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President Obama’s decision to commute the sentences of 214 convicted criminals isn’t going over well in some circles. Steve Cook, president of the National Association of Assistant US Attorneys, accuses Obama of violating clemency guidelines put in place by his own Regime.

Mr. Cook says people should be shocked. “These aren’t nice little non-violent offenders,” he points out. 55 of the criminals Obama released had firearms convictions. Many of these criminals didn’t just possess weapons they used them in the drug trade. Two of the criminals who earned a break from Obama were serving time for “engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise.” They’re drug kingpins.

Political scientist P.S .Ruckman keeps track of presidential commutations. He says Obama has released a total of 562 criminals — more than the previous nine presidents combined.

President Obama shows up on TV after shootings with tears in his eyes to denounce Congressional Republicans for not infringing on the Second Amendment. The Democrat Party regularly demonizes the NRA — which is dedicated to legal gun ownership and gun safety. Yet with a stroke of his pen, Obama releases criminals convicted of using illegal guns in the commission of crimes. And not a peep from Hillary Clinton or other Democrat Party hacks.

Here’s a sad prediction. There will be new victims at the hands of these newly released bad guys, maybe even murder victims. When that day comes, Democrats will trip over themselves to give Obama and themselves a pass. And blame the guns, and blame the NRA. 

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