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RUSH:  Now, back to Bill Hemmer’s question earlier today on Fox. He was talking to Karl Rove, and he said (summarized), “Karl, what if everything we think we know and understand about politics is wrong this year?  What if every way we look at it is not at all correct?  What if what’s going on out there,” meaning in America, “is so foreign, and so different, and so unique that the ways we…?” He really meant Rove and the whole Washington establishment political apparatus.

“What if the way you look and analyze things, you can’t possibly predict or poll it because you don’t know what is animating people. You don’t know what’s driving them. You don’t know…” In other words, the normal things that you would think would make a candidate stronger don’t even apply.  That was the essence of the question.  Look at this.  There were a couple of primary election days yesterday.  One was in Missouri, and there was one in Kansas, and a Never Trumpist — an ardent Never Trumpist — lost.

Tim Huelskamp, who was a rabidly anti-Trump incumbent (many thought of him as a Tea Party Republican) got skunked in the primary.  He was defeated by somebody named Roger Marshall.  And it wasn’t even close.  It was a 12-point landslide defeat for an incumbent Republican who went big on being a Never Trumper. Tim Huelskamp, Republican incumbent, got 44% of the vote.  Roger Marshall — and this was with all the votes counted, 100% of the precincts reporting — got 56% of the vote. 

Now, I wouldn’t say that this is along the lines of Eric Cantor losing, but I will venture to say that this has stunned and shocked a lot of people in the Republican Party in Washington. 

Nothing against Huelskamp here.  That’s not my point here.  I’m just pointing out that a relative unknown in a Republican primary ran against somebody on the basis that he loved Trump. He liked Trump, he wants Trump, and he’s running against an incumbent who’s making a big deal out of being a Never Trumper.  And the Never Trumper lost in a landslide.  It’s just one state.  Could be an outlier; we don’t know.  There haven’t enough of these primaries to know so we can’t draw any conclusions from it, but it does raise eyebrows out there within the elite circles of the elite.

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