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RUSH: Tell me if you think this is relevant, folks, if it’s meaningful or not.  Hillary and Tim Kaine are not drawing crowds at all wherever they go.  They literally are not.  They’re showing up in high school gymnasiums and they’re one-third full.  That’s why you’re not hearing about these rallies.  Hillary and Kaine went on a bus tour after the Democrat convention.  You didn’t hear about it over the weekend because nobody showed up. 

And, to this day, every Trump rally is overflowing and the energy at every Trump rally is hardly containable.  It’s electric. You know why you don’t see it?  You know why the media is not covering those Trump rallies as much as they did, besides the fact that they’ve now thrown in with Hillary, Hillary’s now the opponent so they’ve made their choice, but there’s another reason. I think — this is my personal opinion — I think because Trump’s not saying anything marginally different. 

He still does his improv and he still does his shoot-from-the-hip.  But now they’re calling it for what it is.  You know, I was analyzing a Trump political appearance from day one.  I recognized it immediately.  I knew exactly the technique.  I know exactly what he’s doing.  It’s stream of consciousness.  He doesn’t go out with prepared remarks.  His only risk is that his brain shuts down and he forgets everything, and of course that’s not gonna happen.  So whatever pops into his mind, he talks about it, interrupts himself and eventually gets back to the point that he was making. 

Well, I think it’s The Politico today — I’ll find it — has a story on exactly what Trump is doing.  Now they’re reporting it.  And now they’re reporting that there isn’t anything new in it.  It’s the same thing stuff.  There’s no reason for the media to back out of their normal programming and go to a Trump rally and cover it ’cause it’s the same stuff that he was saying — this is what they’re saying.  But, to your point, or actually my point, Trump rallies are still overflowing.  There are still more people that want to get in than there is room for. 

The energy inside is still off the charts, and it is such that it is not at all representative of the way Trump is being reported on in the media.  And yet, all of this stuff that’s happening is real.  But the fact that the Clintons, you know, over-poll is — they still end up winning and we’ve got perhaps in this election, you know, a third party, and maybe four choices will be there instead of just two, which monkeys with polling results anyway.  Makes them less reliable. 

Anyway, the frustrating thing is that you just said it:  Hillary does not have a record to run on.  There’s no way under the sun that a Democrat can run for reelection touting the last eight years as some of the greatest years in America because they’re not.  This is the slowest economic recovery since 1949.  This is gonna be the first presidency to never achieve a growth rate of at least 3% in any year, the first one.  And it’s not by accident.  It’s not happenstance. 

Obama has policies that have been put in place that have acted like giant brakes on the US economy.  And I believe it’s purposeful.  But you can’t, you can’t, as the government, just swallow large chunks of the economy like Obama has done and expect the economy to keep producing jobs and to keep growing with wages increasing.  It’s not possible.  It can’t happen.  And Obama and the Democrats are not through. 

The whole Democrat primary campaign was astounding because it was both Bernie Sanders and Hillary running on how much change was needed, how much improvement needed to be made.  They really had to walk a tightrope, but because they know they’ve got media coverage on the downside, they were relatively free to go ahead and attack the status quo so as to position themselves as being the one to fix it and improve it and make it better.  And there would be the occasional mention of what a great job Obama’s done, but nobody could have brought us back from the depths of where George Bush left us. 

But she’s got nothing to offer.  She doesn’t have one policy that’ll change anything for the better.  She’s incompetent herself.  She has no business being president.  The only reason she’s going to be president or has been nominated is because the Democrats owe her big time and because of a reputation established by these very same Northeastern elites way back in her college days that she was some brilliant babe to come along undeniably smarter than everybody else.

They get these images and these reputations burnished and they live their lives and no matter how stupid they are, no matter what dumb mistakes and moves they make, they are still heralded as better and brighter than all the rest of us.  She isn’t.  She cannot hold an audience.  She doesn’t connect with an audience.  She does not have deep personal loyalty.  The people voting for her are not rooting for her.  They’re rooting for the Democrat Party.  The people voting for Hillary are maybe not even rooting for the Democrat Party.  They’re rooting against us. 

She doesn’t have any personal loyalty above and beyond her tight, close circle of friends and supporters and donors.  She wrote this book for which she got $14 million, she couldn’t draw flies to a book signing.  She couldn’t sell enough copies of the book to get anywhere near making back the advance that she got.  She didn’t care.  This is a woman who has sold access to her presidency. 

Have you ever heard the term “country club Republican”?  The country clubs have all become Democrat, in the sense that the people that join country clubs usually, particularly in the Northeast, are a bunch of Wall Street titans, hedge fund people, investment bankers and so forth, and they are in bed with the Democrat Party.   There is no such thing as a country club Republican anymore.  They are country club Democrats.  But it’s not even that.  They’re country club cronies.  There are so many powerful people, so many influential people who don’t care anymore about the future of the country as founded.  That’s not their concern. 

Now that cronyism has been established, it has firmly become something that you can aspire to as a human being, as a businessman, that people that run the government now are willing to sell it to you.  The people that run the government are willing to sell you access.  You donate to them or you fund them or you employ their family or whatever, and they’ll get you favorable treatment from the Oval Office, from the Senate, to the House of Representatives, it doesn’t matter.  Hello, cronyism. 

Cronyism can help you as a CEO put your competition out of business without you having to innovate a single day, without you having to out-compete your opposition.  And that’s why the country club Republican doesn’t exist and have become country club Democrats or country club liberals, but for the most part they’re just cronyists.  They’re all salivating.  They’re all hyperventilating at the thought of being close to power.  They don’t care if that power has a destructive aspect to it. 

They seemingly don’t care if the power, meaning the president, meaning Obama, is going to implement policies that are gonna damage people, that hurt the country, and damage its future.  They don’t care.  As long as they’re close to power, and being close to power protects them and their interests and their business, that’s all that matters. 

So the patriots, where are they?  This is another thing that bugs everybody.  It’s not so much just the trade deals, the trade deals, yes, but it’s how the trade deals happened and why and what it represents.  And what it really represents is there’s no reality and there doesn’t seem to be any patriotism anywhere in the highest positions of power in this country. 

It seems like it’s self-interest and selfishness everywhere.  And people are angling to get even closer to this power, and now Mrs. Clinton’s come along, and she has signaled the world that she’s willing to sell.  She will sell herself. She will sell her government. She will sell her policies. She will sell whatever for personal enrichment.  She and her husband are obsessed with getting rich.  They have been since their Arkansas days.  

And what they’ve done in politics… We had Dinesh D’Souza on the program last week.  He said the Clintons are misunderstood.  They’re actually Bonnie and Clyde, and the United States is the bank.  They’re just a bunch of thugs running around trying to get rich as they can.  They happen to be liberals at the same time; so when they are in power, it’s a double whammy against the rest of us.  So everything I’ve just said to you, there are people clamoring for Trump to say it. 

They’re longing for Trump to go after her this way, and it wouldn’t even be an “attack.”  I didn’t just “attack” Hillary.  I just described her for you.  All I did was tell you she can’t draw a crowd; she has no personal connection.  There are not people rooting for her — and I mean, average, ordinary Americans.  Yeah, Drudge has this story about Barbra Streisand thinks the election’s over and she’s already out there singing, “Happy Days Are Here Again.” 

That’s the kind of stuff that comes back and bites you in the Malibu ass.  You don’t start doing this kind of stuff.  People notice it.  And our caller here, our first caller from Ocean City, Maryland… He didn’t get to the point that he was gonna go get to but I… You know, sometimes I have to… Callers get so nervous when they get on the air here.

They become so stunned that they’re actually speaking with me, that they sometimes forget their primary point.  This guy’s primary point was that Obama attacking Trump, you people don’t get it: That helped Trump! That enraged people, what Obama did yesterday.  The media doesn’t report it that way, but his point was gonna be, “You wait. People are outraged at Obama for that.”  

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