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RUSH: Now, this, we’ll move on to a montage of various Drive-Bys.  I have a written version of this story.  It’s New York Times or it’s AP or it’s Reuters, it doesn’t matter, because they’re all the same.  Somebody got this line of reasoning going in the Drive-By Media, and there’s either a memo that’s gone out or a super-secret website where they all go for talking points, because the media’s getting sensitive to the fact that they’re not talking about the Hillary email scandal.

They’re doing nothing but trying to make things up about Trump and focus on things that Trump is saying while actually ignoring the things Hillary is doing. So the media has come up with an explanation for this.  And what they’re saying is that what Trump is saying is so outrageous, they don’t have time to focus on Hillary and her emails, that they want to.  They want to expose Hillary and her emails, and they want to spend time, but Trump is saying so much outrageous off the wall stuff that they can’t ignore it. So it’s Trump’s fault that the media is not focusing on Hillary’s emails.  And here’s a montage of a bunch of Drive-By people say this.

CHUCK TODD: What should have been a no good terrible bad three weeks for Hillary Clinton, gone largely unnoticed.

LISA “KENNEDY” MONTGOMERY: It was a very, very stupid thing for Donald Trump to say. Once again, here we have a week where the focus should be on Hillary Clinton.

TRACY JAN: The biggest damage is that it draws attention away from Hillary Clinton and her many shortcomings. She should be having a bad week. 

DAVID GERGEN: She’s lucky. In the midst of the Donald Trump controversy, her email story, this time around is not getting as much attention as it would otherwise.

JOHN BERMAN: Donald Trump is pulling focus unnecessarily away from what you think would be more important issues. 

SUSAN PAGE: We’re talking about this instead of things that would be harmful to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

ANA MARIE COX: What I wouldn’t give for this to be the number one issue in our campaign. That would be awesome, and there wasn’t these implications of assassinations.

ERIN BURNETT: Perhaps we could focus on them more if Donald Trump did not continually say these sorts of things. 

RUSH:  Do you believe this?  They are the Drive-By Media.  If they want to talk about Hillary’s emails, they can.  There’s nothing stopping them.  Oh, and they so badly want to.  You heard them all say so.  They so badly want to talk about Hillary’s emails, but poor old Trump, the meanie, he won’t let ’em, ’cause he won’t stop saying dangerous, stupid things. We have to cover what Trump is saying, and we’re so frustrated because we really want to tell you about Hillary and all the scandals involving her emails, but damn it, we can’t, we can’t.

And the most interesting of all these quotes came from somebody in there named Ana Marie Cox, who said, “What I wouldn’t give for this,” meaning Hillary’s emails, “what I wouldn’t give for this to be the number one issue in our campaign, that would be awesome.  And there wasn’t these implications of assassinations.”  They so desperately, folks, it’s like they want to talk about this stuff, they want to delve and dig deeply into Hillary’s email scandal, but, damn it, Trump just keeps distracting them.  Why, Trump keeps steering them away from it. 

How stupid do they think we are?  Really?  They really want to talk about it, but can’t.  Well, then do.  They’re making it sound like there’s something really there.  All these Drive-By people making it sound like they’re really — well, of course there is.  Of course there is.  They’re covering it up.  They are purposely using poor old Trump and his dangerous mouth as the excuse. 

One more bite before the break.  Peter Schweizer was on with Bill Hemmer on Fox today, and this is related to the montage you just heard.  So Hemmer says, “This is what Democrats are saying now.  They’re saying there’s no evidence to suggest that any of this pay-for-play stuff at the foundation actually went to Hillary Clinton.  It might have gone to Bill, it might have gone to others, but it never went to Hillary.  Do you have evidence, Mr. Schweizer, that suggests otherwise?”

SCHWEIZER: How stupid do they think we are?  If you look at the email from Doug Band to Cheryl Mills, he says, you know, Chagoury wants this meeting, and Mr. Chagoury is, quote, “very important,” end quote, to us.  Why is Gilbert Chagoury very important?  This is a foreign national, a foreign oligarch who lives in Nigeria, a very corrupt political culture in which he plays, and he’s getting access. The Clinton Foundation now gives oligarchs in Nigeria, in Russia, all around the world access to US decision-makers precisely because they are, quote, “very important to the Clintons.”

RUSH:  So this is the kind of thing the Drive-Bys want to be telling us about, guys like Gilbert Chagoury and the guy that ended up all of the uranium assets in Kazakhstan, they really, oh, gosh, folks, they want to tell us about that stuff so bad but Trump won’t shut up.  How did Bill ever do it?  Oh, how did Bill Hemmer get in on it?  Well, Fox does both.  They talk about Trump, whatever he says, and the Hillary emails, but the Drive-Bys I guess can only do one thing, and Trump’s so dominating their coverage and their attention that they can’t spare a moment to get into what Hillary’s email stuff is all about.

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