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“Could somebody explain to me why Obama is under Iran’s thumb?  Seriously, now.  Why do we give them what they want?”

“We have now learned, ladies and gentlemen, of what I’m calling “the Affordable Ransom Act” of Barack Hussein Obama: If you like your kidnap victim, we will buy your kidnap victim.”

“Donald Trump is how old, 70-some-odd years, 60? I don’t know. In his whole life, nobody ever called him a racist; nobody ever thought he was. But now that he’s running for president opposite a Democrat, guess what he is?” 

“If you’re on TV, people better want to look at you.”

“Hillary and Kaine went on a bus tour after the Democrat convention.  You didn’t hear about it over the weekend because nobody showed up.”  

“To this day every Trump rally is overflowing and the energy at every Trump rally is hardly containable.  It’s electric.”

“There’s no way under the sun that a Democrat can run for reelection touting the last eight years as some of the greatest years in America, because they’re not.”  

“This is the slowest economic recovery since 1949.  This is gonna be the first presidency to never achieve a growth rate of at least 3% in any year, the first one.  And it’s not by accident.  It’s not happenstance.”  

“Obama has policies that have been put in place that have acted like giant brakes on the US economy.”  

“The people that run the government are willing to sell you access.  You donate to them or you fund them or you employ their family or whatever, and they’ll get you favorable treatment from the Oval Office, from the Senate, to the House of Representatives, it doesn’t matter.  Hello, cronyism.”  

“Donald Trump knows liberals. He has lived in New York all his life and he’s had to get along with them. So he doesn’t see them as a bunch of lying, conniving, sniveling, small-time pranksters, who are out actually unable to be honest about what they believe.”

“This is advice that’s worth exactly what it’s costing Trump, which is nothing.  But I do believe that he’s taking way too much of this personally. What he doesn’t get is that throwing Khizr Khan and his wife on stage at the Democrat National Convention, and any of these other attacks, is not personal.  They really aren’t.”

“It was just a coincidence that the Iranians released four American hostages on the same day that they get $400 million in cash from us. Hot damn.”  

“Silicon Valley, all those firms are big into the expansion of immigration because they want to be able to do what Disney did.”

“If you go on Stephanopoulos’ show you are essentially accepting an invitation from the Clinton war room.  You are accepting an invitation from the Clinton hacks.”

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