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RUSH: Here’s Brian, St. Augustine, Florida.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  I am so frustrated with this email situation with Hillary Clinton.  She’s gotta be either the biggest liar there is or the stupidest person there is.  How could somebody who is going to be — or who is the secretary of state not think that there might end up being confidential or top secret emails sent to her or that she would send?  So there’s stuff that’s missing that we don’t know about at all.  And no one’s looking at it.

RUSH:  Well, no, some people are.  But it’s not in government.  I’m gonna get into this in detail. It gets kind of convoluted and I need to just boil this down to its essence, because she’s lying.  She knew full well —

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  She knew full well she’s dealing with — everything has to be assumed to be classified.  And she says, “Well, it didn’t say ‘classified’ on it, how was I to know?  It didn’t say it real big up there and all that.” 

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  Brian, there are bombshells in the emails that have been found by Judicial Watch and Citizens United, and these are the emails that the FBI said they couldn’t find.  They were found with a Freedom of Information Act request and they were obtained from the people Hillary sent the emails to like Cheryl Mills or Huma Weiner or what have you.  And they’re just devastating. 

But, again, it’s so in the weeds, you wonder to what extent Drive-By, low-information people are gonna have any interest to understand it, take the time.  That’s why you have to try to make it as simple as you can explaining it, which in this stuff is multiple pages, but I’m gonna give it a shot in the next hour.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.

RUSH:  Did you have something else you wanted to add opinion-wise about this?

CALLER:  Well, I just think that — how can she even claim that she was just making a mistake or something like that?

RUSH:  Look.  Let me tell you something.  Let me tell you how she can do it.  This is important to understand, and it’s something that people on our side will never, ever experience.  If you are Hillary Clinton and you know that they’ve got you dead to rights but that they don’t really because you have the Obama administration on your side, meaning the FBI, the DOJ, and you’ve got the media on your side. When you realize that the largest organization in the world intended to hold politicians accountable is actually working on your behalf, why, that makes lying fun and easy. 

The Drive-By Media is gone.  The Drive-By Media is now part of the establishment.  The Drive-By Media is applauding Hillary now at her press conferences.  They’re applauding her artful lying, they’re applauding her campaign.  When you have that kind of backing and that kind of confidence, that every lie you tell is going to be supported or covered up, then it makes it easy to do. If, however, you think lying is gonna get you in trouble, then you’re much more guarded about it, and you do it a lot less. 

But if you know that your lying is gonna be promoted and the people that come after you for lying are gonna be attacked for unfairly criticizing, then you’ve got a free road ahead of you, and that’s exactly where she and every other Democrat happen to be. 

I had a piece yesterday that I didn’t get to.  Chatsworth Osborne Jr., Tucker Carlson, great piece, on what has become of journalism, meaning it doesn’t exist anymore.  And it’s being taught.  It’s being destroyed as a business, as an enterprise, as an institution.  I think I kept it in my overflow Stack.  And one of the points that he makes — I think it was him.  If not him, either myself or other people. 

The media now consider themselves to be the people they cover.  They are the establishment they party with, they hang out with, they socialize with, they do business with, the Democrats and the people in power within the establishment.  They don’t cover them.  They cover for them.  They don’t report on them.  There is no holding powerful people accountable.  There’s no so-called speaking truth to power.  They cover it up, they protect ’em. 

They think they’re in the same league — they do.  They marry them.  They marry them. The Drive-By Media marries these people or these people marry the Drive-By Media, in terms of who proposes to who.  So at a typical White House press conference it’s people who think — the media who think that they’re in the same club as Obama.  There’s certainly nothing adversarial.  That only exists when the Republicans are behind the microphone or in the crosshairs or what have you. 

And, as such, it was the opinion of Chatsworth Osborne Jr. that journalism’s dead, if this is what it’s become.  It’s all rooted in the social aspect of it.  They don’t dare really go after Mrs. Clinton.  They’re in the club.  They’re all on the same team, which is stopping us, their objective is stopping us. 

So Mrs. Clinton knows this.  She knows that everybody out there supposedly doing the news is actually covering for her.  And if she lies, they’ll cover it and they’ll spread it, and they’ll amplify it as truth. And then they will belittle and impugn anybody who seeks to go after Mrs. Clinton under the pretext that she’s lied. And they’ll call ’em names or write them off as just partisans that you can’t trust or believe, that have an unhealthy, lifelong hatred for the Clintons that is irrational and doesn’t make any sense.  And therefore you can’t believe anything the Clinton critics say. 

And that’s where we are.  But they’re not just tied specifically to the Clintons or the Obamas.  It’s to the leftist, liberal ideology.  That’s the club.  And then there’s a sub-club which is comprised of people of wealth and certain financial standing, and that is another area of commonality.  In a lot of cases, the media people are more highly paid than the people in government they’re covering.  But that doesn’t hold up ’til people in government get out, and then they end up earning more than the media does.

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