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RUSH: Walid Phares is an advisor to the Trump campaign.  He’s a brilliant analyst when it comes to Middle East politics, the War on Terror, militant Sharia.  I think we ought to change, by the way, no longer militant Islam.  We need to go militant Sharia.  We need to talk about Sharia supremacy.  Every time we talk about Islamic terrorism, Islamic extremism, we just say Sharia.  Because nobody can deny that Sharia is those things. 

Obama: There’s no terrorism in Islam. It’s a religion of peace. 

Well, you can’t say that about Sharia, by definition.  Just a little communication idea on my part.  Anyway, Walid Phares on Fox, happening now this morning, Jenna Lee said to him:  “Why do you have confidence in Trump?”  Look, folks, this is important.  I know you all are really smart and connected and you’re capable of asking penetrating questions of me while you’re listening.  You don’t have to call here and ask.  I know what you’re thinking.  And I want to assure you that I’m not engaging in false optimism here.  And I’m not trying to keep people psyched up for no reason.  And I’m not trying to play psychological games. 

When I talk about the size of Trump’s crowds being as big as ever; when I talk about the events being as raucous and as exciting and as fun for people who were there as ever; when I talk about the overflow crowds being as big as ever, I’m telling you that that’s the truth.  And I know some of you are saying, “Yeah, yeah, but Romney’s crowds were big in 2012 and it ended up not mattering.” 

Romney’s crowds were only big the last week.  Romney was not known for drawing anywhere near the kind of crowds with anywhere near the kind of excitement Trump has been drawing since he got into this.  It’s a false comparison. 

But by the same token, I’m not suggesting that because of what’s happening in these auditoriums or Trump speaking that he’s leading here by double digits.  Nothing of the sort.  What I am telling you is that there is a concerted and a coordinated effort between the Democrat Party and the media and others in the establishment to create a whole lot of false narratives about Trump and his campaign. 

They want you to think that Trump is on the verge of imploding.  They want you to think that Trump is on the verge of quitting.  How many of you have seen the story once, if you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it five times, that Trump may get to the point where if he sees he’s going to lose he’ll just quit.  He’ll quit.  He will not want to suffer the humiliation of actually losing. Have you seen those stories?  How many have seen the stories that the Republican Party is examining rule books and tradition and history to find out if there’s any way they can get rid of Trump even now.  How many have seen those stories? 

How many of you have seen stories that there is an intervention planned; that Republicans within the Trump orbit are so worried and so concerned that they need a sit down right now to stop Trump from going off the cliff.  These stories are everywhere.  And from everything I’ve been able to gather, a lot of this is being completely manufactured or partially manufactured.  It’s designed to depress and dispirit Trump supporters.  That’s why whenever there is a Republican — and this isn’t new, that Republicans are going to vote for Hillary.  They’ve been saying this since last year. That every time a new Republican pops up and says so, “Look at this, look at this, my God, Trump just took another hit!” they say. 

And it’s all designed to separate those who are supporting Trump from him. They want you to get depressed.  They do it every campaign.  They do it every election.  They can’t promote Hillary Clinton, and they don’t even try.  They can’t ballyhoo Hillary. 

I don’t want anybody to misunderstand.  I’m not cheerleading here.  I am not falsely optimistic about it.  You know me, I’m the mayor of Realville.  So in light of that, that’s why I wanted you to hear the comments from the Washington Post reporter who doesn’t buy any of this, by the way, that Trump is on the verge of total collapse. 

He’s looking at ways he thinks Trump can win this that he doesn’t think that anybody else is seeing.  And that’s Walid Phares, who is a Trump advisor on the Middle East, militant Sharia and Jenny Lee said to him:  “Why do you have confidence in Donald Trump to think that he, unlike this current administration, would be able to handle these sort of relationships in the Middle East that are quite tenuous at best?” 

PHARES: Because I heard him.  I met him.  We looked at maps.  I heard what the partners are saying.  He can mobilize public opinion.  Remember, one of the problems that President Obama had, and even the last two years of the presidency of Mr. Bush, they could not mobilize any more of the American public to confront this threat.  We have been demobilized.  He can mobilize them. As long as he has the right direction and the right experts, of course, in the future, then he could do it better than others.

RUSH:  This guy is not abandoning the campaign.  This guy is not part of any intervention.  He’s talking about how Trump can do it right in the Middle East.  He’s talked to him.  (imitating Phares) “I’ve heard him.  I’ve met him.  We’ve looked at the region.  We’ve looked at maps.  We’ve discussed strategy.  I know the guy.  But more importantly he can mobilize public opinion.  We haven’t been able to get anything done because nobody’s even trying to motivate public opinion.”  Whenever there is any effort to mobilize public opinion, anti-Sharia, guess what? The regime steps up and stops it.  

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