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“The focus of this program is on the Democrat Party and on the American left and not letting them get away with what they get away with. Sometimes that is misunderstood as me defending crazy behavior, crazy language, and it’s not. I just sit here and I watch, and I get frustrated how easily these people get away with changing focus when the bias is theirs.”

“I probably am the best interpreter of Donald Trump there is, and I know exactly what he meant with that Second Amendment comment. I know exactly what inspired the comment. And it was not the advocacy of violence. It was the recognition of a reality that exists in the minds and hearts of a lot of the American people about the Democrat Party.”

“The fact of the matter is that over here the media and Hillary and Biden and Obama and the whole Democrat Party in the media do indeed want to take away guns from law-abiding people. They’re acting like, ‘What? We never said that! What? Anybody think that’s crazy? What? That’s insane! We wouldn’t ever try to do that.'”

“There is no doubt, make no mistake, it’s free and clear and abundant every day.  If they could, the Democrat Party, from Hillary Clinton on down, would take away every gun from every law-abiding citizen in this country, if they could.” 

“Hillary Clinton’s the only person in the presidential race today that’s actually talked about actual assassination, not Trump.” 

“I’m again doing what I do every day on this program: Trying to alert people to how the left operates, how the media operates, how they intend to do damage to people on our side, to do damage to our issues, to do damage to our causes and so forth.”

“It’s often been said that if the left looked at the Second Amendment the way they look at abortion, then gun ownership would be mandatory in this country. That’s how contradictory their positions are on this.”

“The Obama Department of Justice has once again gone in and commandeered yet another big city police department under the guise that that police department is racist. What they need to do is take control of the Baltimore mayor’s office and the state’s attorney’s office.”

“How many people do you know who have died, in violence, under suspicious circumstances? Most every one of us the answer is gonna be zero. Some people, depending, maybe one, maybe two. I don’t think I know anybody. But when you ask that question of the Clintons, the number is double digits.” 

“The media now consider themselves to be the people they cover. They are the establishment they party with, they hang out with, they socialize with, they do business with, the Democrats and the people in power within the establishment. They don’t cover them. They cover for them.” 

“The Drive-By Media is now part of the establishment. The Drive-By Media is applauding Hillary now at her press conferences. They’re applauding her artful lying, they’re applauding her campaign. When you have that kind of backing and that kind of confidence, that every lie you tell is going to be supported or covered up, then it makes it easy to do.” 

“It’s amazing how often the left in this country wants to tar and feather and convict the law-abiding in our country who have guns.”

“Trump has been in public life for 30 years, and not one person who knows him, not one person who’s worked with him or for him has ever said he’s racist. Within two days of starting his campaign to defeat Democrats, guess what he becomes? A racist and a hatemonger. And he’s inspiring hate and he’s promoting violence and danger. Folks, it’s in the Democrat playbook; it’s how they do it.” 

“Hillary and Obama are just out there lying themselves silly, Hillary especially. She is now lying about her lies to cover up the first lie as she utters the third and fourth lie about the same thing.”  

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