dumps. They purposely are trying to make you feel that way; they always do.  But you have to understand something. 

Hillary Clinton is not considered royalty in this country by the people.  She is not popular.  Hillary Clinton is not liked.  Her public opinion numbers are well indicative of people’s awareness that she lies.  She has been forced on the Democrat Party — and, by the way, this all started in 2008.  The rigging of the Bernie Sanders campaign began in 2008.  It was part of the deal with Obama taking what was hers in 2008. 


RUSH:  No, I’m telling you, one of those places was Johnstown, Pennsylvania, or as they say, Johnstown.  That’s how you say it in western Pennsylvania, Johnstown.  Anyway, Hillary and Tim Kaine went into Johnstown, and Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was there.  And there’s nobody there.  I mean, it’s a really, really tiny crowd, and what day was it?  Well, it was over the weekend. 

The point is, folks, they had a little miniature bus tour, and they went to a bunch of different places in the so-called Rust Belt.  It was in Pennsylvania.  They didn’t get too far out of Philadelphia.  It wasn’t multiple states.  But they didn’t draw flies.  And the veritable proof — don’t take my word for it — you haven’t heard anything about it. 

If there had been massive Trump-like crowds with adoring minions and people cheering, that’s all you would have heard. You would have heard that mixed in with stories on Mr. and Mrs. Khan.  It wouldn’t have aced the Khan story out, but it would have been right there with it.  You would have seen Khan holding up his Constitution ripping Trump, cut next to video of crowds going nuts for Hillary and Kaine, but they didn’t. 

In fact, do you know what else happened at the Democrat convention?  This was never gonna get covered, and it didn’t.  But after the convention a bunch of Bernie Sanders people began to tweet and Facebook the methods taken to shut them up during Hillary’s speech.  That convention was not unified, and everybody in there was not enamored of her.  She doesn’t have that connection with people, folks.  She does not engender that kind of support. 

If Hillary Clinton’s coming to town to do an appearance, it’s a yawner, it’s no big deal, other than to party hacks who are part of the election team, the campaign effort to get-out-the-vote and all that, but the general public, she doesn’t have that.  Her saving grace is her marriage, giving her her last name and that big D on the ballot, and that’s it.  

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