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RUSH: Leland Grove, Illinois.  This is Arnett.  It’s great to have you.  I’m glad you called.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, thank you for taking my call.  I have noticed something. In about the last week it seems like the Republicans have now begun this scorched earth policy against Trump. This is Republican-driven, and I believe it’s because of what I call Operation Saving Private Ryan.  I believe this is about Paul Ryan.  When this all started happening and I noticed nobody on the Republican side was even laying a hand on Hillary Clinton, I kind of tried to see what was going on, what Trump had done that may have precipitated this. 

And it seemed to follow him not endorsing Paul Ryan.  And Paul Ryan, this is a man, Speaker of the House, he’s third in line for the presidency and he’s an establishment guy.  No one can deny that he has been complicit with President Obama in doing some things that have really harmed America.  So this is an establishment guy.  I think the Republicans have disdain for the American people.  They’re angry.  The establishment Republicans are angry that Donald Trump is the candidate.  And I think this is just a scorched earth policy against Donald Trump in order to try save Paul Ryan.

RUSH:  Let me ask you a question. You think — I am going to turn this around and go at it through the back door.  If Trump had endorsed Ryan, do you think most of what we have seen the past 10 days in the media about Republican panic about Trump, would not have happened? 

CALLER:  I do.  And on the heels of that.

RUSH:  Do you think that Trump made a mistake in not endorsing Ryan? 

CALLER:  No, I don’t.  And I think he also didn’t endorse John McCain, and I think that added fuel to the fire.  I think they I guess armed up a couple more nukes towards Trump because of that.  Because when you see absolutely not one hit piece or one comment negative about Hillary Clinton who has betrayed the American people, who has compromised classified information —

RUSH:  You mean from the Republican side, not the media.

CALLER:  Yeah, I mean from the Republican side.

RUSH:  It’s a good point. 

CALLER:  And we haven’t seen one thing going after Hillary Clinton.  I mean, there’s so much ammunition against that administration and not one Republican —

RUSH:  The Republican Party is not firing at Hillary at all.  We had a story yesterday that I found preposterous.  It was an AP story blaming Trump for the lack of unity in the Republican Party for not endorsing Ryan and McCain when in fact wasn’t it Ryan that withheld his endorsement of Trump first? 

CALLER:  Right.  I don’t think it’s revenge on Trump’s part.  I really don’t.  I think that they have very serious differences, Paul Ryan and Trump, on the direction of this country and what’s best for the country, particularly immigration policies, from immigration all the way to TPT.  I think they’re very different.  And I think that the Republican Party, I really feel they have disdain for the conservative voters and I think that they are angry at the Republican voters who put Donald Trump in that situation and I think they are going no holds-barred as revenge against the Republican —

RUSH:  Well stated.  I have to stop because of time, but that’s brilliantly stated.  That’s very provocative.  


RUSH:  This is as Angelo Codevilla wrote:  This is country class versus ruling class.  That’s exactly what it is.  And the ruling class is very aware of the stakes and what’s going on.  

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