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RUSH: Now, folks, we’re gonna get into this today, and I want to preface it by making sure that you understand something, ’cause it’s the same today as it is every other day.  The focus of this program is on the Democrat Party and on the American left and not letting them get away with what they get away with.  Sometimes that is as misunderstood as me defending crazy behavior, crazy language, and it’s not.  I just sit here and I watch, and I get frustrated how easily these people get away with changing focus when the bias is theirs. 

Greeting.  It’s great to have you with us.  The telephone number is 800-282-2882, and the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

Let me tell you what the ardent Donald Trump supporter is saying about this controversy.  And I have not talked to a single Trump supporter, so I’m not quoting anybody.  I’m telling you what I think they are saying. 

They’re discussing on Fox: “Is this gonna have an impact on the presidential race?”  Who knows.  You can even ask that about the convention.  The conventions usually happen in August.  Are you aware of that?  These conventions happen so early, nobody’s gonna remember anything from them, and the reason they went early is because of the Olympics.  Normally the conventions are right before Labor Day so it’s fresh on your mind. 

But I’m telling you that the average Trump supporter is out there screaming at every TV network trying to turn this into something that it wasn’t.  And they’re saying it doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says.  Do not be distracted from what we face. The current condition of the country and our decline and the need to stop the people who are responsible for it, and that’s the Democrat Party, of course politically.  That’s what they’re saying.  The media is trying to convince everybody that Trump was out there advocating violence. 

Look, I probably am the best interpreter of Donald Trump there is, and I know exactly, I know exactly what he meant with that comment. I know exactly what inspired the comment.  And it was not the advocacy of violence.  It was the recognition of a reality that exists in the minds and hearts of a lot of the American people about the Democrat Party. 

There is no doubt, make no mistake, it’s free and clear and abundant every day.  If they could, the Democrat Party, from Hillary Clinton on down, would take away every gun from every law-abiding citizen in this country, if they could.  And that is the quote, unquote, danger.  That’s not arguable.  That is not a matter of debate.  I don’t care what they say.  I’ve even got Hillary Clinton quoted as saying she would use executive action, quote, unquote, to stop this executive violence.  What does that mean?  She’s not talking about taking guns away from criminals ’cause it’s very, very hard to do that. 

We all know what the Democrat Party wants.  We all know what the American left wants.  I’m just gonna tell you, the reaction to this — you know, at worst it was a bad joke, which, again, the left has no sense of humor.  Everybody is so tightly wound about words, that we are letting all kinds of destructive action take place against this country that has to stop.  Words aren’t hurting anybody.  Words are not causing any damage, not expressly and not directly.  But we’re so focused on the words. 

I’m just gonna tell you, folks, this reaction from everybody in the media and a lot of Republicans too, ’cause everybody’s so tightly wound and is so afraid of what somebody’s gonna say, it tells us more about what the media think of gun owners than what gun owners intend to ever do with their guns. 

Now, I told you at the top — do not misunderstand me here.  I imagine some in the Drive-By Media are gonna say that “Limbaugh mounted a spirited defense of Trump.”  That’s not what I’m doing.  That’s not my purpose.  It’s up to Trump.  It’s up to Trump and his campaign to defend himself.  I’m talking about how the left goes about taking out our candidates.  I’m telling you how the left goes about defeating us.  I’m telling you how the left and the Democrat Party working together with the media, which is one and the same, do their dirty work, in the hope that people can recognize it and learn to spot it and not be affected by it. 

That’s my objective.  It always has been.  To alert, to educate, to inform people how the left wins, how the left seeks to expand its influence.  And this is a classic, this is a textbook case of it.  And in the midst of it, my point is that this incident and the reaction to it from the predictable quarters, tells us more about what the media think of gun owners — and let’s be honest, we already know what that is.  We know the media and the Democrat Party is obsessed with the Second Amendment, they hate it, and if they could, they’d write it out.  If they could, they would confiscate as many guns as they could, if they could. 

And so the reaction to this is far more illustrative of what the left thinks of gun owners than what gun owners ever intend to do.  Where is the bias in this gun debate?  You know, the gun debate’s like anything else:  You have a bunch of average, ordinary Americans who own weapons and do not violate the law with them.  They’re running around minding their own business. They’re doing whatever they do to try to get through each day.  They’re trying to succeed. They’re trying to raise their kids. They’re trying to enjoy life. They’re doing everything that they’re supposed to do, and they just happen to own guns, but they’re not running around committing crimes with them. 

On the other side of it, they are assaulted.  These people are assaulted regularly by the media and by the Democrat Party about what danger they pose and how they can’t be trusted and how they are responsible for whatever gun violence takes place.  So what did you do expect them to be, if not defensive?  So where is the bias in this?  The bias, the true energy in all this can be found on the side of this debate that wants to eliminate an amendment to the US Constitution if they can and confiscate as many guns from the law-abiding as they can, pure and simple. 

So along comes Trump at another sold-out rally, at another overflowing rally, another rally filled with energy and excitement and a lot of people outside that couldn’t get in.  And he’s talking about Hillary Clinton; he’s talking about the Supreme Court; he’s talking about nominations; he’s talking about the future and what we face, what we’re up against if Hillary Clinton wins.  Grab audio sound bite number one, and this is what got all of this started.

TRUMP:  By the way, and if she gets to pick —

CROWD: (booing)

TRUMP: — if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. 

CROWD: (shouting)

TRUMP: Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.

RUSH:  Was that the whole bite?  Because my transcript says what he said at the beginning we didn’t have here — okay, here it is.  Here’s the whole bite again.

TRUMP:  Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish — the Second Amendment.

CROWD: (booing)

TRUMP: By the way, and if she gets to pick…

CROWD: (booing)

TRUMP: If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.

CROWD: (booing)

TRUMP:  Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know.

RUSH:  Now, I know… I know exactly where that comment comes from.  I know the thought process.  I know exactly what synapses and neurons fired in Trump’s inner cranium, and I know exactly when they were firing.  My guess is that the vast majority of people do, too. They understand exactly what he’s talking about, and it isn’t assassination! The only person who has used that word in this kind of context, by the way, is Hillary Clinton — in 2008, during the campaign against Barack Hussein O. 

A lot of people were urging her to get out of the race, that it was over, that Obama’s lead was insurmountable.  Hillary said (paraphrased), “No, we can never forget Los Angeles, when Robert Kennedy was assassinated.” You probably don’t remember that.  Do you remember this now?  (interruption) Of course it rang a bell, because you are daily aware and informed. I don’t know how many people know this.  I don’t know how many people even remember it.

But she is the one… Here’s what she said.  This is in 2008, and this is when Obama had this big delegate lead. The superdelegates were lining up behind him, and it looked over.  Hillary Clinton said, “My husband didn’t wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary sometime in the middle of June, right?  Well, we all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.  I don’t understand it,” meaning why people are urging me to get out. 

That is a direct reference to her opponent falling victim to a plot.  Does anybody remember this kind of hand-wringing and, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We can’t have this!” Does anybody recall the media going absolutely bonkers bringing in one guest after another to ask if this is something that we should disqualify Mrs. Clinton over?  She actually brought up the very thing that Trump did not.  Trump was not talking about assassination!

You know what Trump was talking about?  Do you need me to tell you what Trump was talking about?  If you yourself have heard this once, you’ve heard it.  When you talk to gun owners, when they are asked, “What’s so important to you? What’s the big deal?” they say, “What is the Second Amendment? You know why the Second Amendment’s there, don’t you?”  And they’ll say to the gun owner, “No, no. Why is it there?”  “Because the founders understood tyranny, and that if government’s gonna take our rights away, they gotta get past our guns first.” 

The Second Amendment, as far as many gun owners are concerned, is designed to make sure that government cannot put them in tyranny.  It’s about rising up against the government. It’s about the guns being available to stop government from taking away people’s rights.  It has nothing to do with what the Drive-Bys are trying to make it. Now, you may think that’s a kook view. If you’re not a gun owner, if you’re not a big NRA type, you might think it’s a kook view that people want to have guns to make sure the government doesn’t take ’em away from people.

To make sure the government isn’t able to mount a reverse coup against the American people, this kind of thing. But you’d be surprised at the number of people with knowledge of history of the country and the Second Amendment and what it all was about and what the founders were about, where they came from — and that’s all Trump was referencing.  He’s been talking to gun owners ever since he went to the NRA and ever since he got their endorsement, and he’s heard ’em talk. 

He knows what’s important to ’em. 

He wasn’t talking about anything to do with Hillary Clinton. 

Now, that’s a whole ‘nother thing, folks. 

We can debate, you know, whether these things hurt Trump or not, but remember my focus.  I don’t want to let this go by, because I’m doing arguably here what Trump is doing. In many people’s minds, I’m misspeaking here. And I’m not misspeaking, and I’m not mounting a defense of Trump.  I’m again doing what I do every day on this program: Trying to alert people to how the left operates, how the media operates, how they intend to do damage to people on our side, to do damage to our issues, to do damage to our causes and so forth. 

And this is classic, how this is happening.  Trump talks just off the top. You know, he’s total improv. He loves getting a laugh. He loves pushing the boundaries.  That’s what this was.  And Hillary Clinton’s the only person in the presidential race today that’s actually talked about actual assassination, not Trump.  So as usual, folks, with Trump, everything he says gets examined under the microscope because many people don’t understand it. 

If Trump is trying to be funny, the people on the left are gonna be totally lost because they don’t have a sense of humor, particularly when they are the ones being laughed about, laughed at, joked about, mocked, or what have you, you.  He may have an odd way of speaking, in your mind.  Trump may have a… You know people that speak their consciousness. I know a lot of people who speak stream of consciousness. Whatever pops into their mind, they say it.  They literally don’t have any boundaries at all.

They’re fun to be around.  You never know what’s gonna come out next from ’em. “You ever get constipated?  I’m constipated right now!  Do you ever take any for it? What do you take for?”  I’m sure you get that. You’re sitting there, “What?” I listen to Trump all the time.  This is who he is.  I’ve known Trump awhile.  This is how he speaks.  He does not… He’s not mean, he’s not evil, he’s not any of these things that people are trying to attach to him.  Maybe coarse.  I don’t know how people would describe it. 

But I understand his cadence.  I understand how he thinks.  I understand how he speaks.  I understand his confidence and where it comes from.  And he did not in any way, shape, manner, or form mean to say that people with guns ought to start aiming them at anybody.  But I totally get that the Hillary campaign and the Democrats and the media would take that and run with it.  I totally get that, and the Trump campaign ought to understand that they’re gonna try to make hay out of it, and they’re gonna go all-in on trying to make hay out of it. 

Why?  Because this, to them, is another way to move forward in the objective of getting everybody’s guns away from them.  “If the Republican nominee is out of control and risky and dangerous, then can’t you understand why we’ve got to get guns out of people’s hands?” So they’ll use this as a means of advancing what their real agenda is.  Meanwhile, while all this is going on about words, take a look at the rest of the news that has to do with Hillary Clinton’s actions. 

Guess what, James Comey! The Hillary emails that you couldn’t find have been found.  And you know by who?  Citizens United, who Hillary wants to abolish.  Dave Bossie and the boys used the Freedom of Information Act.  Do you know how they got the emails that Comey couldn’t find?  They went and got ’em from Huma Danger, and they went and got ’em from Cheryl Mills, because Hillary’s emails were sent to people.  And what they reveal… Ho-ho! Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! It pales. It makes whatever we’re talking about with Trump pale.  


RUSH: This is from October 16th of last year.  The headline:  “Hillary Clinton: Australia Gun Ban ‘Worth Looking At’ In US.” Now, this is for all of those of you who think that I’m wrong when I openly proclaim that the design that the Democrats have is taking guns away from people and eliminating the Second Amendment.  And if you don’t think that’s true you need to get wise and you need to get wise fast because that is the objective and they’ve had this objective for years. 

It’s a wet dream these people have.  They can’t get over it. They’re not gonna give it up.  It’s as important to them as abortion is.  It’s a close second.  They despise the Second Amendment.  They despise people having guns.  I could give you the psychological reasons for that, too, but we don’t have the time, I want to move on to other things, but I want to share with you this story. 

“During an October 16 town hall meeting at Keene State College, Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said Australia’s confiscation of firearms via a national buyback provides ‘a good example’ for how other countries responded to mass shootings and she said it is ‘worth looking at’ when considering gun policy in the U.S. Clinton made these statements in response to a questioner who asked if we could ban handgun ownership.”

It’s a town hall, and a typical leftist pansy stands up and says, “Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Clinton, can we ever ban handguns?” (imitating Clinton) “Well, you know, you know, they have a wonderful program in Australia. They’re banning guns there, it’s worth looking at.” 

She said, this is verbatim: “You know, Australia’s a good example, Canada’s a good example, [and] the UK’s a good example. Why? Because each of them had mass killings, Australia had a huge mass killing about 20 or 25 years ago. Canada did as well, so did the UK. In reaction, they passed much stricter gun laws. In the Australian example, as I recall, that was a buyback program. The Australian government as part of trying to clamp down on the availability of … weapons offered a good price for buying hundreds of thousands of guns and basically clamped down going forward.”

So the Australia gun ban, yeah, worth looking at.  I only mention this to try to keep this focus on where the bias in this gun debate actually is.  You have a bunch of people who are gun owners who are law-abiding Americans who are going about their day not bothering anybody, and they have to be aware every day that Big Government, Big Liberal Democrat, Big Media wants to take their guns away.  And so they are constantly prepared and defensive about this. 

They’re not wanting to do anything. They just have their guns. There’s the Second Amendment, but they’re aware that there’s a whole party and a whole media that wants to take their guns away, and if they could, would erase the Second Amendment.  So where’s the gun bias in this?  Why is Trump the guilt party? Why is the NRA the guilty party? 

You know, it’s often been said that if the left looked at the Second Amendment the way they look at abortion, then gun ownership would be mandatory in this country.  That’s how contradictory their positions are on this.  


RUSH:  You know, this entire latest Trump controversy is rooted in one thing, and that is that Mrs. Clinton and the Democrat Party and the media will not be honest.  We all know that they hate the Second Amendment.  We all know that they want to take guns away from people because they’ve said so at various stages of their careers. In this campaign or that campaign or on that Sunday show or that Sunday show, they’ve all said it. 

But in this moment when Trump comes out with a statement acknowledging what everybody knows… Why would Hillary want to put justices on the court? To take away people’s guns! To somehow say get a majority on the court to say the Second Amendment’s unconstitutional or some such thing.  If the Democrats and the media would stop acting like they don’t think what they think, this wouldn’t even be a controversy. But my point is, this is a controversy because one side happens to be lying or omitting the truth.

I mean, I find it fascinating to watch this.  Trump says what he says, as impolitic as it was, and as… I don’t know. Characterize however you will. But the fact of the matter is that over here the media and Hillary and Biden and Obama and the whole Democrat Party in the media do indeed want to take away guns from law-abiding people.  They’re acting like, “What?  We never said that!  What?  Anybody think that’s crazy?  What?  That’s insane! We wouldn’t ever try to do that.”

They do, and they are dreaming about it. It is something that they would try to get done by virtue of nominating the right people to the Supreme Court.  

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