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Do you remember what a big deal it was when the International Olympic Committee chose Rio de Janeiro over Chicago as the site of this year’s summer games? It marked the new era of global diversity. Developed nations would finally have to learn to share the world stage with developing nations. It was unadulterated liberalism on parade.

So how is that global diversity thing working out? Not great. Not even close.

Athletes arrived in Rio to find exposed wiring and non-working plumbing in their living quarters. The country promised to clean up the bay where the sailboat competitions will be held. Didn’t happen. Athletes are being warned they could contract a superbug if they sail.

Officials don’t even know if the new transportation network that’s supposed to get people to and from the games will work. Construction on the stadiums wasn’t completed on time. Not to mention, the country is embroiled in political scandals, the economy is in a tailspin, and millions of citizens resent the games being held there at all. On top of all that, many international athletes decided to skip the games because Brazil, as you may have heard, is ground zero for the Zika virus.

So, even before the games start this week, the International Olympic Committee is walking back their commitment to host future games in countries with “signs of instability.”

Common sense is taking over where diversity failed. And it’s way too late.

And there are two other things you need to know: The swimming venue is so polluted that the athletes are being told how to swim safety in sewage!

And Brazil is in touch with itself. The opening ceremony is going to feature supermodel Gisele Bundchen. They are going to fake something that routinely in Rio de Janeiro They are going to fake her being mugged in the opening ceremonies! I bet ya they cancel that. But it is on the docket.

Unless you want to watch botched failure, this is an Olympics to punt. 

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