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RUSH: We’ve got… There’s a plethora of news about the $400 million ransom payment, the single-payer ransom program of Barack Hussein Obama. 

“If you like your hostage, you keep your hostage,” is the slugline of the single-payer ransom program. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton said, “That’s old news! (snorts) You’re asking me about something that happened…? It’s old news.  What difference does it make now?” Which is a standard Clinton technique.  “That’s old news!  Nobody cares about that anymore,” and one of the things that the Regime was saying… They had their State Department spokespeople go out and say, “It’s a coincidence.  It’s just a coincidence. 

“It just so happened that we made a payment to the Iranians for their infrastructure rebuilding program, don’t you know, of $400 million.  It’s just a coincidence that they released American hostages on the same day.” Now we find out from the Wall Street Journal that the Justice Department raised objections to the cash payment to the Iranians.  The administration was discussing it.  There was no coincidence.  It was planned.  It was an actual Obama policy.  You know, I mentioned to you yesterday that the pallets — the crates of money — delivered to the Iranians were not in US dollars.

That’s because international law, because of the sanctions, does not permit that.  So we had to print a bunch of money; we then had to convert it into Swiss francs and Euros and other currency.  And Dr. Krauthammer made the point on Fox News last night that that is money laundering, folks.  The Regime laundered $400 million in American currency in order to “legally,” quote/unquote, give it to the Iranians.  He made the point if any American CEO had done that he would be in jail before the trial even began.  

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