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RUSH:  Barack Hussein Obama, late yesterday in Washington, the Young African Leaders Initiative. It’s important to know the audience for this.  This is an Obama attempt to say exactly what Elizabeth Warren says when she says:  You didn’t build that.  You don’t own that.  Obama is adding to it now.  This is egregious.

OBAMA: Our big problem here in this country is sometimes we forget how we became so wealthy in the first place. 

RUSH: How did we?

OBAMA: You start hearing arguments about, “Oh, we don’t want to pay taxes to fund the universities,” or, “We don’t want to pay taxes to maintain our roads properly. Because why should I have to invest in society.  I made it on my own.” 

RUSH:  All right.

OBAMA: Well, the reason you had the opportunity to go work at Google or go work at General Motors or to go work at IBM had to do with a lot of investments that were made in science and research and roads and courts.

RUSH:  What? 

OBAMA: I always tell people who are anti-government in the United States:  Try going to a country where the government doesn’t work.

RUSH:  Anti-government is not what it is in the first place!  But here you go, once again, our wealth, America’s wealth, originally came from taxation and government programs and government investment.  I’m sure he’s got an audience nodding their heads in total agreement.  This is a bastardization of the truth.  This is so false and misleading that it is a disservice to this audience, that taxation is the root to wealth.  And that people who are wealthy, yeah, they don’t want to invest in government that helps society. 

They have all this money but they don’t want to give the government any.  They don’t want to maintain our roads.  They don’t want to pay taxes to fund the universities.  Yeah, I guess people paying 60 grand a year to send their kids to school are wondering what he’s talking about.  But here it is.  It’s classic.  America’s wealth.  Don’t believe it comes from hard work.  Don’t believe it comes from anything other than the government smiling down on a chosen industry and making sure that there are roads for people getting there and making sure there’s a court to punish the CEO.  

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