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Ever since the Democrat convention, people have been trying to figure out just who is Khizr Khan.  Well, it turns out he’s got a website.  And his own website says that what he does he works to help clients with E-2 and EB-5 programs that let overseas investors buy into US companies and also provides green cards for family members. 

It also said that he helps the purchase of US real estate and business.  So what this means is that Mr. Khizr Khan has a business that sells visas and green cards to foreign investors who want to buy their way into the United States.  Minimum price is about a half a million dollars.  You buy into a business, you invest in a business, you get some visas and green cards.  And this was curious to me because I first heard that this man actually facilitated the immigration of Muslims into the US. 

That’s the first thing I heard about him; and then it dropped, and I didn’t hear anybody else say much about it.  And then, lo and behold, it has been discovered that that’s in fact — the Washington Examiner found out that’s exactly what he does on his website. 

Except he doesn’t do it anymore.  Ever since this was discovered, this law firm website’s been deleted.  Is panic mode setting in?  Khizr Khan has deleted his law firm’s website on the Internet.  He doesn’t know — doesn’t want people to know what he’s been doing.  Hmm.

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