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“If bashing Donald Trump were an Olympic event, the news media would be winning every medal, every gold, every silver, every bronze. It is incredible. It is so bad, the media bashing, the imbalance. I know we say this every four years, but this is the worst that it has been that I have ever seen.”

“If you’re a working journalist, you ignore everything about Obama. You ignore every potential negative. You ignore every danger point. You ignore every red flag. That’s how you do it. You ignore it if it’s Obama because he’s a liberal Democrat, and that means he’s okay.”

“You know, whenever I have made speeches elsewhere, anywhere, protestors have not been hauled out. Nobody drags ’em out of there. But they are doing this for Trump, and it’s allowing him to continue.”

“Just before the show began, they flashed a picture of Trump on CNN looking like the scariest, most mean, vicious person you’ve ever seen, and I looked up at it, and I said, ‘These guys are doing a bigger job on Trump than they’ve ever done on me.'”

“The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, said that if Trump wins in November, the International Olympic Committee would reject any chance to go to Los Angeles in 2024. Well, okay, fine. If they want to stay in Third World hellholes, fine and dandy.” 

“Hillary Clinton is an absolute walking disaster. But not one aspect of her negatives is being touted, is being reported on, and fact-checkers are doing their best to eliminate gaffes and other things that she commits. It is one-sided like we haven’t seen before.”

“If you in the Drive-Bys think that Hillary should be getting tougher coverage, why isn’t she? Oh, I know! Because Trump is so dangerous and so bad, it’s taking everything you’ve got to take him out.”

“When Hillary supposedly made a Freudian slip when she promised to do raise taxes on the middle class. Maybe she didn’t make a mistake. Maybe Hillary Clinton accidentally told the truth!”    

“It’s a risk to just throw the polls out and say they don’t matter, because you end up creating a false reality for yourself that isn’t true.” 

“How can the Rasmussen survey find that most people believe Hillary is hiding something incriminating from the FBI in her emails, and she be leading by 10 to 15 points?” 

“My belief is that the only person who can destroy Trump’s campaign is Trump, and that’s all part of my belief how firm that bond of support is with him. I don’t think media criticism can destroy him, but they want us to believe that it can.” 

“I’m a big believer in accepting reality and dealing with it. And the reality that we are facing right now, as has been admitted to today in the New York Times, is the media is all-in, not so much for Hillary Clinton, but to destroy Donald Trump. And they’re not gonna let up on this.”  

“The conventional wisdom is that Big Business people are Republicans. We know that’s not true anymore. Big Business people are cronies, and they sidle up to whoever is in power, and it doesn’t matter if whoever is in power.” 

“I have no doubt that the polls are being used today to create public opinion to depress Trump support, to dispirit Trump support, and to energize Hillary Clinton support.” 

“Wall Street type firms are underwriting the Democrat Party. They are underwriting the Clinton campaign and speech income, and half of that foundation donations.” 

“As you get nearer the election, the polling units will more accurately reflect what they find, because when the election’s all over, they all want to be able to say they pegged it, they got it right.”

“The image of the Republican Party nationally is one of compromise, no fight-back, appeasement, fear, whatever, but it was winning out the wazoo. It just wasn’t winning presidential races, which was even more frustrating.”

“Hillary’s not exciting anybody. In fact, I got even more people here in the audio sound bite roster agreeing with me that the reason she’s going up in the polls is that she doesn’t say anything. The quieter she is, the more invisible she is, the greater her numbers are.”

“Does anybody out there think that either candidate is gonna win by 15 points in November, especially if these third-party and fourth-party people get in there?”     

“The views expressed by the host on this program documented to be almost always right 99.8% of the time. I have not lost any ground, folks, in ten years, maybe even longer. The opinion audit has either held steady or gone up. It’s an amazing feat.”

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